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Why Shaq Says He Doesn't 'Feel Sorry' For Kanye West Amid Co-Parenting Woes With Kim Kardashian

As the new year pushes on, Kanye West is continuing to make headlines, especially since he recently started a new romance with Uncut Gems alum Julie Fox. The rapper seems to be quite consumed in the whirlwind of a relationship, but that’s far from the only way he’s been drawing attention to himself. Amid the relationship, he’s used social media to call out his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, over her alleged co-parenting methods. Many have weighed in on West’s recent activities, including Shaquille O'Neal. Now, the basketball legend and sports commentator is getting real about why he doesn’t “feel sorry” for him amid his apparent woes. 

Over a week ago, Shaq weighed in on Kanye West’s decision to purchase a house that’s located in Kim Kardashian’s neighborhood. The NBA vet not only joked about now-debunked rumors that West hid in his ex’s bushes using camouflage, but he also advised Ye to accept that Kardashian is “not coming back” to him. Eventually, the former center learned that West put his wife on blast on social media, due to her allegedly barring him from their daughter’s recent birthday party. When asked during The Big Podcast whether West should’ve approached the situation in that manner, the Inside the NBA analyst chastised the “Eazy” rapper. The Diesel also argued against the musician’s assumption that public perception of him as a father has been distorted: 

That’s what happens when you put all your business on social media, so I don’t want to hear it now. Don’t try to clean it up now, because you started it. When you give your information to a million people, you’re going to have a million different meta babies coming out on what they thought they just saw. I don’t want to hear it’s a narrative, that’s the narrative that you’re putting out. You got a problem, keep the problem [to yourself]. I don’t want to hear that, and I don’t feel sorry for all these people getting on social media.

It was last week that Kanye West took to Instagram Live to accuse Kim Kardashian of withholding the location of daughter Chicago’s fourth birthday party. He eventually located the event and shouted out Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner for helping him get there. Sources subsequently alleged that Kardashian was surprised by the claims because two separate parties were reportedly being planned for the child. 

In a recent interview, Ye called out his estranged wife’s approach to co-parenting. He specifically detailed an alleged situation in which he was prevented from entering his ex’s house with their daughter, North. He claimed that this was the case because the rules in a situation like that had yet to be “defined.” The rapper also implied that the reality TV star’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, was also present at the time.

Kim Kardashian is said to be unhappy with her soon-to-be-former husband’s public comments on her co-parenting methods. While she reportedly wants their four children to have “a strong relationship with both parents,” she also wants them to have “some predictability and consistency with their schedule.” And her alleged displeasure probably hasn’t been helped by the fact that the rapper recently took a major shot at Pete Davidson in a new song. 

At present, the famous pair are still in the midst of divorce proceedings, after Kim Kardashian’s initial filing in February 2021. Ye has claimed that he’s yet to see “the paperwork,” though Kardashian has seemingly been eager to get things wrapped up. A few months ago, she filed to be declared legally single, and court documents quoted her saying that both she and Kanye West deserve to move on with their lives. Though it would seem she’d like to get things done quickly and privately, it’s fair to assume that people like Shaquille O’Neal will continue to share their thoughts as long as West continues to discuss the situation publicly

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