IGN is being auctioned off...it's news that's managed to circulate around quite quickly and now everyone is wondering what's going to happen next? The industry news doesn't stop there, though. Nintendo, one of the good guys of gaming, has come under fire for hopping into bed with Foxconn, a notorious manufacturer who has mistreating employees for some time and was recently linked to child labor charges at a plant that makes the Wii U. CD Projekt RED's Cyberpunk 2077 is the official name of their upcoming RPG based on Mike Podunk's popular series with brand new details released, and Halo 4 gets completely and entirely leaked well before its release. In fact, you can check out the Legendary ending below complete with spoilers. Microsoft and the LIVE Enforcement Team has been working hard to take down these videos but we managed to grab one for you, check it out below. These stories and more in this October 20th, 2012 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Sleeping Dogs DLC Nightmare on North Point Announced United Front Games is working on some Halloween themed content for their popular opne-world shooter.

Metro Last Light Multiplayer Removed So Devs Can Focus On Single-Player For once devs do the right thing.

Halo 4 Legendary Ending Video Reveals Master Chief's Face Oh boy, watch out now...we got some spoilers for you here.

Of Light & Shadow Brings Interesting New Platform Gameplay To Greenlight The game has some neat intermixing of platform gameplay and light physics.

Why On-Disc DLC Is As Bad A Crime As Gamers Make It Out To Be One of the biggest issues in the gaming industry gets a bit of light shed on it.

AT&T To Star Flagging, Blocking Users Who Download Copyright Material Doesn't matter if it's illegal, legal or not. Be prepared for a firestorm of rage.

Halo 4 Officially Leaked To Torrents, Intro Cinematic Released You want to see the intro to Halo 4? Check it out after the jump.

Violent Games Makes Teens More Aggressive, Violent Says Study Well, playing too many games while you're a teen could make you more aggressive...if the games are violent.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Aims For More Realism Over Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Comparing both games there seems to be that one that edges out the other when it comes to realism.

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