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Candace Cameron Bure Visited Disneyland And Paid Homage To Full House Dad Bob Saget In The Process

DJ on Fuller House.
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Disneyland is a magical place where even an adult can reconnect with their inner child with ease. Candace Cameron Bure proved as much when she posted multiple photos and videos from a recent trip with friends to the Happiest Place on Earth. As she and many of her Full House family members have done so often in the past couple of months, Bure found a way to pay tribute to her former co-star Bob Saget while enjoying her day at the park.

Bob Saget, who played ultimate TV dad Danny Tanner on Full House for eight seasons from the late ‘80s through the early ‘90s (as well as in the Netflix sequel series Fuller House), died January 9 from a head trauma. Saget’s family, friends and fans have continued to pay homage to the comedian through stories, fundraisers and even a punk rock shiva. Especially vocal during this tough time has been Saget’s aforementioned TV daughter Candace Cameron Bure, who wore her celebrated sweatshirt that reads “Love Like Jesus, Hug Like Bob Saget” during her recent trip to Disneyland. Check out the fun post she shared on Instagram

Candace Cameron Bure really seemed to be living her best life as she danced along to the passing marching band, and seemed to not have a care in the world as she spun down the park’s streets while posing for photos with friends. She captioned the post with a wonderful quote from Alice in Wonderland that also fed into the playfulness of the theme park visit. "We all go a little mad sometimes." Wait, no, that's definitely the wrong movie. 

Even beyond the all caps namecheck, seeing Candace Cameron Bure at Disneyland makes it hard not to think of the late Bob Saget’s love for life (and the amazing Disney World episodes of Full House, of course), as his wife Kelly Rizzo has shared some insights into the things that truly made him happy. Bure must have had her TV dad on her mind as well, as she wore the sweatshirt she first sported shortly after Saget’s death while hanging out with Dave Coulier, her fictional Uncle Joey from Full House. For those somehow unaware, Saget was quite the advocate for loving hugs, and following his death, Bure shared multiple emotional photos of these now-famous embraces.

When fans first saw the Fuller House star’s “Love Like Jesus, Hug Like Bob Saget” sweatshirt, they immediately began asking where to buy one, leading Candace Cameron Bure to make the design available for purchase, with all proceeds going to the Scleroderma Research Foundation, a cause close to Saget’s heart. Saget joined the SRF board after his sister Gay Saget died in 1994 at the age of 47 from scleroderma. The comedian helped to raise millions of dollars to increase awareness and research into the disease, and his efforts have been continued by those who loved him most. 

Bob Saget’s Full House family has been there in support of each other during this difficult time, sharing memories and keeping in touch with Kelly Rizzo. Several of the Tanners are set to reunite again from March 11-13 for ‘90s Con in Hartford, Connecticut, which sounds truly amazing, but will certainly be a bittersweet moment without the TV patriarch as the ringleader. 

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the late comedian, check out these Bob Saget movies and shows to watch.

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