Sarah Michelle Gellar Frees The Nipple To Grab 'Your Attention' And Promote Her New Show

Sarah Michelle Gellar returned to the supernatural genre in 2023 with the premiere of Wolf Pack on Paramount+. This time, the actress isn't slaying vampires like in her busy Buffy days, but part of a cast of characters dealing with werewolves. Well, there's nothing scary about the actress in some new photos of her in a very sheer top, and plenty of people can probably agree that she's slaying as she frees the nipple to promote her new show!

While it seems safe to say that this isn't a look that Gellar will be rocking in-character as Kristin Ramsey on Wolf Pack, it's definitely a solid way to get some attention for the new show that not everybody may be aware of so far. Take a look at her Instagram post:

What a way to get the attention of her fans, with a loose-fitting shirt and pants on top of a sheer bra! Sheer looks have been all the rage with celebrities over the past year, going back to Florence Pugh making headlines with her style choices in 2022. Wednesday star Jenna Ortega was rocking the sheer style in the wake of her show becoming a huge hit for Netflix, and The Voice coach Camila Cabello's sheer look had people comparing her to Wednesday Addams! This also isn't Sarah Michelle Gellar's first sheer look of the month, after she hit the red carpet to honor Brendan Fraser. So, who's ready to watch Wolf Pack now?

With new episodes of Wolf Pack releasing for those with Paramount+ subscriptions on Thursdays, Gellar's timing is no coincidence. In fact, the fifth episode was only available for a matter of hours before she took to Instagram to grab attention and encourage people to check out the show, so she seems excited about this installment... and those last five minutes. She didn't drop any spoilers and simply asked fans to trust her.

Ahead of the Wolf Pack series premiere, Sarah Michelle Gellar did explain why patience would be key for any Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans who were tuning into her new show. At the time, the actress and executive producer didn't give a timeline for when the slow burn for arson investigator Kristin Ramsey would pick up; based on Gellar's Instagram caption, is Episode 5 a big one for her character? Or just the show in general? 

Well, if you haven't checked out the fifth episode yet, it's currently available streaming along with the first four on Paramount+. You may want to check it out sooner rather than later to avoid spoilers. Plus, Gellar went the extra mile to find the right kind of attention-grabbing photos. No matter what you may have thought of the news that she'd be facing off against werewolves rather than vampires, or even thoughts after watching the premiere, it sounds like now is the time to catch up!

Laura Hurley
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