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Rob Kardashian visibly upset on KUWTK season 14 trailer

Rob Kardashian's bank account reportedly has taken a turn for the worse since he and Blac Chyna's social media war. Apparently, Kardashian is relying on his famous family to meet the terms of his and Chyna's child support arrangement, which stipulates he must pay her $20,000 per month. But new reports indicate the balance could shift in Kardashian's favor if he returns to court to explain his potential reduction of income now that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians cameras might not be keeping up with him as much as before. In other words, Kardashian could get a small win thanks to a big loss.

Blac Chyna and her lawyer Lisa Bloom got Rob Kardashian to sign off on the child support as part of a 50-50 custody arrangement this month. TMZ indicated Kardashian agreed because he wanted his and Chyna's one-year-old daughter, Dream Kardashian, to see him at least half of the time. Meanwhile, Chyna was holding domestic abuse charges against Rob to make sure the deal benefitted her. When Kardashian agreed to write the $20k checks, Chyna dropped the charges. Still, Bloom said Chyna dropping the charges did not negate her story, and Chyna could bring up the charges anytime.

Unfortunately for Rob Kardashian, his time on KUWTK may have come to a halt because of the public showdown between him and Blac Chyna. He also went into a social media blackout for a while, and his sock business suffered. Therefore, his wallet might be a little emptier than before. Luckily, the whole of the Kardashian-Jenner crew is worth an estimated $450 million according to various reports, so he can turn to his family during this crisis.

But if Rob Kardashian returns to court to tell a judge about his reduced income, he might get the child support adjusted to reflect his new lack of earnings. However, if Kardashian goes back to court, Chyna could bring up the domestic abuse charges again and disclosse the other aspects of their rumble on social media. Something similar happened this summer when Kardashian accused Chyna of cheating, and then posted graphic images of her online.

It is worth mentioning there is a third party both Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna should consider. The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has supposedly been monitoring the situation between these former reality television personalities to determine the safety of Dream Kardashian and her old brother, King Stevenson, whom Chyna shares with Tyga. DCFS allegedly submitted evidence to a judge, who could be the deciding factor in the whole ordeal. In the end, the judge could decide something completely different from what Kardashian and Chyna worked out in their custody and child support arrangement.

The saga sounds like a nightmare. Here's hoping the situation brightens for the sake of the children involved.

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