The Xbox One catches flack for Gamestop's new layaway program. A lot of gamers are calling it desperate, but Microsoft is looking at options to get people to buy the darn thing one way or another. The Titanfall commenced this week, and anyone with a PC or Xbone should likely sign-up to get in some early play-time before the game launches this March. We also have up first-hand impressions of Titanfall from the beta.

Also, the NPD figures for U.S., sales in January have filed in and it's not looking pretty for the Redmond camp. Then again, many people who have been keeping track of the sales data probably already knew that. All of these bait-worthy stories and absolutely tons of other great content (but not really) in this February 15th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Velocity 2X At Anything Less Than 60fps, 1080p Would Be Suicide For the PS4, of course.

Dark Souls 2 ESRB Rated Teen Is it appropriate? Good? Bad? At least it's rated, right?

Batman Arkham Origins Probably Won't Get Another Patch DLC has become the developer's priority. Sorry, no more game fixes.

Wii U Can Now Play HTML5 Games Thanks To PlayBoxie The service is also available for the Xbox One and PS4, but you get free access to the games on the GamePad or the console, which is a real benefit for Wii U owners.

Xbox One eSRAM Too Small For 1080p, Says Sniper Elite Dev They may make terrible games but they're blatantly honest about hitting that 1080p factor and the difficulty of that.

Dungeon Keeper iOS Review: Give Me Your Money Well if you doubted the terribleness of the game, just read the review to get an idea.

Hearthstone Beta Accoutns Won't Be Wiped Again The Starbound complex is done and over with.

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