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Last week, Taylor Swift wiped her social media accounts clean of pictures, posts, and tweets. The 26-year-old pop star has more than 100 million followers on Instagram and 85 million followers on Twitter, so the move was a bold one. Now, she has returned to social media with a cryptic message in the form of a brief and grainy video. The image in the video appears to be the tail of a reptile, such as a snake. Check it out here:

The cryptic video Taylor Swift posted to Twitter looks like a scene from the horrifying video that kills people in The Ring. (Nobody answer any phone calls immediately after watching, just in case.) If Swift's fans and followers on social media are correct, new music is almost definitely on the way. In fact, director Joseph Kahn, who previously directed Swift in music videos, raised eyebrows when he retweeted the mysterious clip. Afterward, Kahn added a tweet of his own:

The combination of tweets sent fans into meltdown, and everyone is now stuck in a guessing game, wondering just what Taylor Swift is doing, as well as when we'll learn more about about the visuals from the cryptic video.

Some guesses are more reasonable than others. For example, one side of the fandom is pointing out that Taylor Swift was born in 1989, which was the year of the snake, according to the Chinese Zodiac.

Other people say the snake might be a reference to the backlash Taylor Swift got when Kim Kardashian posted videos of her talking to Kanye West. Kardashian posted the videos to contradict Swift's critical stance toward West's lyric "I made that bitch famous." In Kardashian's secret recordings, Swift seemed to be colluding with West. However, Taylor Swift later claimed not to have heard Kanye West's song before he released it, so she could not have approved of it, claiming it was "character assassination" at the hands of Kim Kardashian and West. In response, Swift's critics tweeted jabs with the snake emoji. So, perhaps Swift's slithery new music will shed some old skin to address her evolving public persona.

Taylor Swift released her last album, 1989, nearly three years ago. Since wrapping up the promotions and tour for that era, Swift has kept busy with personal matters. For example, she had (but got out of) jury duty, she fought for better terms with Apple Music and Spotify, and she won a court case against a man who groped her. Plus, she found time to release the single "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" with Zayn Malik for Fifty Shades Darker.

Still, this clean slate seems to be the moment that Taylor Swift fans have wanted for three years. For now, though, we have tons of questions. Is it a snake? Is it a dragon? Is it new music? A new pet? We'll be on the edge of our seat waiting until Taylor Swift tells us what it all means.

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