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Taylor Swift Snapped A Photo From Inside Her Batman Screening In Order To Hype Up Zoë Kravitz

Catwoman and Batman in The Batman.
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Mild spoilers ahead for The Batman.

Everybody’s talking about The Batman, which premiered this weekend, and dominated the box office — as expected. While most of us were excited to see director Matt Reeves’ vision and Robert Pattinson’s emo execution of the Dark Knight, some viewers with more famous names were excited to support their fellow celebrities’ performances. Taylor Swift was among the latter, as she apparently shared a photo from inside the theater to show her love for Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman. 

Zoë Kravitz is the latest to put her unique spin on Selina Kyle in the DC universe. The nightclub waitress/cat burglar forms a unique relationship with Robert Pattinson’s Batman as she searches for her missing roommate (or are they more than friends?). Taylor Swift was among those singing Kravitz’s praises following The Batman’s premiere, as the “All Too Well” singer made her opinions known via Instagram Stories:

Taylor Swift posts photo of Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman in The Batman.

(Image credit: Instagram)

While I definitely wouldn’t recommend pulling out your phone to take pics during a movie, Taylor Swift must have not been able to control herself. (And at least she didn’t show any spoilers!) She not only professed that Zoë Kravitz is the Catwoman of dreams, but that the movie overall was “PHENOMENAL!!!” 

Critics agreed with the “Blank Space” singer in that regard, with at least one review saying that Zoë Kravitz stole the show as Selina Kyle, and our own Eric Eisenberg saying in his CinemaBlend review that The Batman was, in many ways, the DC Comics film he’d been waiting for. Aside from critical praise, Taylor Swift wasn’t the only celebrity to voice support of the Catwoman actress amid The Batman’s release.

Jason Momoa showed support for his stepdaughter, calling The Batman “incredible,” and expressed how proud he is of her. Zoë Kravitz’s boyfriend Channing Tatum even accompanied Momoa to one of the premiere events, with the guys posing for some photos together that more than illustrated their excitement for the event. 

While surely support from your family and boyfriend are to be expected, Zoë Kravitz received tons of love in the comments section of a recent Instagram post featuring some steamy promotional photos for the film. Two comments, however, may have stood out above the rest, as a couple of former Catwoman actresses gave their approval. Michelle Pfeiffer left a series of emojis, including fire and praise hands, and Halle Berry commented, “yasssssss!!! can’t wait…. meow!”

This may have been Zoë Kravitz’s first go-round in the catsuit, but it likely won’t be her last. Many are expecting to see the bat and the cat meet up again in a sequel, and Kravitz has said she’s got an idea of which part of the story she’s excited about seeing. Since Batman in his early days was so recluse and emo, Kravitz said she would be excited to see his journey to the playboy Bruce Wayne we’ve seen in other renditions. We’ll have to wait and see!

See Zoë Kravitz in action with Robert Pattinson as The Batman in theaters now. Also be sure to check out our 2022 Movie Release Schedule to start planning your next movie night.

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