Pete Davidson's First Movie After Breakup With Kim Kardashian Comes Out This Month, And It’s A Meet Cute Rom-Com

Pete Davidson has had a lot of projects in the works since exiting Saturday Night Live in May, but the comedian has been making more headlines lately for his relationship (and recent breakup) with Kim Kardashian. It feels somewhat fitting that with so many eyes on Davidson’s love life, the next project we’ll see from him is a rom-com. The actor is set to star with Kaley Cuoco in Meet Cute, which will be available to Peacock subscribers starting September 21, and maybe seeing Davidson find love on screen can help the healing process for fans heartbroken over his real-life split from the reality star.

There was something about the seemingly unlikely couple of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson that endeared them to fans. The comedian boasts an impressive dating history, as he’s been tied to women including Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, Phoebe Dynevor and Kaia Gerber (but not Martha Stewart, as it was rumored). However, it was still unbelievable to many that their magic-carpet kiss during Kardashian’s stint on SNL led to a full-blown relationship.

Despite Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s amazing chemistry, the couple proved to be at different places in their lives, and the relationship ended after roughly nine months. Along with apparently being on different pages about starting a family, Davidson temporarily relocated to Australia to shoot a movie, making their already-bicoastal relationship even more long distance.

Fans who are looking forward to his upcoming rom-com will be relieved to know it wasn’t Meet Cute that caused the actor to go Down Under, thus putting the relationship under more stress. Rather, it was Wizards!, and Pete Davidson was apparently able to lean on co-star Orlando Bloom (who’s rumored to be going through his own rough patch with Katy Perry) for support during the breakup.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson seemed to make each other so happy, and I’m willing to bet that his real-life heartbreak will have fans rooting for his Meet Cute character even harder now. The Peacock movie looks like a pretty wild love story, with Kaley Cuoco’s Sheila using a time machine not just to fall in love with Gary (Davidson), but to change things from Gary’s past.

The movie wrapped back in August 2021, and Kaley Cuoco celebrated by sharing the most adorable photo of her and Pete Davidson looking out at the New York skyline. The actors’ bond seems to have continued off the screen, as Cuoco voiced support for her co-star amid Kanye West’s social media attacks. After Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband released a video for his song “Eazy” that showed a claymation Davidson being kidnapped and beheaded, James Gunn spoke out to say that the actor was a “truly generous, tender & funny spirit, he treats everyone around him with respect.” Cuoco agreed with the filmmaker, responding, “Fact.”

Despite reportedly being “torn up” over his breakup — and seeking trauma therapy in part due to Ye’s attacks — Pete Davidson is allegedly in a better place with it now and can see that he and Kim Kardashian weren’t meant to be. As for whether or not Sheila and Gary come to the same conclusion, we’ll have to wait and see. Catch Meet Cute streaming on Peacock on Wednesday, September 21, and you can also check out these other movies and shows to watch if you like Pete Davidson

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