Adam Levine Is The Top Trending Musician Of 2022. Too Bad It's Because Of A Sexting Scandal

Adam Levine in Maroon 5's "Misery" video.
(Image credit: A&M/Octone Records)

If there’s one thing most modern humans do on a regular basis, it’s spend time online. With that, many of us also find ourselves either randomly eager to find out about certain topics or get tidbits of info that lead to us wanting to know more, and then turning to Google to get all the details. As such, some people, places, and things end up trending when lots of people search for something, and with yet another intriguing year now coming to a close, we know that Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine is the top trending musician of 2022. However, we should probably hold our applause, because this title was bestowed upon him because of Levine’s sexting scandal.

I think anyone who loves Maroon 5 and/or its lead singer would love to say that Levine topped the Google Trends chart in the U.S. this year because of his admirable contributions to music and entertainment as a whole. Unfortunately, while the band did release a new album in the summer of 2021, it’s clear that this was not what led to his new status, but his sexting scandal. 

A deeper look at his name and the when and why of how people searched for him shows that there was a sharp increase in interest from September 18-24. Pop culture watchers probably know that September 19, specifically, was when social media influencer Sumner Stroh took to TikTok to claim that she’d had an affair with the former The Voice coach during his marriage to model Behati Prinsloo, and to also allege that he’d recently DM’d her to inquire about using her name should the couple’s third child (which Prinsloo is currently pregnant with) be a boy.

The “Beautiful Mistakes” singer came out with a statement the next day denying the cheating allegations but admitting to having “used poor judgment” in flirting with anyone other than his wife. That didn’t stop the mounting scandal (which those on the internet definitely had some fun with) in its tracks, though, as the next several days saw at least five more women report claims that he also DM’d them with flirty messages during his marriage.

But, you might be saying to yourself, what about his band’s upcoming residency in Las Vegas? Couldn’t people have been looking for information about that? Though this seems like it would be a good bet, it’s incredibly unlikely, as news about the group playing a 16-date residency at the Dolby Live at Park MGM in Vegas wasn’t even announced until about eight days after sexting/cheating allegations went public.

Also, it’s worth noting some other info to be found in Google’s trend report, which specifies that searches related to Levine included queries like “adam levine messages” and “sumner adam levine,” and topics like “cheating in a relationship,” “affair,” and “drama.”

In case you were wondering, he and his Victoria’s Secret model wife appear to still be together, with her having supported him at his concerts and being seen out together in the wake of the scandal, despite reports noting that she was (understandably) “very upset” about everything. A source even claimed that the scandal “seems to have made them stronger” as a couple. While we may never know whether or not that’s true, Prinsloo returned to Instagram with a bold, middle-finger baring post, and also showed off some daring pregnancy pics, so here’s hoping that she’s actually handling her husband’s behavior in the best way possible.

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