5 Marvel Characters Alba Baptista Would Be Perfect To Play

Alba Baptista on Warrior Nun
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Not long after fans feared its recently released second season might be its last, Warrior Nun joined the long list of shows cancelled by Netflix when the streaming platform officially announced it was pulling the plug on December 13, 2022. While it is possible that the fantasy-action series — which executive producer Simon Barry adapted from Ben Dunn’s manga-style comic book — could find a new home elsewhere, the news is still disheartening, especially because Alba Baptista gives such a strong performance as the lead, demon-hunting hero, Ava Silva. However, we should not fret because there are so many other characters she could get into the habit of playing in any upcoming Marvel movies, potentially.

Now, to be clear, I am not basing my belief that the Portuguese actor has a shot at starring in any upcoming superhero movies (or TV shows) of the Marvel persuasion on her rumored romance with former Captain America actor, Chris Evans. Watching her in action on Warrior Nun will provide one with more than enough evidence to prove why the Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris star would be a dynamite addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, her role on the show gave a me a few ideas for what Marvel characters from the comics she might be the perfect candidate to bring to life on the big screen (or on Disney+ on a new Marvel TV show), including a few that share the same profession.

Stained Glass Scarlet from Marvel Comics

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Stained Glass Scarlet

Any avid readers of Marvel Comics who are familiar with Stained Glass Scarlet should have no trouble figuring out why I would recommend Alba Baptista to play her in the MCU. Similar to her role on Warrior Nun, the woman otherwise known as Scarlet Fasinera is an orphaned woman and one-time member of the clergy who, after being resurrected from death with special abilities, becomes a vigilante.

The most essential differences between Scarlet and Ava, however, are that her drive to become a warrior stemmed from when she was forced to kill her own criminal son, Johnny “Mad Dog” Fasinera, and that she has been bestowed with the power to manipulate shards of glass — hence the name Stained Glass Scarlet. She also, somehow, has a psychic connection to Moon Knight, which gives me the idea that, the next time Oscar Isaac’s MCU character shows up, maybe Kevin Feige and co. should leave open the opportunity for them to team up.

Sister Salvation from Marvel Comics

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Sister Salvation 

Stained Glass Scarlet is not the only gifted hero in a habit who exists in the Marvel Comics universe. The real name of this widowed woman — who made her first appearance in a 1989 issue of Wolverine — is unknown, but she is commonly referred to as Sister Salvation. Her alias could either refer to her profession as a servant to God or to her mutant ability to heal another person by touching them.

Before her death by the hands of a group known as the Dark Riders, as part of a mission to cleanse the world of mutants healers like her, Sister Salvation did not have a particularly large presence in Marvel Comics. However, that could change if the role was inducted into the MCU and cast with Baptista, who just might appreciate the chance to play a powerful character who does not use violence to make a difference in the world.

Shiklah from Marvel Comics

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Another cool opportunity for Baptista to better diversify her personal comic book character lexicon with a Marvel role would be to cast her as the kind of creature that she has been known to hunt on Warrior Nun. However, if we are going to make her a demon, why not one of the most powerful, brutal (and, also alluring) entities of the kind in the Marvel universe, Shiklah, who was actually created by comedian and Deadpool writer Brian Posehn.

Also known as the Queen of the Underworld, Shiklah would be more accurately categorized as a succubus, but her more animalistic form (complete with horns, a set of razor-sharp fangs, and purple reptilian skin) suggests a demonic presence, and one that is not to be reckoned with. Just ask her former husbands, Blade and Deadpool, or even her current husband, Dracula himself. It appears that with the half-vampire vampire hunter joining the MCU (as played by Mahershala Ali in the upcoming Blade reboot), as well as the Merc with a Mouth (still played by Ryan Reynolds), we have a few choices for how she could be inducted into the franchise as its slowly begins to embrace the horror genre.

Gaea from Marvel Comics

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However, if Baptista would rather not make her debut in the MCU as a villain, there is another Marvel character role I had in mind that would still allow her to see things from the perspective of her enemies on Warrior Nun, but one bred from a different, and gentler, cloth. I am referring to Gaea, who is one of the Elder Gods and — along with her, Chthon — is responsible for affecting much of Earth’s geological patterns, earning the right to be referred to as “Mother Earth” by some. 

However, her vast arsenal of mystical, undefined powers — which includes the likes of absorbing spiritual energy, telekinesis, speaking every language that has ever existed, and so much more — has, somehow, led her to still be considered demonic. Well, I cannot think of a demon that an actor like Baptista would be more honored to breathe life into in an adaptation. Perhaps in a sequel to Eternals?

X-Men's Rogue from Marvel Comics

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On the other hand, maybe the actress would rather her next big role in a comic book adaptation be something that is different from what she has done on Warrior Nun. Apparently, somebody on the website MyCast had the same idea and suggested that she might make the perfect choice to be the new Rogue in Marvel’s update of the X-Men franchise… whenever that officially happens, that is.

Obviously, no one could ever replace Anna Paquin’s portrayal of the power-absorbing mutant in the original X-Men movies, but I think some of the property’s biggest fans would agree that it will be exciting to see how the MCU freshens up the fan-favorite character and who is chosen to embody the role this time. Well, not only does Baptista bear a strong enough resemblance to the character, but there is no denying her capabilities in playing powerful badasses, so there is really no reason why she should not be considered.

However, if the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not in Alba Baptista’s future, maybe any upcoming DC movies might have a part waiting for her right now.

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