GTA V is on the verge of releasing and Take Two are taking down media assets left and right. That wasn't the only big news of the week. Valve managed to steal some thunder from Microsoft after the mini 'M' announced that they were taking the only thing people were looking forward to about the Xbox One, away. That's right, Steam now has the Family Share Plan and it's received quite a bit of praise. Sony, not to be left completely in the dust, announced that the PS Vita TV is on the way and it will make it convenient for gamers to play their Vita games on TV. These stories and more in this September 14th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Xbox One Caught Cheating In Twitter Poll, Gains 60% of Votes With Bots Oh boy, this is the sort of thing that ruins reputations and causes management to come out in full force.

Betrayer Adds Color Following Complaints Users complain, devs listen. The game has now been color-filtered.

DICE Could Kill Arma If They Released Battlefield Mod Tools, Says Dean Rocket Hall Too bad, because at the current rate DayZ might kill Battlefield instead.

Deep Down Is A PS4 Exclusive The game won't be coming to the Xbox One... that's for sure.

Neverending Nightmare Is A Horror Game That Channels Edward Gorey's Art This is a neat little game that brings about an interesting visual twist for the horror point-and-click genre.

GTA V Cost $265 Million to develop and market At least the marketing costs weren't separate.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Gives Snipers A Lot of Love How much love? Oh boy, a whole lot of love.

Ubisoft Says Game Development Costs Will Rise in Two Years Oh snap, that's probably the last thing most gamers wanted to read.

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