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Gloria Steinem's Blunt Response To Whether Emma Watson's Activism Will Annoy Fans

Emma Watson has become one of the most active champions for gender equality in Hollywood, and Gloria Steinem herself has her back.

Emma Watson Has A Good Reason For Not Taking Selfies With Fans

If you happen to see Emma Watson around, put your camera away.

Kim Kardashian Shared An Adorable Saint Photo

Kim Kardashian shared some saintly photos of her adorable son.

YouTube Temporarily Banned A Giraffe Live Stream For Being Sexually Explicit

A pregnant giraffe named April has become an online sensation, but her live-stream was removed from YouTube for a bit after some extremists reported the video as being pornographic.

Michelle Williams And Busy Philipps Look Like They Had A Blast At The Oscars

The friendship between besties Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps has been taking awards season by storm, and the Oscars was no exception.

Chrissy Teigen Hugging The Kid From Lion At The Oscars Is Too Cute

Chrissy Teigen had the most adorable red carpet moment of the night at last night's Oscars when she embraced Lion star Sunny Pawar.

Amber Tamblyn Announces Her Baby's Arrival With The Most Adorable Instagram

It's a girl! But I don't think that's her real name...

That Time Patrick Stewart Argued With His Wife Over Whether He Was Circumcised

Patrick Stewart had a pretty surprising revelation about his genitalia recently!

Justin Bieber Assures People He Did Not Pee His Pants

Justin Bieber was sporting a very noticeable wet spot on his sweatpants recently, and now he's assuring fans that he didn't pee himself.

Why Kids Keep Buying Up All Of The Elmer's Glue

It's far from back-to-school season, but, for some reason, stores everywhere are selling out of Elmer's glue! It turns out there's a new crafting creation that's behind the recent shortage.

Kourtney Kardashian Shared An Amazing Vintage Photo Of Her Parents

Kourney Kardashian shared an adorable, retro photo of her parents in honor of her late father Robert Kardashian's birthday on Monday.

The Real Reason Kate Winslet Is Skipping The Oscars, According To A Report

Tabloids are saying that Kate Winslet is avoiding the Oscars because of a feud with Leonardo DiCaprio! But just how true is that?

Is Kanye West About To Put Out His Own Cosmetics Line? Here's What We Know

We already know Kanye West is all-in when it comes to fashion, but now it looks like he might be expanding into cosmetics as well. How will he fare against his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner?

Watch This Guy Break The Record For Most Snaps In A Minute

Oh snap! A student in Japan just broke a world record on live television!

Emma Watson Brings The Glam To Her New Instagram Feed

Emma Watson's fashion can't be contained to just one Instagram account. The Beauty and the Beast star made a second account to give due credit to everyone who helps put her amazing looks together.

How Kim Kardashian Is Trying To Lose 7 Pounds

Kim Kardashian is willing to try some unusual methods (and outfits!) to get rid of a few pounds.

There's Video Of Harrison Ford Landing On The Taxiway

New video shows Harrison Ford disobeying airline security measures and nearly hitting a commercial flight while landing on the taxiway.

Karrueche Tran Apparently Has A Restraining Order Out On Chris Brown

It looks like another one of Chris Brown's ex-girlfriends has filed a restraining order against the singer, alleging that he got violent towards her.

Will Kris Jenner Get Married Again? Here's What She Says

Kris Jenner has been dating her boyfriend Corey Gamble for over two years now, so is she about to make him the official new Kardashian-Jenner patriarch? She talked about it on Ellen.

Watch Angelina Jolie Eat Bugs With Her Kids, Because Why Not

Angelina Jolie isn't just filming her next movie in Cambodia, she's also also munching on some creepy-crawly local delicacies.

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