Deep Silver is dead set on bringing Saints Row 4 to current gen consoles and even stamped a release date on the game. Kotaku managed to get hold of leaked media assets for Star Wars First Assault, and the video showcased a nearly complete game with a heck of a lot of intensity. Xi3 released pricing and pre-order details, along with the launch window for their Piston Steam Box (unofficial Steam Box, that is), and EA suffers yet another humiliating week at the hands of modders who managed to get the game to work in offline mode and disclose a bunch of other cool stuff that wasn't included in the final release of the game. These stories and more in this March 16th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Relive Classic Nintendo Games With NEStalgic Medley Check out this little chiptune of nostalgia featuring classic titles.

BioShock Infinite Commercial Teased With Image The promo campaign for BioShock: Infinite is getting into full swing.

Project CARS Community Screenshots Break Barriers of Realism It's not just amazing, it's unbelievably amazing how good this game looks.

Maxis Tells Gamers Not To Blame EA For SimCity Launch Fiasco Yes, because it wasn't EA's fault for including always-on DRM into the game. Really?

Dad Hacks Donkey Kong To Make Pauline Hero From Mario to Pauline, this father wants to show his daughter anyone can save the day. Props to this guy for taking the time to do so.

Xi3 Piston Steam Box Pre-Orders Available For $1,000 That's probably going to be a no-sell for a lot of gamers. Steam Box Could Expand PC Gaming by Several Magnitudes, Says MSI Well of course it could...but it's hard to tell if it actually will.

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