Microsoft came under heavy fire this week when footage of Killer Instinct kicking gamers out of the middle of the match due to DRM caused a major ruckus. The news almost completely overshadowed Valve's second Steam sale this season and the final Steam sale of the year. It also arrived just in time for Bohemia Interactive to roll out the official standalone alpha release of DayZ, which has been met with a lot of positive praise and critical feedback... it is an alpha after all. These stories and more in this December 21st, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

SteamOS Installation Walkthrough Guide A quick guide to help you get started with installing the SteamOS.

Payday 2 Charlie Santa DLC Is A Free Heist New DLC for Payday 2 arrives.

Rainbow Six Patriots Delayed Because It Wasn't Good Enough Ubisoft goes back to the drawing board to make the game better.

7 Days To Die Now Available On Steam Early Access After resolving the issue with the copyrighted material from the Killing Floor developers, the game is now finally on Steam's Early Access.

GTA 5 Nightride FM Gets An Unofficial Playlist Listen to some of your favorite synth tunes via an unofficial playlist for the AWOL Nightride FM station from GTA 5.

Firefly Online Launching in 2014 Whether or not this MMO can do what others have failed to do remains to be seen, but let's hope it gets it right.

Witness Dev: Microsoft Threatened To Ruin My Life indie dev Jonathan Blow brings out some harsh words for the Micro 'S'.

Wasteland 2 Beta Released On Steam Early Access inXile has finally managed to get their game launched on Steam's Early Access.

World of Tanks Beta Weekend Underway For Xbox 360 The beta for World of Tanks is currently underway for the Xbox 360, get in while the getting in is good.

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