Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughter Also Ended Up In The Hospital This Week

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The Chapman family has had a tough year in 2019 with a number of health crises, and another member wound up in the hospital this week. Shortly after Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, his daughter with his late wife Beth was hospitalized as well. Bonnie Chapman went to the hospital to be treated for pain in her back.

Bonnie Chapman broke the news on Wednesday, October 2 when she posted a photo of a hospital bracelet as an Instagram Story on Wednesday, with the caption of "Finally home." She later explained (via Yahoo Entertainment):

[I was] hospitalized due to back pain, which turned out to be a pretty bad case of sciatica. I wasn’t able to sleep or walk.

Bonnie Chapman shared the news with her follows on social media as well, with an Instagram live stream in which she revealed that her back "was acting out" and she was in "so much pain." She later elaborated that she took an Uber to the hospital herself when the pain came back. While she has since left the hospital, there's still some pain, but "it’s been tolerable.” At least it's a good sign that she was able to go home!

News of Bonnie Chapman's sciatica comes less than a month after her father was hospitalized with what originally seemed to be a heart attack. He was later diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. Duane Chapman has since explained that he needs to make some lifestyle changes, including kicking his smoking habit, but hasn't opened up to his kids about it.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Opens Up About What Happened With His Health Scare

Duane Chapman's own hospitalization happened a few months after wife Beth Chapman passed away at 51 following a battle with throat cancer. Despite her illness, the Chapmans went on with the filming of new WGN America series Dog's Most Wanted, which won't hold back from showing what was really going on with Beth.

In fact, Duane Chapman -- who wasn't able to handle watching the series premiere featuring Beth without friends and family around -- was "completely flabbergasted" by what she was willing to show. As if that wasn't enough for the Chapman family, it was only weeks after Beth passed away that another member was taken to the hospital.

Duane Chapman's son, Leland, was injured in the first bounty-hunting gig he and his dad took after Beth's death. In a chase, Leland reportedly "tore his achilles tendon in half," which sounds hideously painful and the last thing the Chapman family needed at such a tough time. Hopefully Bonnie Chapman's hospitalization will be the last medical crisis the family has to deal with for the foreseeable future.

For now, you can see members of the Chapman family in action with new episodes of Dog's Most Wanted at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America in the 2019 fall TV lineup.

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