After Nick Cannon Announces His 12th Kid, Of Course Twitter Has Thoughts

Nick Cannon on Nick Cannon before its cancellation.
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The public really started to take an interest in Nick Cannon’s love life in Summer 2021, when two women gave birth to three of his children (his fifth, sixth and seventh) in the same month. Three babies in one year seemed like a lot at the time, but The Masked Singer host was not kidding when he said 2022 might produce even more. Bre Tiesi, LaNisha Cole and Brittany Bell have already birthed new baby Cannons this year, and with two more confirmed to be on the way, you can bet social media’s got all kinds of opinions.

This month Alyssa Scott confirmed by way of a gorgeous pregnancy portrait that she is pregnant with another of Nick Cannon’s children. She gave birth last June to baby Zen, who tragically died in December from a brain tumor. A pregnant Abby De La Rosa also confirmed that Cannon is the father of her third child. That will make 12 for the Wild ‘N Out star, and Twitter had some straight-up hilarious reactions to what this one man is doing to the population: 

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Nick Cannon has expressed pride in being involved in his children’s lives more than the average parent, but he better keep his intense workouts going if he’s going to continue to keep up with his brood as they get older. Just picture what keeping tabs on everybody is going to look like in a few years: 

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Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III shared a great photo from the world of football that should help anytime we forget how many Cannon babies there are: 

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Even Chili’s got in on the fun, reminding NIck Cannon and his six parenting partners that the whole family is always welcome for dinner: 

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This is just too much (although with names like Legendary Love, Rise Messiah, Zillion Heir, etc., it would be pretty amazing): 

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Lots of people had funny reactions to Nick Cannon’s latest baby news, but the women in his life have also received a lot of unwarranted hate from people who don’t understand his lifestyle. LaNisha Cole said her 1-month-old daughter was receiving death threats, and Abby De La Rosa has had to defend her polyamorous relationship from people who think that makes her a bad mother. She’s also said that she loves that her children have so many siblings, while Bre Tiesi said the former talk show host is somehow able to make time for all of them.

As for how we got to this point, Nick Cannon said he went through a depression following the death of his 5-month-old son late last year, and he just “started fucking like crazy.” He knew after that stint  that the stork would be quite busy in 2022.

Mariah Carey shares twins Monroe and Moroccan (born in 2011) with Nick Cannon. Brittany Bell has Golden (2017), Powerful Queen (2020) and Rise Messiah (2022). Abby De La Rosa birthed twins Zion and Zillion Heir, and Alyssa Scott had Zen all in June 2021, and both women are currently pregnant again. Bre Tiesi and LaNisha Cole each had their first children with Nick Cannon this year.

Will there be more little Cannons in the future? Only time will tell.

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