Loki Season 2: 7 Questions We Have About The Marvel Series

Tom Hiddleston in the Loki Season 2 finale

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WARNING: The following article contains Loki Season 1 SPOILERS throughout, so unless you are caught up on the first six explodes of the Disney+ exclusive Marvel TV show, proceed with caution before you screw up the Sacred Timeline for yourself.

After the mind-melting whammy of a cliffhanger at the Loki Season 1 ending, which was followed by a confirmation of a second season, we imagine that you probably have a few questions. Well, you are certainly not alone because there are plenty of things that also have us scratching our heads about the return of one of the most unique and inventive Marvel TV shows on Disney+, especially from behind the scenes. The following is everything that we have been wondering about Loki Season 2 since the finale, starting with when we can expect this twisted story to continue.

Sophia Di Martino and Tom Hiddleston on Loki

When Is Loki Season 2’s Disney+ Premiere Date?

The game-changing sitcom send-up of WandaVision, the bold, action-packed social commentary of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and, of course, Loki Season 1 have already made the past year an extremely exciting time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney+ alone. The year is not over either with the confirmed 2021 TV premiere dates of What If…?, Hawkeye, and Ms. Marvel on the horizon. However, that schedule does not include Loki Season 2, which has yet to confirm its premiere date on Disney+, let alone its production schedule.

Jonathan Majors on Loki

When Will Loki Season 2 Begin Filming?

The mere existence of Loki Season 2 had long been a source of speculation before the Loki Season 1 finale just recently confirmed it, and the guessing game continues in regards to when the cameras are supposed to start rolling. Marvel Studios has yet to announce the sophomore season’s filming schedule and locations, but fans have previously theorized that some episodes may have already been shot based on Agent Phil Coulson actor Clark Gregg mentioning something about Tom Hiddleston doing “10 or 12 episodes” of Loki in a Variety interview from May 2020. A likely source to debunk this theory is Production Weekly, which claims (via Inverse) that Loki Season 2 goes into production in January 2022 under the working title “Architect.”

Wunmi Mosaku and Owen Wilson on Loki

Who Will Return For The Loki Season 2 Cast?

How ever many episodes of Loki Season 2 we do get, it is quite likely that Tom Hiddleston will reprise the titular God of Mischief in all of them, but I am not sure when Gugu Mbatha-Raw may return as Ravonna Renslayer since leaving the TVA to find “free will.” I am hopeful, however, that we will see more of Loki’s inter-dimensional female counterpart (and surprise love interest) Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), whose actions at the end of the season finale suggest we will see more than one Kang the Conqueror, played by Jonathan Majors, running around in the new season. This also resulted in Loki being thrown into a different version of the TVA somewhere in the newly broken Marvel Multiverse in which variants of Mobius M. Mobius and Hunter B-15 do not recognize him, teasing Owen Wilson and Wunmi Mosaku may return with a whole new motivation for their performances.

Jaimie Alexander as Sif on Loki

Will Any Other Established MCU Characters Join Loki For Season 2?

In addition to the Loki cast members who will possibly returning for Season 2, I am even more curious about what other familiar faces from the Marvel movies could show up when the series returns. We already saw a surprise cameo of Jaimie Alexander as Sif in Loki Episode 4, but what about other alumni of the Thor movies, such as Chris Hemsworth or Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins, or even others from the original cast of 2012’s The Avengers in a non-flashback appearance? I actually think there are a few other Marvel character cameos with more potential than these due to the series’ confirmed connections to other upcoming MCU installments.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

What Other Marvel Movies Or TV Shows Might Hint At Loki Season 2 Before It Premieres?

That being said, as much as I am curious about what other characters could show up in Loki Season 2, I am just as curious what shows and movies could serve as a teaser for the show’s return. We already already know Loki Season 1 is a lead-in for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but whether or not Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (in which Jonathan Majors’ Kang will also appear) is a lead-in or a continuation of the new Loki season is unclear at the moment. Themes of alternate realities make the animated anthology series What If…? and the rumored multiverse crossover Spider-Man: No Way Home definite possibilities, but Thor: Love and Thunder is, surprisingly, not the safest bet following Tom Hiddleston’s comments about his absence from Taika Waititi’s sequel.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw on Loki

Who Is Directing Loki Season 2?

One person who we know is not returning to Loki Season 2 from behind the scenes is Kate Herron, the British filmmaker who helmed the first six episodes of the series. When speaking to Deadline, the director (who is also known for her work on Netflix original series Sex Education and Daybreak) revealed that the second season was never in the works while working on Season 1, which was all she ever really planned on being a part of for the series, anyway. However, she also added that she is proud of how the first season has turned out and she is excited to watch Season 2 as a fan whenever it premieres.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki on Loki

When Will We See A Loki Season 2 Trailer?

As we have already made clear a number of times throughout this article, we still have no clue when Loki Season 2 is set to premiere. We are pretty sure, though, that not a single frame has been shot for the series return, either. Therefore, fans are just going to have to be patient before an official trailer for the Disney+ original’s sophomore run drops.

Like all other Marvel movies in order and their TV show spin-offs thus far, Loki has proven itself to be the kind of show that relishes in keeping its audience questioning every little detail, which it has certainly achieved just one season in. Needless to say, we are looking to forward to seeing what answers we will get when Loki Season 2 premieres, as well as what further questions it may posit regarding the future of the ever-expanding cinematic universe(s).

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