Britney Spears Has No Idea Who Pete Davidson Or Other Members Of The Kardashian Clan Are, And It's Delightful

Britney Spears on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.
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It’s nearly impossible to turn on a TV or look at your phone without seeing some kind of news related to the Kardashians. Aside from the family being on reality TV for the better part of the last two decades, the Kardashian-adjacent — primarily their current and former partners — dominate the pop culture worlds of fashion, music and sports. With The Kardashians set to premiere on Hulu in just a couple of weeks, it’s hard to imagine a world where we aren’t keeping up with the famous family. Leave it to Britney Spears to show us that world does indeed exist, and it’s pretty wonderful.

Britney Spears, who recently spoke about the day her conservatorship began while continuing to celebrate its termination, had a delightful response after Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson recently shared a video from his night in with Scott Disick. Davidson panned the camera across a room, showing that Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy and a couple of other friends had fallen asleep watching The King of Comedy. The upcoming star of Meet Cute looked pretty unimpressed as he captioned the video, “Boyz night was wild.” 

The post was pretty hilarious, especially given Pete Davidson and Scott Disick’s penchant for partying, but what was even better was that Britney Spears had no idea who any of the guys were! She even went and shared the video, which was apparently amusing even to those who weren’t aware of the guys’ reputations, with the delightfully wholesome comment, captured by a fan account

Sorry had to repost this … no idea who these people in the video are but it made me laugh so hard !!!!

The post has since perhaps understandably been deleted from her Instagram, but thankfully her fans got the screenshots to prove it happened, because we are loving a world existing where someone can be unaware of the Kardashians’ inner circle. Some fans wondered if the “Baby One More Time” singer had found the secret to inner peace. She's not checking Instagram to see the next phase in the Kanye vs. Skete saga, or wondering if there's beef between Scott and Travis. Britney Spears flies above it all.

The pop star shouldn't really be faulted for not recognizing Pete Davidson and Scott Disick. While the Saturday Night Live comedian has been dating Kim Kardashian since last fall, they’ve kept their relationship uncharacteristically private (uncharacteristic at least for the reality TV queen, who only recently went Instagram official with her beau). And if one hasn't watched SNL or King of Staten Island in the past few years, Davidson may not be the most recognizable celeb. Scott Disick, meanwhile, hasn’t officially dated Kourtney Kardashian since 2015, although the two remained close until her current relationship with Travis Barker. 

The Talentless designer is set to appear in The Kardashians, should Britney Spears wish to get to know Scott Disick a little better. He was shown in an intriguing preview for the series and has reportedly been working his way back into the good graces of his ex-girlfriend, as Kourtney Kardashian prepares to marry blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. Surely Spears at least knows the name blink 182, right, considering their shared MTV TRL presence?

Pete Davidson, however, has not joined the Skims owner on her family’s reality show yet, Kim Kardashian revealed. Despite getting his girlfriend’s name branded onto his chest, the comedian likely won’t appear on the first season of The Kardashians, though the influencer did say they might film something for a season to come. 

Regardless of why Britney Spears didn’t know who Scott Disick and Pete Davidson were, her reaction to the “boy’s night” post was amazing. And we all shared her sentiment, even those of us who have been keeping up. 

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