See The Funny Moment When A-Rod's ESPN Co-Star Trolled Him Over JLo's Engagement To Ben Affleck

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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez and the “Bennifer” fanbase who ship them are in a time of celebration. The Hollywood couple is now officially engaged for the second time, following more than a decade apart, and interestingly, that green engagement ring has some personal meaning for the actress. It came out that Affleck actually popped the question whilst she was in the bathtub of all places. However, what’s even funnier than the proposal location is how JLo’s ex-fiancé A-Rod got trolled over the exciting news by his ESPN co-star.

Nothing like a co-worker busting your chops on live TV, eh? During the debut segment of the Kay-Rod broadcast on ESPN2, the Boston Red Sox were up by one on the New York Yankees, and so too was Michael Kay getting a one-up on A-Rod, apparently. Kay casually mentioned how it was a “happy time” in the world, given how people were “getting engaged.” Wink, wink. He never explicitly mentioned Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez by name, but the MLB icon certainly caught his drift. See the hilarious and slightly awkward moment, per Entertainment Tonight, below:

As you can see, A-Rod was a pretty good sport about the dig. He and JLo were engaged for two years themselves before their sudden breakup announcement in February of 2021. But he responded to the insinuation of his ex’s new circumstances with a little humor of his own, saying it was “great” and that “happiness and world peace is what we’re looking for.”

At this point, the sports news commentator should be used to getting trolled by others about Jennifer Lopez. Following their split and JLo later reuniting with Ben Affleck, A-Rod in fact was the brunt of a brutal prank by an imposter Ben Affleck that involved some chicken-topping pizzas. Then, a crowd of Red Sox fans heckled him at a playoff game not long after, with a rousing chant of his ex’s name.

Alex Rodriguez himself was thought to have been trolling JLo after their split, with an Insta snap of her red Porshe that he actually bought for her 50th birthday when they were still together. Nevertheless, the post was deleted, and the former ball player has been taking the high road ever since, to include poking fun at his own relationship deficiencies.

The saga of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship was indeed more than a little rocky towards the end. A-Rod was accused of linking up with Madison LeCroy from the Bravo reality series Southern Charm, who is engaged herself to a new man of late. They both denied anything physical took place, but it wouldn’t be long before the Internet’s “Mom and Dad” eventually called things off for good.

It was evidently for the best, though. Jennifer Lopez called the engagement to Ben Affleck their “second chance at true love.” All she needs now is replica of that wedding dress from the Marry Me premiere for her own upcoming nuptials. Should fans (or A-Rod, if he likes) need to catch up on JLo’s latest flick, it is streaming over on Peacock Premium.

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