Trends Predictor Explains Why Adam Levine Cheating Scandal Faded Off But The Try Guys Scandal Led To Firing

Adam Levine on The Voice and Ned Fulmer on The Try Guys.
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There’s no doubt that cheating scandals can wreak havoc on one’s personal life, but depending on what line of work someone is in, private matters can also have implications outside of the home. Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and Ned Fulmer, a former member of The Try Guys, have each been confronted with infidelity allegations recently, though with wildly different results — Levine continues to play shows with his band while prepping for their Las Vegas residency, while Fulmer was ousted from The Try Guys. A trends predictor weighed in on the difference between the two situations.

After Adam Levine’s alleged cheating scandal got the Saturday Night Live treatment on October 1, the NBC sketch comedy took aim at The Try Guys with Season 48's second installment (to far more negative reactions). Being parodied on the nationally televised sketch show may be one of the few similarities between the high-profile incidents, however. TikTok-based digital trends predictor Coco Mocoe told THR why things are pretty much business as usual for Levine, while Ned Fulmer’s drama cost him his job. Mocoe said: 

Adam being faithful to his partner doesn’t affect his ability to sing well. Whereas Ned’s entire personality and character was being the ‘wife guy,’ so him not being faithful has a direct influence on his ability to maintain that connection with his audience.

The trends predictor pointed out that Ned Fulmer’s brand was built around his marriage to Ariel Fulmer, as he was known as the “wife guy” within the online comedy group. Whereas Adam Levine’s role in Maroon 5 is, for all intents and purposes, unrelated to his personal relationships off of the stage. Another significant factor here is that Fulmer did admit to being involved in “a consensual workplace relationship,” which not only confirmed the behavior, but also connected the situation directly to his job, even outside of the content he contributed to the group.

Rumors about Ned Fulmer's troubles started after fans noticed he’d been missing from the group’s latest videos, followed by photos popping up on Reddit that appeared to show Fulmer kissing another woman. He later confirmed that after a “thorough internal review,” he would no longer be a part of The Try Guys.

Adam Levine, meanwhile, got hit with multiple sexting allegations after Instagram model Sumner Stroh initially posted a TikTok video that showed what appeared to be DMs from the former Voice coach, including a message in which he asked if he and wife Behati Prinsloo could name their third child “Sumner.” While the singer denied that he’d had an affair in the traditional sense, he did admit that he’d “used poor judgment,” and — like Ned Fulmer said in his own statement — he would focus on fixing things with his family.

Behati Prinsloo and Ariel Fulmer both appear to be sticking by their men. Each shares two children with their respective husbands (with the Victoria’s Secret model expecting her third with Adam Levine). Prinsloo has not spoken publicly about the accusations, but she was pictured out with her husband in the days following, and she accompanied him to Maroon 5’s fundraiser for the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation. Ariel, meanwhile, posted a statement on Instagram, where she said “nothing is more important to me and Ned than our family,” and requested privacy.

We’ll have to wait to see if and how the allegations affect each celebrity’s career and personal life going forward. In the meantime, check out our 2022 TV schedule to see what new and returning series are premiering soon. 

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