The Best Movies On Netflix Streaming Right Now

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Weíre always looking for new movies to watch. We trek to theaters on the weekends seeking the latest feature Hollywood has to offer. We subscribe to streaming services like Netflix in order to have the best films at our fingertips. It can get overwhelming, at times, choosing the right movie to watch. So many films, so little time.

Cinema Blend Ė as always Ė is here to help. We have scoured the land to find the best movies on Netflix. You could click off this list and watch any of these movies streaming right now. How did we choose the films? This list was constructed by combining the IMDB Top 300 movies and the Rotten Tomatoes Top 100 Movies into one master list. We then checked each one to see if it was available to stream. In theory, this means we have a list that represents both critical opinion and common moviegoer opinion. These are the Best Movies On Netflix Right Now.

What are you waiting for? Start watching some amazing movies, starting with:

12 Angry Men
12 Angry Men is a film that defines the word "timeless." The themes of racial prejudice and its influence in the judicial system are themes that Sidney Lumet pioneered in the era of the filmís release, but have grown stronger with each remake the film has encountered. Its message of fair trial by jury above all, no matter whoís on trial, is something that still resonates to this day. While there are several versions, the 1957 version with Henry Fonda and Jack Klugman is the one you should watch, as itís just that damned good of a film and ensemble to experience for the first time.

You know how they say, "they donít make Ďem like they used to" when it comes to certain films? Airplane! is one of those movies: partly because itís spoofing a film franchise that practically no one remembers at this point, and partially because most films that attempt this machine gun approach to humor fall flat on their faces. It helps that straight men Leslie Nielsen, Robert Stack, and Lloyd Bridges are all in on the joke, but Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty provide a hysterically sweet center to the film as star crossed lovers who were torn apart by the very thing that pulled them apart: airplane related trauma!

All About Eve
All About Eve was nominated for fourteen Academy Awards, but thatís somehow less impressive than saying four of its female stars were nominated in the acting categories: two for Leading Actress and two for Supporting Actress. None of them won, likely because they split the votes, but the nominations themselves are evidence enough of how thoroughly brilliant the acting is here. In fact, itís almost as good as the screenplay by Joseph L Mankiewicz, which follows the tumultuous relationship between a female starlet and those around her.

The best part about Amelie isnít any specific plot point or even a random conversation. Itís the quirky and whimsical energy the romantic comedy is able to build up. Using vibrant settings, unusual characters and plenty of cuts, the film is able to build a pace, momentum and overall feel all its own. Amelie isnít the type of movie one would ever forget. Itís filled with too much heart and too much eccentricity for that. So, love it or hate it, everyone should experience the manic, strange film for themselves.

Amores Perros
Amores Perros
Often described as "the Mexican Pulp Fiction," Amores Perros introduced the cinematic community to Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Babel, Biutiful) and launched what became known as his "Death Trilogy." While dogs Ė and dog fighting Ė are important to the three stories told in Amores Perros, the dingy and hard-hitting narratives have more to so with the concept of loyalty, and how betrayal runs through the charactersí plotlines. Though rough around the edges, Amores Perros announces a vibrant filmmaker with a powerful voice, one eager to intro the world to his rarely-seen corner of Mexico.
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