Nintendo has had an epiphany and they're finally moving toward the sort of network user account system that gamers have been clamoring for. During an investor's seminar Nintendo rolled out a ton of big news about the future of the company, although it probably won't be enough to stave off all the naysayers and doom-bringers.

Developers have made headway on an Xbox 360 emulator, estimating that progress is coming along quite well and they are able to get some games booted and to the title screen. Also, Microsoft takes a crazy risk on a recycle program for the PS3 that sees them putting $100 toward the purchase of an Xbox One. That's in addition to some insane rumors that have some serious weight behind them, stating that a disc-less Xbox One is arriving this holiday season, along with a couple of highly anticipated games... but no Halo 5. These stories and more in this February 1st, 2014 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Titanfall Won't Support Split Screen Multiplayer Good? Bad? What do you think?

Windforge Coming To Steam March, Features Custom Airship Construction This is one of the rare games out there that knows what it is and how to get it done.

Xbox 360 Emulation Coming Along Nicely, Says Dev Team We could be playing popular Xbox 360 games on our Steam Machines rather soon.

MAG Shutting Down Next Week The 256 player shooter for the PS3 is shutting down and going away. Say your farewells.

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z Kicks It Up A Notch On Tuesday If you're reading this, then the game is already available.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Charges Onto PS4 This April Sony finally puts a date on one of the more celebrated MMOs in recent times.

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