The week ending with a fourth of July weekend celebration isn't a bad way to end the first full week of July. In lieu of that celebration we have the the best Xbox One games released so far, all primed and ready in a fully fleshed out list for your enjoyment. The rest of the week played host to some other thrilling news, including a possible Halo 5 spin-off, which might make sense for Microsoft's annualized plans for the series. Lindsay Lohan is back up to her old ways, this time following through with a lawsuit against Rockstar and Take-Two over the portrayal of a character she perceives to be herself in Grand Theft Auto V.

EA has acknowledged why they haven't been developing new games for Nintendo and Sony's handheld devices, making it known that they just don't see a “lucrative” future for the devices in the coming years. EA also ends back up in the news for being accused of charging for game demos, however they were somewhat exonerated when they stated that it was an “error” in the system. These stories and more in this July 5th, 2014 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Titanfall Devs Love The PS4
The Titanfall developers, Respawn Entertainment, are absolutely in love with the PS4. Watch Dogs gets a minor fix for some of its problems, but not all of them. The video game software market is expected to reach $100 billion by 2018 and $64 billion by 2015. Rebellion offers up a solution for the Sniper Elite 3 Steam key kerfuffle before the whole thing turned into a massive, ugly mess. Goat Simulator is expected to land on retail shelves this month. EA ends back up in a bucket of hot water over a new fan-fallout centering around the removal of toddlers and swimming pools in The Sims 4. Gaming Blend's Pete Haas ranks all the Final Fantasy VI characters by greatness. And pre-orders for GTA V have slowed down drastically for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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