Britney Spears Revealed Her Favorite Britney Spears Song, And I Would Have Needed 25 Guesses To Get It

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Britney Spears has had such a long and prolific music career that even diehard fans may have a hard time narrowing down her discography to just one favorite song. There are always the classics like "...Baby One More Time" and "Oops...I Did It Again" that played on the radio constantly in the late '90s and early aughts, or slightly later hits like "Toxic" and "I'm a Slave 4 U," to name just some. As it turns out, the singer herself has a favorite of her own, but the song wouldn't have been even close to my first guess!

That's not to say that her favorite song is anything less than great, but it's just not as well known as songs like "(You Drive Me) Crazy" and "Womanizer" and even "If U Seek Amy." Britney Spears revealed which of her songs stands out as her favorite on Instagram, in a post which has since been deleted, and it was an unexpected pick: "The Hook Up."

Yes, Britney Spears' favorite of her songs was one that never even released as a single: "The Hook Up." It was one of the tracks from In the Zone, her fourth studio album that was released in 2003. Even if that song isn't one that you could sing along to off the top of your head, it's still a safe bet that plenty of people are familiar with music from the album: it released the singles "Toxic" and "Me Against the Music," the latter of which also featured Madonna. If Spears is still jamming out to "The Hook Up" nearly 20 years after it released, maybe the rest of us should follow her example!

It's always nice to see Britney Spears looking back at her career and enjoying the highs, after all the lows she went through with her allegations against her family and long conservatorship, which finally ended in 2021. Last year, the singer also said that she "probably" won't perform again because she's "pretty traumatized for life," although she did finally release new music in 2022 when she duetted with Elton John for a new take on "Tiny Dancer." Paris Hilton openly praised the collaboration, and Spears' husband Sam Asghari shared a pic of him listening to the song while driving. 

She also posted a video of her singing "...Baby One More Time" in 2022, but without a filter this time. Plus, she has been sharing dance videos for a long time, including a recent montage involving a lighter. Even with recent rumors of an intervention that was cancelled (but didn't stop Asghari from attending the red carpet for Star Trek: Picard), fans can enjoy that Britney Spears took the time to go on a blast to the past and share her favorite of her songs. 

For now, you can always revisit Britney Spears' discography and pick your own favorite of her many tracks! I was always partial to "Lucky" back when I was still getting my music via the radio and CDs, as well as "(You Drive Me) Crazy" for the tie to the Melissa Joan Hart movie Drive Me Crazy, but any of her songs are worth hitting "repeat" in my book!

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