5 Marvel Characters Rosa Salazar Would Be Perfect To Play

Rosa Salazar in Alita: Battle Angel

In the decade or so since she began acting, Rosa Salazar has pretty much done it all, from horror movies with Bird Box, horror TV shows with Brand New Cherry Flavor, YA dystopian novel adaptations with the Maze Runner movies, and even adult animated comedies with her recurring role on Netflix’s Big Mouth.

Easily her biggest role to date, however, was her break into superhero movies as the title role of Alita: Battle Angel, which is based on the popular manga by Yukito Kishiro. If you ask me, her strong performance in the 2019 cult favorite could be considered the perfect audition tape for a role in the Marvel movies, which is why we have compiled a modest selection of heroes (with one anti-hero and one villain, too) that she would be ideal for her, including one who has something in common with Alita.

Jocasta from Marvel Comics


Ultron once created a bride for himself named Jocasta, brought to life by the consciousness of Janet Van Dyne, who was able to take control and get the Avengers to rescue her. Later, residual traces of her mind became the android’s “soul” when she was revived and became a hero. Since the MCU iteration of Ultron was destroyed at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, there does not seem to be much reason to bring in Jocasta, but I think the idea of Rosa Salazar playing her is enough.

The actress proved in Alita: Battle Angel that she can make robotic characters feel more human. Therefore, Rosa Salazar could make Jocasta a memorable part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for however long she may exist in it. Clearly, this version of the character would have to be a vast departure from her comic book counterpart, but there were many liberties taken in the movies with Ultron (originally created by Hank Pym, not Tony Stark and Bruce Banner) and I would argue that worked just fine.

Black Cat from Marvel Comics

Black Cat

The biggest creative liberty taken with Felicia Hardy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was casting brunette Felicity Jones as the traditional platinum blonde character. Of course, we never learned if there were ever plans to change her hair color due to the franchise’s cancellation. While the Oscar nominee has expressed interest in reprising the role for the MCU, which we know is possible from the Marvel Multiverse crossover in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, I think Felicia could use some new blood for her big screen debut as Black Cat.

First of all, we know from her appearance at Japan’s Alita: Battle Angel premiere that Rosa Salazar makes a great platinum blonde. Second of all, we know from her performance in most films and TV shows that she can nail the spunk and resilience required to play the thieving femme fatale. Lastly, we have never seen a version of Black Cat played by a Latinx actress, and now could be a great time to make it a reality.

White Tiger from Marvel Comics

White Tiger

On the other hand, I am not sure if we would want to do anything to endanger Peter Parker’s relationship with MJ (Zendaya) by bringing in a character known for having an insatiable crush on Spider-Man, as Black Cat does. Luckily, if Rosa Salazar truly is interested in playing a feline-esque Marvel character, I have another person in mind. Not to mention, this hero already does have a Latinx background in the comics.

Ava Ayala is a young woman of Puerto Rican descent who becomes the latest to adopt the White Tiger moniker (the first being her older brother, Hector) after three mystical amulets giver her supernatural powers, such as the typical super strength or more animalistic abilities like enhanced sight in darkness. Plus, Peter Parker has teamed-up with Ava (who donned the white cat suit to avenge her murdered family) on the animated Ultimate Spider-Man TV show. Therefore, a big screen team-up between Tom Holland and Rosa Salazar’s White Tiger (in lieu of Black Cat) is something audiences might already be anticipating.

Firebird from Marvel Comics


The female, Latinx superheroes from Marvel Comics who have yet to be cast for any upcoming films or Marvel TV shows do not stop there, either. Fans have actually been hoping to see the alter ego of Bonita Juarez make her big screen debut for a while. In fact, Firebird still has yet to make her small screen debut (either on a live action or animated adaptation), and perhaps if Rosa Salazar was to express interest in bringing her to life, that would help speed up the process.

The Mexican-American Avenger first appeared in a 1981 Incredible Hulk comic, which reveals that exposure to a radioactive meteorite fragment altered her DNA and gave her the ability to project flames at various temperatures and even fly up to 130 miles per hour. What inspired her superhero alias was a giant, bird-shaped mass of energy which she may or may not have created on her own. Regardless, Firebird is a character who could lend some explosive action and more diversity to the MCU, and Salazar would be a wonderful choice to represent her.

Black Rose from Marvel Comics

Roxanne Simpson Blaze

I also believe Rosa Salazar is one of the top horror Scream Queens of her generation, for her brief appearance on American Horror Story and aforementioned roles in Bird Box and Brand New Cherry Flavor. Her character in the latter Netflix miniseries undergoes a strange metamorphosis in order to exact revenge on a slimy Hollywood producer. Something similar, but under more terrifying circumstances, happened to Roxanne Simpson Blaze.

Also known to be skilled in mystical arts, Roxanne was previously married to Johnny Blaze (otherwise known as Ghost Rider) until a powerful, malicious being called Hellgate killed her, before Blackheart brought her back to life to be his monstrous servant known as Black Rose. Because Eva Mendes never returned to reprise this character after 2007’s Ghost Rider movie with Nicolas Cage, we never got to see this tragic outcome unfold on the big screen. However, that is only one reason I would like to see the character resurrected in the MCU, with Salazar to be the one to make it happen.

It would be fun to see any one of these characters brought to life by Rosa Salazar. If not, I am sure she also has a good chance at a DC movies role, too.

Jason Wiese
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