Out of the brimstone and into the fire, so cast Microsoft their reputation.

Alongside Electronic Arts, Microsoft was outed in a scandalous predicament of Charlie Sheen proportions (just without the cocaine and porn stars... well, there could be porn stars and a line of coke, if you insist). Lots of money exchanged hands in an attempt to pay off YouTubers for positive press for the Xbox One and other EA titles. Things got a little complicated, just like a hair stylist trying to work over Chewbacca at Fantastic Sams, when the FTC got involved... well, about as involved as Clint Eastwood with his estranged kids. I'm sure Machinima is really feeling the heat given that they took the brunt of the bad press, in addition to the new content policies enacted by YouTube that could open them up to a low of copyright hurdles.

On the brighter side of the news spectrum, we have a list of all the big name games you'll want to keep an eye on throughout 2014. If you can make it through watching the winter Olympics (without any terrorist acts) and you still need a game to play, you'll probably want to check the list for new releases. These stories and more in this January 25th, 2014, YouTube-gate edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Microsoft and Machinima Xbox One YouTube Promotion May Be Unlawful According To FTC Guidelines The week kicks off in a controversial way regarding the YouTube promotion of the Xbox One.

DayZ Spends Month Being The Top Selling Game on Steam An entire month, and it's the top selling game. This is a real breakthrough.

Battlefield 4 Other Hostile Games Banned in China The console ban being lifted doesn't mean there's a lift on a ban of software in China.

Nintendo Dying? Nintendo 3DS, Wii U Conquer Japan in 2013 The best selling software and hardware in Japan belonged to Nintendo.

Titanfall Needs an Open Beta A look at Respawn needing to hunker down and go ahead and open up the beta for everyone.

Valve Aims To Keep Users Happy, Not Just To Seek Profit, Says Indie Dev Valve isn't all about the money. They're about users first.

DayZ Standalone Patch Adds Berry Picking, Shotguns Sawed-off shotguns... woot!

Microsoft Offers To Pay YouTubers To Positively Promote Xbox One Say some good stuff about the Xbox One and get some coin. What's to lose?

How To Cook Meat In Starbound Need help with the meat cooking in Starbound? We're here to help.

Bravely Default Tips To Help Get You Through The Demo Ryan Winslett offers some useful hints and tips on Bravely Default.

Deception 4 Blood Ties Springs Trap On March 25th For PS3, PS Vita A classic makes its way to Sony's syetms.

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