Project Spark Getting 4-Player Create And Play Feature For Xbox One

Team Dakota recently updated their official Facebook page to reflect a very important feature coming to Project Spark this fall: a four-player create and play feature for the Xbox One. The post keeps it pretty simple, but we do find out that there will be online and offline local play to support the varying tastes of players.

A Reddit post spotted the recent update over on the official Facebook page for Microsoft's upcoming game creation software utility, Project Spark. What does the post say? Well, you can check it out below, as it relates to the multiplayer functionality of Project Spark on the Xbox One, as well as what gamers can expect when the game release this fall...

“Project Spark 4-person multiplayer Create and Play will be coming to Xbox One this fall. While we don't have a specific timeframe yet for PC multiplayer, it's still on it's way, possible towards the end of the year.”

The PC multiplayer not having a time-frame could be a bit of a bummer, as the platform has really excelled lately – thanks mostly to indie support via Steam – with having local multiplayer options and fun modes for online games that didn't seem likely. But so long as the feature is on the table, it's good news for gamers that it's at least coming at some point in time.

As for the Xbox One, this is a much-needed feature that really did need to happen. The system, at the moment, lacks a lot of diverse multiplayer games and it's probably one of the main reasons why it's hard for Microsoft to capture the appeal of gamers not looking for dude-bro shooters or the standard-fare action titles.

According to some users, the multiplayer in Project Spark will support both online and local multiplayer. There will be four-player online modes that allows all four players to create, modify and play levels together – this would be perfect for gamers who need help quickly generating levels and can designate tasks to other players to finish or work on other parts of the project.

In fact, each player can take on important design roles, such as having one person just animate or design enemies and characters, while another player implements weapons or items, and another player fleshes out the level design. It could be like a bigger, more expansive version of LittleBigPlanet.

You can get a brief glimpse of how the multiplayer will look in the screenshot below.

It's also been discussed that local multiplayer may also be present for Xbox One owners, too. It may not feature four-player simultaneous play, but the word is that two-players will be able to team up locally to play various Project Spark titles.

The software creation tool is slowly building its momentum (and a rather impressive library of playable titles) as it heads toward the inevitable October 7th release. So far, I've had some fun with Project Spark and it shows a lot of potential. With a larger variety of tools, accessories and thematic entities for players to work with, the title could easily become a huge boon for growing a dedicated community on the Xbox One.

You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.