7 Marvel Characters Henry Cavill Would Be Perfect To Play

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel
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After years of waiting and hoping, it appeared that fans’ wishes to see Henry Cavill in more upcoming DC movies were finally granted by his cameo in a post-credit scene from Black Adam as none other than Superman. However, less than two months after the Dwayne Johnson-led film’s release and the British actor personally confirmed his return to the franchise as the Man of Steel, he would announce this was not the case after all as his iteration does not fall in line with James Gunn and Peter Safran’s plans for the character going forward. Well, it looks like there is one thing for Cavill to do: start appearing in upcoming Marvel movies instead.

We had already considered what Marvel characters might be a perfect match for him even before he put out his devastating Instagram post. Yet, in light of all these divisive revelations and rumors regarding the future of the DCU, it seems like a good time to revisit the possibility of seeing Cavill become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and perhaps even get the comic book movie role he deserves… that is not named Superman. However, there are a few characters from Marvel Comics that have been compared to the Man of Steel and we figured they might be a good starting point.

Hyperion from Marvel Comics

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As an extra-terrestrial with almost every common superhuman ability you can think of, a specific weakness (“argonite radiation,” in this case), and other similarities, it is easy to see why Hyperion is often referred to as “Marvel’s Superman.” However, one major thing that the character – also known as Zhib-Ran – does not have in common with DC’s Man of Steel is that he was originally introduced as a villain in the comics. Considering how we know from a pivotal scene in Justice League that Henry Cavill is especially good at bringing out Kal-El’s bad side, I think that might be a fun way to bring the character into the MCU and to see more of the actor embracing his own dark side. 

Sentry from Marvel Comics

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On the other hand, if Henry Cavill would rather continue playing good guys in comic book movies, there are a few other heroes similar to Superman who come from the Marvel Comics universe. For instance, there is Sentry – a meth addict who gained an incredible vast arsenal of superhuman abilities after ingesting a serum he found in a science lab gave him the power of a million exploding suns. What makes this character unique, however, is a second, dangerous personality living inside him that he is constantly at war with. This way, Cavill would still have the chance to explore playing darker characters without going full villain and all it would take is a blonde wig, which the former Witcher star is clearly no stranger to.  

Fantastic Four's Mister Fantastic

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Mr. Fantastic

Everybody’s wish to see John Krasinski play Reed Richards, a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic, was fulfilled in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but it is possible that was just one version of the stretchy scientist that exists in the Marvel Multiverse and the role in Matt Shakman’s Fantastic Four reboot is still up for grabs. In that case, I'd pick Henry Cavill, who would be a very different Mr. Fantastic than Krasinski – one who is just as much brawn as he is brains. This would be a very interesting take on the character, but I think Cavill could pull it off, mostly from his honest portrayal as Clark Kent in the Superman movies. He’s the best of both worlds!

Cyclops from Marvel Comics

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Cyclops, the leader of the X-Men is pretty much known for two things (well, three things, if you count being Jean Grey’s beau). Those are optic blasts that come out of his eyes and being a douchebag. The optic blasts could easily be pulled off with CGI, but the douchebag angle would have to be performed by a great actor, and Henry Cavill can surprisingly play a stoic jerk better than one would likely imagine. It all boils down to his portrayal as Geralt in Netflix’s The Witcher series. In it, Cavill is both noble and a rogue at the same time. It's a tough tightrope to walk, but the actor does it well. So he would be a perfect fit for the role as Cyclops, who has done just as many terrible things as good.

Wolverine all bloodied

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One of the most coveted X-Men characters roles that has yet to be cast in the MCU (for the main continuity, that is) is Wolverine, whom Hugh Jackman will be reprising one more time in Deadpool 3. However, some fans have expressed interest in seeing Henry Cavill take over if and when the new iteration of the adamantium-clawed mutant is officially introduced in the franchise’s long-awaited X-Men movies reboot. It is easy to see why since – like Jackman – he is dark-haired, is ripped to shreds, and is really good at concealing his natural accent.

Captain Britain from Marvel Comics

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Captain Britain

On the other hand, what if the one thing that bugged Henry Cavill the most about playing Superman was the fact that he had to hide his natural accent and he would gladly accept the chance to play a comic book movie role that would not require that skill? Well, when speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in late 2021, the actor said he finds the idea of playing Captain Britain “loads of fun,” especially since the vigilante heralds from his native land. Since that very interview, fan art has come out that imagines the actor in the role and it genuinely looks like destiny waiting to be fulfilled.

Marvel Comics artwork of Doctor Doom

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Doctor Doom

Victor Von Doom has been portrayed by two different actors (three if you count that never-officially-released Fantastic Four movie from the '90s), and both times were, let’s just say, less than stellar. But we’re betting the otherwise charming Cavill could play distinctly against type and turn into a total villain behind the mask. I wouldn’t even want to see him before the surgery. Just put him in the mask and have him threatening the world from a metal throne with his Doombots at the ready.

Could Henry Cavill’s future in upcoming superhero movies depend on him being cast as any of the Marvel characters above? We will just have to wait and see. 

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