There's nothing better than sitting in a movie theater and getting the living daylights scared out of you. We absolutely love it. Over the last few years, horror has become one of the most consistently reliable genres at the box office as we've seen plenty of modern classics debut. From the supernatural threats of The Witch, to the visceral, realistic scares of Don't Breathe, to the otherworldly, and unexplainable terror of It Follows, there's been no shortage of scares for every preference and sensibility.

However, those examples only represent the beginning of a horror renaissance, and the terror won't stop any time soon. We've gone through the coming months and chronicled every worthwhile horror movie slated to hit theaters in the near future. If you consider yourself a fan of the horror genre, make sure to check out the following list and fill out your calendars accordingly.


Aaron Eckhart consistently brings A-list talent to B-grade genre flicks, and that beautiful combination appears to be on full display with Incarnate. Taking the best elements of The Exorcist and Inception, the film follows an exorcist as he delves into the mind of a young boy (Gotham's David Mazouz) to banish an evil spirit dwelling within him. Incarnate looks like an awesome balance of cerebral and supernatural, so we can reasonably expect plenty of trippy visuals and horrifying battles with the demonic force.

Release Date: December 2, 2016

Friend Request

The internet. Scarier, in the modern horror genre, than Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers combined. Movies like Unfriended and FearDotCom have turned the common digital tool of social media into a terrifying act that ends in our demise. We get it. Facebook is evil. In Friend Request, a college student starts being haunted when she unfriends a stranger. Admit it: You feel a little guilty when you unfriend someone. Well, now you may feel a little dead when you click that button.

Release Date: December 9, 2016

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