Somehow, it feels like Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan just showed up on The Walking Dead to make life as miserable as possible for Rick and the rest of the non-Savior survivors. (Which is a group Eugene is no longer a part of, apparently.) But no, we've gone through the entirety of Season 7 already, and our focus has now turned to the show's future and how topsy-turvy things will get in Season 8.

And so here we are, at the top of our comprehensive guide for everything that's happening in The Walking Dead universe in the months between Season 7 and Season 8, and we'll be tackling everything from story elements to casting reveals to first looks. Let out your best walker growl and read on, and don't forget to bookmark the page so you can check back for more updates. If it wasn't already obvious, spoilers for Season 7 are all over the place, as are some spoilers for the corresponding comic book arcs, so be warned.

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When Will The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere?

Considering we're still closer to the Season 7 finale than the Season 8 premiere, it's understandable that AMC hasn't yet made any big announcements on when fans will be able to catch back up with Team Family to see if Rick and Rosita's gunshot wounds are healing properly. We can, of course, make some very educated guesses on when the hit horror drama will return to audiences, considering there isn't that much variation when it comes to The Walking Dead's debut dates. In fact, we'd be willing to bet all kinds of money (that would be deemed useless in post-apocalyptic society) that Season 8 will bow either on Sunday, October 15, or Sunday, October 22. Except for Season 1, the show has always premiered in the second or third Sunday of the month, so we don't see them changing that up,

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What Have We Seen From The Walking Dead Season 8?

For the same reason we still don't know when The Walking Dead will premiere, we don't really know what The Walking Dead will look like in Season 8. At least not specifically, as we gather showrunner Scott Gimple and his creative team won't do too much to change things up from last year. If anything, it's safe to assume the show won't visit as many brand new locations next season, though we'll definitely be revisiting familiar communities. Last year's first big trailer for Season 7 didn't get here until Comic-Con in July, so it's possible we'll have to wait until then to get a good look at new Walking Dead footage.

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What Will The Walking Dead Season 8 Be About?

It took the majority of Season 7, but The Walking Dead finally reached one of the source material's biggest arcs: the All Out War between Rick and Negan. Though the build-up was handled slightly differently for live-action, with Sasha's big sacrifice flipping things around for the inciting factor, the story is still set for Season 8 to showcase the bulk of the big battles between The Saviors and all the other communities. We have tons of questions about what will happen when the show returns, but thankfully Scott Gimple and others have already offered up a couple of tidbits.

For one, executive producer and finale director Greg Nicotero says that Season 8's storyline launches off from a big moment within Season 7's capper: when Rick and Negan are staring each other down before Shiva arrived, in a way that was completely opposite from how they faced each other in the season premiere. Rick is no longer afraid of Negan and his evil ways, which is going to pay off in a big way next season. That plays into what Scott Gimple has stated about the way Season 8 will change things up completely from Season 7, with the impending war making episodes a lot "more kinetic and fast-moving." Considering this past season lost quite a few fans over the more subdued standalone episodes, it'd be more surprising if Gimple wasn't promising quicker and action-packed storylines.



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