Megan Fox Asks Grimes For Elf Ear Modification Advice After She And Machine Gun Kelly Go Full Cosplay

Following Machine Gun Kelly licking fake cocaine off Megan Fox while they were dressed like Pam and Tommy, and the couple's controversial priest Halloween costumes, the duo went full cosplay as Legend of Zelda characters. They really looked like they came straight out of the classic video game, all the way down to prosthetic elf ears, and now it appears Fox might be thinking about making the pointy ear look permanent after she asked Grimes for advice. 

The couple was dressed like Link and Princess Zelda, MGK sported a classic Link fit, and Fox rocked an elaborate princess costume, including gorgeous blonde hair, a gold flower crown, and elf ears. In her caption on Instagram, she noted that she seriously looked into getting an elf ear modification. In her caption she called out Grimes, asking for the singer’s help finding someone who could do the procedure. You can check out their elaborate look here: 

Admittedly Fox does look amazing, and if she really wanted to modify her ears to look like Galadriel in Lord of the Rings Grimes is probably the best celeb to ask for help. The Canadian singer has been open about body modifications she’s made, and she is thinking about making, including seriously considering elf ears. 

Grimes, whose Twitter profile picture is a drawing of an elf-like figure, has been very open about body modifications she is considering. Back in August, she tweeted asking her fans what “face mods” would look good on her. She also noted at the end of the  post that “elf ears isn’t an option, that’s a separate quest.” In the same thread, Grimes asked if anyone knew “great/safe/reliable” people who could do vampire teeth caps and elf ear modifications. About a month later she posted this photo on Twitter

People then assumed Grimes had gone through with the elf ear procedure, while it’s unclear if she actually did, she did post a photo in September on her Instagram in an elf cosplay, similar to Fox’s and she does have elf ears.  

While they do look cool, based on Grimes’ tweets from when she was researching the surgery, it sounds like the recovery from an elf ear procedure is pretty long and likely painful. So, maybe Fox would be better off continuing to coordinate elaborate outfits with MGK instead. 

The couple's highly publicized relationship has also involved some pretty epic coordinated outfits. At the Time 100 Gala they posted steamy photos together which feature Machine Gun Kelly in an all-leather outfit, and Fox in an opulent gold gown. Following these photos, the news around the couple became bigger after Fox commented on MGK’s post begging him to get her pregnant, proving once again that the couple is very much still together following breakup rumors.   

Well, while we continue to follow Fox and MGK’s relationship, and wait to see if the actress actually goes through with an elf ear procedure, you can check out Machine Gun Kelly and Fox in his film Good Mourning which appeared on the 2022 movie schedule. You will also be able to see Fox back in the realm of action movies come 2023 as she’s set to star in The Expendables 4

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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