Justice League Movie: What We Know So Far

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After years of watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe slowly build into the powerhouse that it is today, now it is time for DC Comics to do the same. Teaming up with Warner Bros., the company began an incredible journey in 2013 with the release of Man of Steel, and they are currently hard at work on a follow-up, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Much like how Marvel worked towards making the first Avengers movie, however, DCís ultimate goal is to make a Justice League film Ė and we are now well on the way to seeing that actually happen.

Just like we have with many of the other major blockbusters set to come out over the next few years, we have researched and gathered as much information about the development of the Justice League movie as we could possibly find to try and put together a picture of what we can expect from the superhero team up movie. What do we know about the film thus far? Read on to find out!

Zack Snyder Justice League
Zack Snyder
As the guy at the helm of both Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, director Zack Snyder has clearly earned the trust of the brass at DC Comics and Warner Bros., and as a result has secured his place in the future of the big screen franchise. While few official details have actually come out about Justice League Part One and Part Two, one thing that we do know is that it will be Snyder helming both films. Following Warner Brosí confidence in his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice script, Argoís Chris Terrio is also writing both of the Justice League movies, though presumably Snyder has a good amount of creative and story input, having played a huge role in getting the DC Cinematic Universe to the place where it is right now.

The Story
The Story
Rather than start off slow and only work on one Justice League movie at a time, Warner Bros. has opted to double down and announce both Justice League Part One and Justice League Part Two at the same time. Part One will hit theaters on November 17, 2017, and Part Two will follow on June 14, 2019. That said, donít automatically assume that the movies will have a continuous narrative like what Marvel is doing with the Avengers: Infinity War movies. Obviously Justice League Part One will see the team forming, but itís possible that Justice League Part Two may serve as a more standard sequel, i.e. the team deals with a new threat while following up on some of the elements from the first movie (itís worth noting that we will see Flash, Aquaman and Shazam play out between the two blockbusters). On the other hand, Warner Bros might want to deliver a more epic superhero tale by pitting the Justice League against something so great that it will take two movies to achieve victory. Weíll have to wait and see.

Superman Justice League
DC Comics obviously has huge plans for their future in Hollywood, but as of now they really only have one hero established: Superman. Henry Cavill made his debut in the role starring in 2013ís Man of Steel, and it looks like he will be staying with the part for many years to come. Cavill finished work on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last year, and itís pretty much impossible that a Justice League movie will be made without him involved. Since plans to make Man of Steel 2 have reportedly stalled for the foreseeable future, these Justice League movies are probably going to be Supermanís only chance to shine in the DCEU post-2016, until Warner Bros makes a change to the DC film slate.

Batman Justice League
After spending years with Christopher Nolan and Christian Baleís incarnation of Batman, weíre only months away from seeing from seeing a whole new version of the Caped Crusader. For 2016ís Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, director Zack Snyder has enlisted Ben Affleck to play the new Dark Knight. Like Superman, Batmanís presence in the Justice League movies is practically assured, but before Part One, heíll be seen in Suicide Squad and maybe cameo inWonder Woman as well. Before Part Two hits theaters in 2019, we may also see the Batman solo movie thatís reportedly being planned. Unlike the last time the character was rebooted for the big screen, this new version wonít be a young Bruce Wayne just starting out on his mission to clean up Gotham City, but instead will be a veteran badass inspired by the pages of Frank Millerís classic tale The Dark Knight Returns.

Read on to find out what role Wonder Woman will play in the Justice League movies...

Wonder Woman Justice League
Wonder Woman
She may not be mentioned in the title of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Wonder Woman will soon be making her live-action theatrical debut in the Zack Snyder movie, played by Israeli Fast & Furious star Gal Gadot. This version of Wonder Woman is taking a lot of cues from her New 52 counterpart, and from what weíve seen of her in stills and footage, sheís a major badass! Following her big appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, sheíll star in her solo movie (directed by Patty Jenkins) set for release in June 2017, which will help set up Justice League Part One. Wonder Woman rounds out the "trinity" of DCís most famous superheroes, so expect her to have a huge presence in these movies, not to mention being the main way the audience get to explore the mythological side of this universe.

Green Lantern Justice League
Green Lantern
Green Lantern got off to a bad start in the feature world, with Martin Campbellís 2011 film both failing to perform with critics and audiences. Still, the character is certainly one of the biggest names in DC Comics, and itís impossible to believe that Warner Bros. would write him off completely - and sure enough, that wonít be the case. Before we see multiple Green Lanterns fly across the big screen in 2020ís Green Lantern Corps, itís been rumored that the ring slinger may be the final member of the Justice League added to the movies. Should that be the case, we donít know whether it will be Hal Jordan or John Stewart wearing the ring, but considering how important Green Lantern has been to the Justice Leagueís history on both the printed page and other media, itís hard not having an Emerald Knight on the team.

The Flash Justice League
The Flash
As popular on the page as The Flash has been, he has sadly never gotten his time to shine on the feature stage. Heís had much more success on the small screen, from his one-season 1990 show and the enormously popular CW series that spun out of Arrow. But now heís finally getting his chance on the big screen. The Stanford Prison Experimentís Ezra Miller has been confirmed as one of the Justice Leaguers for both movies, though itís been reported that heíll first cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This version of Flashís costume will reportedly rock a "post-apocalyptic" look, with the suit apparently looking more like armor and coming with lots of tech. Following Justice League Part One, Millerís Barry Allen will lead his own movie in March 2018, but donít worry, heís expected to race back for Justice League Part Two. Just donít get your hopes up about one day seeing Miller and Grant Gustinís Flash team up together in a Flash of Two Worlds-style crossover.

Aquaman Justice League
Aquaman has spent an unfortunate number of years as a punchline in the comic book world, his powers mocked for being more limited than some of his fellow heroes, but DC is on the path of completely turning that reputation around. The Aquaman books in the New 52 line are considered some of the best titles in the series, and the character has been reinvented to a certain degree to be much more of a badass. The next big step for improving his image is finally getting him on the big screen, and we wonít have to wait long for that.

Former Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa will make his debut as DCís King of Atlantis in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Following that cameo, if the rumors of a Suicide Squad appearance donít pan out, weíll see him fully in action for Justice League: Part One. Following that, Aquaman will star in his own solo movie in July 2018, and then heíll be back for Justice League Part Two. As you can tell from the official image of him, movie Aquaman looks much more intense than his comic book counterpart, and Momoa has promised that once this iteration of the character is seen on screen, no one will make any more Aquaman jokes.

Shazam Justice League
While most of the superheroes weíve heard suggested as being a part of Justice League make plenty of sense thanks to their name recognition and presence in popular culture, Shazam is kind of the odd duck. Moviegoers will hear Billy Batson shout the magic word when Shazam hits theaters in April 2019, and the movie will feature the Worldís Mightiest Mortal going up against Dwayne "The Rock" Johnsonís Black Adam. However, unlike the other DC heroes getting their own movies, thereís been no indication that heíll be part of the Justice League. At this point, chances slim that heíll even appear in Justice League Part One, but if the team opens up its ranks in Part Two, maybe heíll be drafted in. If that doesnít work out, then maybe other potential sequels will let him finally team up with his fellow DC do-gooders, though the other heroes may not be keen on eventually finding out that Shazam is actually a ten year old boy.

Cyborg Justice League
In the comics, Cyborg was classically known as a member of the group known as the Teen Titans, but ever since DC Comics rebooted its universe with The New 52 that story has changed. The character Ė real name Victor Stone Ė is now a full-fledged member of the Justice League, and it looks like that version of the narrative will soon be heading to Hollywood. Trade reports have said that Broadway actor Ray Fisher has landed the role of Cyborg in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and itís not hard to assume that the part will carry over into Zack Snyderís Justice League. Itís not entirely clear at this point what the heroís role within the new DC Cinematic Universe will be or even if his origin story will be fully played out on the big screen. Following both Justice League movies, Cyborg will lead his own big screen adventure in April 2020.

Martian Manhunter
Martian Manhunter
When the Justice League was introduced in the late 1950s, Jíonn Jíonzz, a.k.a. the Martian Manhunter, helped found the team, and in the decades following was one of its most treasured members. However, with the New 52 reboot, his status as a founding member was taken by Cyborg, and although he still has some history with the Justice League in this new universe, heís not nearly as prominent as he used to be. Evidently, this is the same case for the DC Cinematic Universe, as thereís been no announcement of Martian Manhunter being adapted for live action. But thereís still hope. Assuming the cinematic Justice League eventually expands its ranks, we can only hope that heíll be their first new recruit. With abilities like flight, super strength, shapeshifting, intangibility and more, heís a powerhouse that would be invaluable during battles. Who knows, maybe following that the Martian superhero could be given his own movie.

The Villain
The Villain
Unfortunately, we still donít know yet which villain from the DC universe will be antagonizing the Justice League in either of their movies. It was rumored in the latter half of 2014 that Brainiac would be the main antagonist in Justice League Part One, while Darkseid (pictured above) would take over this post in Justice League Part Two. Nothing has been heard about their potential roles since, but with Justice League Part One looming closer, presumably weíll hear villain news soon. The key is finding a villain powerful and intimidating enough that they require all these superheroes to join forces.

Considering how prominently Darkseid has been featured in Justice League stories and how much the DC Extended Universe is influenced by the New 52, we suspect the Lord of Apokolips will eventually fight the team at some point. Keep in mind that when you get him, you also get his Parademon army and his military subordinates, like Kalibak, Desaad, Steppenwolf and more, so Darkseidís "visit" to Earth would bring a whole army. Brainiac is also certainly powerful enough to battle the Justice League on his own, though if Warner Bros reconsiders making Man of Steel 2, he might be better suited taking on just Superman.
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