Despite launching the Wii U during November, Nintendo has already set their sights on another way to capitalize on the casual crowd by dropping the original Wii down to $100 and selling it as a Wii Mini. Those of you who have been wondering what Bungie has been up to over the past couple of years after departing from Microsoft, you'll find that they've been working on a little something, something called Destiny and they let loose some new details on the project this week. And Splash Damage, the makers of the high-concept, poorly executed FPS game Brink, has returned to the gaming scene to announce their latest title Dirty Bomb, which is yet another free-to-play, MOFPS. These stories and more in this December 1st, 2012 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Bioshock Infinite Will Not Have Multiplayer Ken Levine makes it known that the upcoming shooter will focus entirely on the story and single-player journey.

Peter Molyneux Doesn't Think He'll be Alive Much Longer Not much to see here folks, move it along.

Sledgehammer Hiring For Call of Duty For Xbox 360, PS3 Yet another one is in the works. No surprises here.

Bridge It, Bridge Simulator Arrives on Steam Greenlight The game lets you build your very own bridges and deconstruct, crush or blow them up as you please.

Time Polls Users To Include Angry Birds In All-Time Top 100 Video Game list Does it deserve a spot?

Wii Mini Launching On December 7th? The rumors have spurred but is it too soon?

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