Things get intense this week, as move yet one week closer to the inevitable rollout of the full blown console war this holiday season. Sony has basically sold out most of all their bundle packs of the PS4 and they haven't even started manufacturing yet! China could make some monumental steps in lifting sanctions on banning imports of consoles from the big three console manufacturers – which would be a huge win for gaming in general, as well as our gaming comrades over in mainland China. And in the strangest twist of fate ever, some fanboys have decided to petition Microsoft to bring back the Xbox One's DRM. These bizarre stories and more in this July 13th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Why Nintendo Killed Wii Vitality Sensor Find out what happened to the thing that would make you healthier.

Microsoft Beta Testing Xbox Live Local Currency And You're Invited No more Microsoft Points...the company is exchanging the fake currency for something a little more literal.

Crunchyroll Coming to PlayStation Vita Anime-watching just got a lot The streaming service is being made available for Sony's PS Vita.

SOCOM Successor H-Hour Hits Kickstarter Goal The crowd-funded SOCOM sequel manages to garner enough funds to become a reality for the hardcore, dedicated SOCOM audience.

Call of Duty Ghosts Co-op Confirmed By Infinity Ward The team is bringing back the beloved co-op mode from the previous CoD titles.

Bungie Day Celebrated With HD Destiny Demonstration The team is unveiling more footage and goodies for their upcoming next-gen shooter.

How Depressing: Star Wars Republic Celebrating KOTOR 10th Anniversary The 10th anniversary isn't even celebrated with a new game, just some cash shop stuffs... oh whoopie.

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