One of the most destructive weekly recaps in ages. This week was an ignition for all kinds of mayhem, including the nuclear fallout of a site-wide ban for IGN on popular aggregator, Reddit, resulting in one of the most embarrassing revelations for a big-name site: they were vote cheating to pimp their own content! But they got caught with gasoline and the match in hand and Reddit put a flamethrower to their behinds. Bethesda also got caught with their pants down, taking a piss into a brush fire and the fire streamed up the piss and burned off their schlong in a bad way after marketing guru Pete Hines admitted that PS3 gamers are screwed out of future DLC if they can't get Dawnguard to work. Also, the most explosive news of the week is all things Nintendo. The Big 'N' dropped massive bombs on us during the latter half of the week with pricing details, launch line-ups and specs for the highly anticipated Wii U, you can drop all the way down to Friday for the big scoops. All these stories and more in this rocket-busting September 15th, 2012 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

E.X. Troopers Being Localized For North America, But Not Right Now We'll have to wait a bit...or maybe, a long bit. Who knows? Capcom does...and money.

Minecraft Adventure Update For Xbox 360 Adds NPCs, Creative Mode The new adventure update for Xbox 360 adds a ton of awesome stuff in the game and brings it up to par to the PC version.

Government Report States Scottish Gaming Sector is Worth £0 Using a rather confusing setup, the Scottish government is reporting that the game sector isn't worth diddly squad. How nice.

Street Fighter Monopoly Now On Sale Play your favorite Street Fighter characters in a fun-filled game of Monopoly.

Save City of Heroes Campaign Gets Support From Celebrities Not sure how much appealing NCSoft will do, but people are trying nonetheless.

Final Fantasy XIII Delays Inspire Fan Protest Everyone wants Final Fantasy Versus XIII but Square just ain't giving it to them.

Activision Says Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Has Not Been Leaked This is good news for Activision, bad news for pirates. Well, for now anyway.

Interview: The War Z, Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse MMO Find out more about The War Z and whether it will live up to the DayZ standard.

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