Microsoft finally unveiled the Xbox One and it didn't come without its fair share rebuttal. While no actual gameplay footage was on display at the Xbox One reveal, E3 will play host to 15 exclusive titles for Microsoft's upcoming console. Still, many gamers were downed about the used game fee(s), the mandatory 24 hour check-in and Kinect's always-listening/watching. However, there were a few upsides, including the Wii U getting a huge sales boost thanks to the XB1 announcement blunders and EA teasing more Mirror's Edge 2. These stories and more in this May 25th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

SimCity Crack Allows Offline Saves, Bigger Cities, Population Fix Well, gamers asked for here it is...sort of.

Hearthstone Heroes Warcraft Warrior Class Is Full of Rage Blizzard unveils a new character for Hearthstone in the form of a rage-induced warrior.

Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Announced With Unreal Engine Trailer Who would have ever thought that a 2D fighting game could be made in the Unreal Engine? I certainly didn't.

Among The Sleep Fully Funded On Kickstarter Great news for gamers looking for a horror-themed platforming game that's also first person and offers Rift support.

World of Warcraft Patch 5.3 Launches Blizzard unleashes the latest patch for World of Wacraft, offering new fixes, game balances and dungeons to raid.

Batman Arkham Origins Features Kevin Conroy As Voice Of Batman The legend is back and doing the voice for the one and only Batman.

Novelist Puts Spin on Voyeurism, Lands on Steam Greenlight An interesting new game from an indie group challenges the way players interact and progress in a game.

Lord of the Rings Online Launches Treachery of White Hand Update. A new update from Turbine brings some new content and areas to explore.

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