This week will go down in history as the week that made gamers completely overexcited with joy and at the exact same time overexcited with raging fury. First up, Sony has set the PlayStation 4 announce date in sight, but this has come with a rather poignant silver lining with Microsoft's next-gen console possibly banning used games and being an always-on system. This could really hurt GameStop, speaking of which, they're planning to close down 500 stores this year. But next-gen news didn't there, analysts believe that Grand Theft Auto V could be coming for Sony and Microsoft's next gen consoles later this year. But whether the former is true or not, CD Projekt RED has made it known that Witcher 3 will be, without a shadow of a doubt, next-gen bound when it releases. These stories and more in this super jam-packed, February 9th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Steam Database Adds Halo 2, Halo 3, Fez A bunch of really cool games are coming to Steam, if the database is to be believed.

GTA V Could Be Xbox 720, PS4 Launch Title, Says Analyst Why not? It's launching close enough with them anyways.

BloodMasque, A New Square Enix Horror Franchise? New registered trademarks lead people to believe a new horror series is on the way, thank goodness.

GameStick Kickstarter Closes At More Than 600 Percent of its Original Goal This means you'll be able to plug-and-play mobile games on your TV with a controller sooner rather than later.

Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Finally Hits PC At A Discount The disc-locked content gets a massive discount on Steam, but have you forgiven Capcom for their misdeeds to give them your money again?

Cave Character Figures now On Sale If you thought the characters were unique and memorable from Double Fine's The Cave, you can scrounge up some cash and purchase the figurines to show your undying support and love for the product.

XSeed Games Localizing Six Games in 2013 This includes Suda51's Killer Is Dead, which is set for release this summer.

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