Watch Machine Gun Kelly Prove He's a Madman By Climbing A Dangerously High Concert Venue Mid-Song

Machine Gun Kelly performs at the MTV Video Music Awards.
(Image credit: MTV)

Machine Gun Kelly may be the ultimate adrenaline-seeker, as lately the musician-turned-actor has engaged in a provocative relationship with Megan Fox, has been accused of shoving a parking lot attendant, and found himself in a kerfuffle with Conor McGregor at the MTV Video Music Awards. And his foot remains on the accelerator, as a video from a recent concert shows MGK making what looks like a dangerous climb to the top of the concert venue.

A video posted to Instagram shows Machine Gun Kelly at his October 18 concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. The singer is shown carefully climbing up a narrow wall that leads up to what appears to be a small platform high above the crowd. He then continued singing to the packed crowd below. It didn’t look like an especially difficult climb, but the height alone left no room for any slip-up from the “mad man,” as he was called on the IG post. Take a look at the stunt for yourself:

I don’t know what the logistics are regarding the platform at the top of the iconic Colorado venue, but it’s got to exist for a purpose, right? Is there another (safer) way to get up there? Either way, this kind of stunt isn’t anything new for MGK, whose burgeoning acting career includes this summer's Midnight in the Switchgrass starring his girlfriend Megan Fox. The rapper has a reputation for his high-energy concerts, and he’s been known to climb up the scaffolding on stages, at times even hanging upside down above the crowd.

Along with Midnight in the Switchgrass — which Machine Gun Kelly vocally trashed after its release — “Megan Fox's Future Baby Daddy” will make a guest appearance in Jackass: Forever, the fourth movie in the MTV reality franchise and the last time Johnny Knoxville will front the series. Jackass: Forever was recently delayed until February 4, 2022, apparently due to COVID. MGK’s climbing skills would have come in handy in the stunt they pulled to announce the movie’s delay.

Machine Gun Kelly has also been attached to an upcoming action-thriller One Way, which will also star Travis Fimmel (Vikings) and Kevin Bacon (lots of movies). It’s been a big year for MGK. and he and Megan Fox have really grabbed life by the horns. The couple recently adorned the cover of GQ Style, where an unclothed Fox pointed a gun at MGK’s crotch. (If “Baby Daddy” is the goal, this is not the path.) 

The rapper good-naturedly called out Pete Davidson for his impression of him on Saturday Night Live when Kim Kardashian hosted. And following the bewildering scuffle with Conor McGregor at the VMA’s, Machine Gun Kelly took the stage for a performance with Travis Barker (and took to the bathroom for some selfies as well).

Midnight in the Switchgrass, where Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox met, is currently available for rental on VOD. Should you be looking for a new film to enjoy be sure to check out our 2021 Movie Release Schedule to plan your next movie night.

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