Dungeon Defenders 2 Is Now Free-To-Play

It hasn't quite exited the confines of Early Access just yet, but Trendy Entertainment's Dungeon Defenders 2 is currently free-to-play Steam. The game is fully playable and fully featured and you can jump in on the action without having to pay a dime.

The game has been in Early Access on Steam since last December in 2014. Trendy has been working on Dungeon Defenders 2 and refining it, adding new features and upgrading the content over the past year as they prep for a final release. The game going free-to-play is just a next step in that aim for a big release.

They make a few things clear over on a Steam update post, where they state that now that the game has gone free-to-play, there will no longer be any character wipes. It's all permanent characters from here on.

They also detail how they go about communicating with their community, letting new players know that there will be weekly development logs to keep players tuned in to what's going on and how they're going about it every single Wednesday, once a week. They also have a weekly play session with the community, where the community manager from Trendy Entertainment hops into a game and live-streams it over on their Twitch channel.

On Friday they conduct a developer stream to give gamers a more in-depth look at how they're going about the implementation of new features, refining existing features and fixing old features.

The game going free-to-play comes shortly after Dungeon Defenders 2 launched in an Early Access state on the PlayStation 4. One of the big requests was for the local split-screen feature that was so prominent in the original Dungeon Defenders; the split-screen mode did return first in the PS4 version of the game .

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Dungeon Defenders is a role-playing, hack-and-slash tower-defense game. The concept revolves around building up defenses against waves of enemies, and battling the forces in real-time. Defeating so many enemies and winning levels earns the player money and skill points that they can invest in their character and equipment, as well as upgrading their towers.

There's a fine balance between how much you invest into the efficiency of your character versus the efficiency of your tower defenses. There are four different classes to choose from and each has their own unique abilities and skill-sets. Players can completely customize each character's skillsets as they see fit, turning the same class into a different kind of character... for instance making the Monk a healing focused class and then getting another Monk and making it melee focused, so you could have multiple Monks fulfilling different roles.

The game has so far been met with very positive feedback, despite a lot of gamers not being keen on the game going free-to-play. The original Dungeon Defenders was a buy-once sort of product and many gamers wanted the sequel to stay the same. Trendy Entertainment really wants to dabble in the free-to-play market, however, so they're going all in on the sequel.

Only cosmetics will apparently be purchasable from the cash shop. You can get in on the action right now by picking up a free digital copy from the Steam store.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.