The Sweet Comment Ben Affleck’s Been Spotted Making To Jennifer Lopez After Their Wedding

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It’s only July, but 2022 has become the year of surprising celeb nuptials. First, it was Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker and their three different wedding ceremonies, then Britney Spears got married to her longtime boyfriend. Megan Fox and MGK are affianced presently, with a goth-themed affair expected sooner rather than later. In all actuality, though, it was Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s recent Vegas elopement that gave everyone the early 2000s feels. And more feels are on the way because the Good Will Hunting star has been overheard making some super sweet comments to his new wife.

In the wake of the Elvis-themed wedding for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, complete with a cinematic costume throwback, the newlyweds jetted off to Europe for vacation. Their kids from previous relationships and even JLo’s parents are with them as well. A source for Entertainment Tonight reports that Ben Affleck can’t stop, won’t stop gushing about Jennifer Lopez for them all to hear on the trip. But in truth, I’m more surprised about what the mom of the Marry Me actress had to say:

It’s refreshing and sweet for their friends and family to see how much they love and care for one another. Ben has been telling Jen how unbelievably happy he is that she is his wife, [and Lopez's mother says she] always knew Ben was the love of Jen’s life [and is] so happy that Ben is officially part of the family.

I believe it. Ben Affleck hasn’t made any official public statements about his wedding, yet we do know he said as much when the couple were in the throes of dating at the end of last year. He shared at the time that rekindling his romance with Jennifer Lopez after nearly 20 years apart was “beautiful” to him, adding that he was ready to be a “good husband” too at this stage in his life.

Jennifer Lopez has been somewhat more forthcoming on the evolution of their love – thanks in large part to her On the JLo newsletter. It was there that the Grammy winner shared snaps of her special engagement ring, the details on Affleck's proposal and also their BTS pics of the actual Vegas wedding. And way before the whirlwind three-month engagement that eventually turned her into Mrs. Jennifer Affleck (technically, the second one to have that same title), Lopez opened up majorly about how their connection is more fulfilling for her than even her Hollywood career.

That's high praise indeed. The two aren’t the only ones with serious heart-eyes for each other either. Everyone is shipping Ben and Jen 2.0, including their contemporaries. Jennifer Lopez’s former Hustlers co-star, Keke Palmer, remarked how much the actress deserves her current marital bliss. Most surprising, though, was Ben Affleck’s ex-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow being equally as happy about the newlywed news.

Other behind-the-scenes details have since trickled out about the quaint wedding to boot. As a matter of fact, their Little White Chapel minister revealed that it was an “emotional” service between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. And hint hint, out of the 10,000 weddings he’s officiated himself, he thinks this one is going to last in the long run. There have also been reports that the old Gigli co-stars are hoping to do a much bigger, second wedding at Ben Affleck’s private Georgia estate.

As we await further insight on the next emotional ceremony, we know a bit more about Ben Affleck’s speculated return as Batman in Aquaman 2, which is that it's actually happening. However, that flick won't arrive until March 2023. Keep up to date on the other JLo and Ben titles still to come on our 2022 movie release list, including Affleck’s other surprising cameo in Clerks III.

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