After Bachelor Peter Weber's 2020 Finale, The Best Source For Bachelor Spoilers Has Clearly Changed

Peter Weber tries to dodge questions on Jimmy Kimmel Live with Tiffany Haddish ABC

Spoilers have become part of the fabric of Bachelor Nation. Not all fans of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise want spoilers, but fans who do want spoilers want them NOW and they want them accurate. Reality Steve has been the source for major spoilers for over a decade now, and that's still the case. However, the past full year's drama from Bachelorette Hannah Brown to Bachelor Peter Weber has proven that the most accurate finale spoilers for who Bachelor X or Bachelorette Y picked in the end is ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.

Or, really, Jimmy's wife, writer/producer Molly McNearney, who tells him her "prediction" and he reveals it on Jimmy Kimmel Live shortly after each season premiere.

Yes, as Jimmy Kimmel noted after Peter Weber's The Bachelor 2020 finale, his wife Molly has correctly "predicted" the past 7 out of 9 seasons.

Where is Molly getting her Bachelor info? Maybe someone on the inside at ABC. All we know is that Jimmy Kimmel's finale spoilers usually match what Reality Steve posted -- except for the past two seasons when Reality Steve's finale spoilers were initially wrong but Jimmy Kimmel Live had them right the first time.

That's especially interesting fresh out of Bachelor Peter Weber's mess, because the only spoilers we had from Reality Steve about the November 2019 finale were that Peter didn't have a "normal ending." He didn't get engaged. However, on finale Monday itself -- March 9, 2020 -- Steve changed the spoilers to say actually Peter DID propose to Hannah Ann and they got engaged back in Australia in November.

You know who had it right? Jimmy Kimmel/Molly, back on January 7, 2020. That was back when Reality Steve's spoilers only pointed to Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett as Peter's final two, with Victoria Fuller as third. On Kimmel, Jimmy "predicted" Peter's final three to be Hannah Ann, Madison, and Kelley Flanagan. So he was wrong -- accidentally or intentionally -- about Kelley but right about Hannah Ann and Madison.

After predicting Bachelor Peter's final two, Jimmy Kimmel predicted that Peter picked Hannah Ann.

Bachelor Peter smiled after the prediction, but actually played it pretty cool. As we know now from Hannah Ann's own timeline of the breakup, she and Peter were still together on that day in January, and didn't break up until the end of that month. Here's how Peter handled Jimmy Kimmel's prediction -- followed by fellow guest Tiffany Haddison shrewdly reading his expression to predict he really picked #2, aka the second photo Kimmel showed, which showed Madison:

Peter: We will see. Are you reading anything right now? Am I giving anything away?Tiffany: I think it was #2 because he was smiling really big.Jimmy: Oh! But maybe he was doing that to try to throw us off.Tiffany: And he turned a little red, though, like he's seen her naked.Jimmy: Can you answer that question? Have you seen any of these women naked?Peter: I'm not going there. I'm not going there.Tiffany: Look how red he's turning, though!

Who knew that early January conversation would basically sum up the entirety of Bachelor Peter's season?

Jimmy Kimmel was right about Peter picking Hannah Ann -- it was true at the time, anyway -- when Reality Steve's sources had nothing. Last year, Jimmy and Molly were also right about who Hannah Brown picked.

On May 21, 2019 -- about a week after The Bachelorette 2019's May 13 premiere -- Jimmy Kimmel predicted Bachelorette Hannah Brown would have a final two of Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron. He further predicted that she picked Jed. Maybe he just plain cursed her. At the time, Kimmel's video comments were filled with fans saying oops, Jimmy got it wrong this time, because we all believed Reality Steve's finale spoiler that Hannah had picked Tyler C. Then in June, Reality Steve changed his own finale spoiler to confirm that Hannah B. did actually pick Jed. And boy does everyone wish she hadn't.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel get Bachelorette Hannah Brown's finale right here:

And watch Jimmy Kimmel get Bachelor Peter Weber's finale right here:

Long story short, when Bachelorette Clare Crawley's season finally starts filming after its delay, and it finally premieres on ABC, and she shows up on Jimmy Kimmel Live ... it'll be interesting to see what happens. Maybe it's too obvious now that Kimmel is getting inside info, so they'll change it up to keep the mystery? Either way, I'm curious to see what Jimmy and Molly say, what Reality Steve's sources report, and what the ever-industrious Bachelor sleuths dig up during The Bachelorette 2020. Here's to a great season ... whenever it starts!

The Bachelorette 2020 was supposed to premiere on Monday, May 18, 2020, but with the filming delay due to the coronavirus we'll have to stay tuned. At least the Listen to Your Heart spinoff wasn't affected, if you want those spoilers.

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