Deadpool's Best Easter Eggs And Pop Culture References image
We knew we were in for a very different superhero movie when Deadpool finally made it to the screen. One full of violence, vulgarity, and pop culture references, and here is every easter egg and in -oke. At least the ones we remember, we were laughing pretty hard.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-13 00:47:16
Batman V Superman: Why DC's Movie Universe May Be In Trouble image
Fan anticipation for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is especially high after the latest trailer, but according to one rumor things might not be all that rosy behind the scenes and big changes for the DCEU may be in store.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-13 01:21:40
How Jesse Eisenberg Changed Lex Luthor For Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice image
Jesse Eisenberg has gone into even more detail about his Lex Luthorís motivations in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, including the characterís twisted moral outlook.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-12 22:49:55
The Flash: Zoom Removes His Mask In Intense New Trailer image
When it comes to superhero series on The CW, The Flash has to be the most lighthearted, but it knows how to do scary villains. Season 2 baddie Zoom has been a constant threat, as well as a mystery, but this new trailer teases his eventual unmasking.
Superhero TV 2016-02-12 22:29:53
Ryan Reynolds Ranks His Green Lantern Movie, On A Scale Of 1 To 10 image
In the not too distant past it seemed like Ryan Reynolds would never get another shot at any super-powered character. Recently, Reynolds admitted that his Green Lantern movie did, in fact, leave a lot to be desired.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-12 21:08:47
Guardians Of The Galaxy Will Have At Least One New Team Member, Here's What We Know image
Itís been mentioned before that the line-up will expand in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and now itís confirmed at least one new member will be added to the 2017 blockbuster.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-12 19:39:58
How Many F-Bombs Deadpool Has In It image
Deadpool has an absurd amount of F-bombs in it. But not only did you already know that, you wouldn't want it any other way.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-12 19:21:49
Watch Robert Downey Jr. Make A Sick, Young Marvel Fan's Dream Come True image
Even when heís not playing Iron Man on the big screen, Robert Downey Jr. still plays superhero on occasion in real life. Most recently, the Marvel star helped make this young fanís dream come true.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-12 18:29:21
What Movies Does James Franco Regret Doing? image
Out of all of his earlier films, which ones do you think James Franco would have the worst problem with? After some recent remarks, we've got enough information to speculate the answer to that question - and speculate we will.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-12 06:02:04
Deadpool Opens To Red-Hot Numbers Overseas image
The hour of Deadpool is upon us, and if some of the first international numbers are any indication, there's no better time for everyone's favorite smart ass to shine.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-12 04:11:50
Hero Blend #84: Deadpool Reviewed (Spoiler Free Edition!) image
Once again starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, the film follows the mercenary as his life gets rocked by news of cancer in his liver, lungs, prostate and brain. Seeking a miracle cure so that his life can continue with his one true love, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), he enters a special program that promises to turn him into a superhero.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-12 00:35:02
6 Crazy Arrow Plotlines That Still Need To Be Resolved image
Now in its fourth season, Arrow has introduced an awful lot of plotlines in the past and in the present. Some of the most important plotlines are also ones that have yet to find closure. Check out our list of six crazy Arrow plots that still need to be resolved.
Superhero TV 2016-02-11 21:14:29
Deadpool Was Supposed To Have Way More Villains In It image
Between Ed Skreinís Ajax and Gina Caranoís Angel Dust, there is a formidable force facing Deadpool in his new movie, but there were actually early drafts of the scripts that had a larger crew of baddies.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-12 00:22:50
Why Gotham Chose Mr. Freeze As Its Next Big Villain image
The next major villain to enter the Gotham City limits will be Mr. Freeze, and according to the creative forces behind Gotham: his inclusion is an important, calculated decision.
Superhero TV 2016-02-11 23:12:37
Why Deadpool 2 Shouldn't Take Fantastic Four 2's Release Date image
Now that Fantastic Four 2 has had its summer 2017 release date taken away, does that mean Deadpool 2 might take that coveted spot? Not if the writers have their way.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-11 23:03:12
The 10 Best R-Rated Comic Book Movies Of All Time image
Donít ever let anyone tell you that comic books and comic book movies are solely for younger audiences. We've determined the 10 best R-rated comic book movies of all time.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-11 16:05:02
Why Arrow Moving Away From The Batman Universe Is Wise image
One key moment from last nightís Arrow will not only have lasting repercussions on the entire series, but is also a good step towards the show distancing itself from the world of Batman.
Superhero TV 2016-02-11 21:28:20
Watch Betty White's Deadpool Review, Which Is A NSFW Rave image
While reviews for Deadpool have been overwhelmingly positive thus far, it can be difficult to be sure the film will live up to your already high expectations. Let us provide for you the only review you need to hear about just how good Deadpool really is.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-11 19:37:48
How Arrow's Shocking Moment May Have Changed Things image
Last nightís Arrow episode saw a shocking moment happen with longtime player Malcolm Merlyn, and it may be setting up a major status quo change with the player towards the end of the season.
Superhero TV 2016-02-11 19:00:02
Deadpool Is Running Into Bans And Calls For Edits Overseas image
So, weíre not sure if youíve heard this, but Deadpool is pretty violent. Itís also got a pretty dirty mouth. Also sex, thereís sex too. Itís a movie for adults, and possibly youíre already stunted kids, is what weíre saying.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-11 17:28:34
Final Batman V Superman Trailer Is Action-Packed And Incredible, Watch It Now image
Opening this final Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer with an extended Batman action sequence was a brilliant and beautiful touch. In a lengthy montage, weíre able to see what a well-oiled machine this older, veteran Batman (Ben Affleck) is, and how well he works with his Alfred (Jeremy Irons).
Superhero Movie 2016-02-11 16:11:58
The Marvel Superhero Deadpool's Writers Really Wish They Could Use In Deadpool 2 image
While Deadpool hasnít even been released yet, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and excitement for the film is bubbling over among fans. A sequel is already on the way, so what's on the wishlist for the writers?
Superhero Movie 2016-02-11 15:09:36
Epic Batman V Superman Shot Shows The Reason Why Bruce Wayne Hates Superman image
The end of Man of Steel was not a good time to be in Metropolis. Buildings had a tendency to come crashing to the ground, and lots of them had people in them.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-11 14:39:10
Agent Carter's Hayley Atwell Just Landed Another Big TV Gig image
For many years, actress Hayley Atwell was a dependable name in the U.K., where she was born and raised. But it looks like the U.S. is trying to cement her presence in Hollywood, as the Agent Carter actress has signed on for a new show.
Superhero TV 2016-02-11 04:25:16
Arrow: How Pissing Off The Wrong Person Could Ruin Oliver's Life image
After the guest-star-palooza that took Season 4 in a few new directions last week with ďUnchained,Ē Arrow went for what felt like a throwback to Season 3 in ďSins of the Father." He ended up pulling a fantastic double-cross, but he may soon learn that double-crossing a double-crosser is a bad idea.
Superhero TV 2016-02-11 03:31:40
First Look At The Flash And Supergirl Crossover image
After months of slow-moving rumors about the possibility of The Flash and Supergirl crossing over, the epic superhero team-up was confirmed just last week. And now the heroes are already together.
Superhero TV 2016-02-11 01:59:34
Arrow Is Bringing Back Another Villain, Here's What We Know image
Arrow Season 4 has seen the crimefighting team dealing with a lot of new villains, but next month, fans will be reunited with this obsessive bad guy (or girl) from the Emerald Archer's past.
Superhero TV 2016-02-10 23:50:41
Will Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Have An Infinity Stone? Here's What James Gunn Says image
Four Infinity Stones have been seen in the MCU so far, leaving two to be introduced sometime before Avengers: Infinity War. Hereís what James Gun had to say about one of them being in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-10 22:06:16
How Deadpool Changed Negasonic Teenage Warhead, And Why It Was OK image
Part of the charm in director Tim Millerís Deadpool is the fact that it rights some previous wrongs by making certain characters much more like their comic book counterparts. Whatís notable, however, is that the film also simultaneously introduces a brand new mutant, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and completely changes her power set.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-10 22:44:38
Why Deadpool Is Exactly What The Superhero Genre Needs image
The proudly crude Deadpool is the jolt in the arm that the superhero genre didn't ask for but still needed, and we should all be grateful for it.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-10 17:58:39
The 10 Best Things About Earth 2 On The Flash image
The Flash has been one of the superhero series most successful at making the fantastical just plain fantastic, and rarely has it been more fun than with Barryís first visit to Earth 2. Here is a look at the ten best things about Earth 2 on The Flash.
Superhero TV 2016-02-10 19:05:53
How Ant-Man Co-Star Bobby Cannavale Annoyed The Hell Out Of His Director On The Set image
Bobby Cannavale's Ant-Man character Paxton was well-intentioned (if misguided), but behind the scenes, the actor was doing his best to annoy director Peyton Reed as much as possible.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-10 19:41:37
Deadpool Could Have A Boyfriend In The Future, According To Ryan Reynolds image
Ryan Reynolds won't step in the way of Deadpool having a boyfriend. In fact, he thinks this superhero is the perfect superhero to break down that boundary.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-10 19:25:56
Deadpool 2 Likely Will Include This Pivotal Comic Book Character image
Without seeing the first movie, itís hard to pinpoint where Deadpool 2 might go, but wherever the destination, apparently heíll be going there with this key X-Men character.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-10 18:08:38
Thor: Ragnarok May Kill Off A Key Character image
The deeper we dive into the Marvel Cinematic Universe the closer we come to one undeniable truth: people are going to start dying. While we donít know exactly when or how it will begin to happen itís a near certainty at this point.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-10 17:52:52
Wait, Did Ryan Reynolds Leak The Deadpool Footage Himself? image
After being stalled for the better part of a decade, Deadpool finally shifted into high gear after test footage of the movie leaked online a couple of years ago. The person responsible has never been found.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-10 14:41:19
The Flash: How Cisco's Earth 2 Trip Will Make Him More Powerful image
Barry and Cisco have finally traveled to Earth 2 with Wells. †And, we were treated to another cool doppelgšnger bad guy who has some awesome powers that we never thought we'd see from a certain character.
Superhero TV 2016-02-10 05:26:48
The 5 Most Effective Super Bowl Movie Ads, According To Social Media image
Out of all of the movie ads to run during Super Bowl 50, these five films were the most talked about throughout all of social media. Read on to meet your conquering heroes.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-10 02:55:59
The Awesome Way The Flash Just Teased The Supergirl Crossover image
Fans of The Flash knew that some big things were going to happen when Barry, Cisco and Wells took a trip to Earth 2, and tonightís episode definitely delivered some interesting visuals. But while some of them were expected, there was one that came completely as a surprise.
Superhero TV 2016-02-10 02:02:39
Deadpool 2 Is Already In The Works, Here's What We Know image
In case you hadn't noticed, Deadpool is getting quite a bit of buzz. Critics have been giving it positive reviews the last few days, raising its profile, and right now it looks like the comic book movie could make as much as $70 million in its first weekend. So you know what that means... it's sequel time!
Superhero Movie 2016-02-10 01:15:12
The Flash Is Bringing A Season 1 Villain Back, Get The Details image
The Flash has amassed an impressive gallery of rogues over the season and a half that has aired so far, ranging from metahumans with unbelievable powers to ordinary humans with extraordinary equipment. Season 2 will be bringing back one of the best rogues in an unexpected way.
Superhero TV 2016-02-09 23:11:06
Why Deadpool Decided To Ignore The X-Men Movie Timeline image
Tim Millerís Deadpool is definitely set within the universe created by the larger X-Men franchise, but it doesnít exactly pay a ton of attention to continuity.
Superhero TV 2016-02-09 21:54:15
Supergirl Is Starting To Show Positive Signs, Get The Details image
When Supergirl premiered this fall, there was a lot of hype surrounding the CBS drama. Not only was it a bigger budget TV project than weíd seen over at the CW, but it also had a female superheroine anchoring the show.
Superhero TV 2016-02-09 19:43:28
Someone Edited The Captain America: Civil War Trailers In Chronological Order And It's Awesome image
With two Captain America: Civil War previews now available, one fan has decided to edit them together so that we can see how the May blockbuster unfolds chronologically. Take a look!
Superhero Movie 2016-02-09 19:19:24
How Ryan Reynolds Really Felt About Filming Deadpool's Naked Fight Scene  image
Ryan Reynolds has admitted that he got overly-familiar with Ed Skrein while filming Deadpool's nude fight sequence.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-09 19:06:09
The X-Men Team Ryan Reynolds Wants To See On Screen Next image
Beyond more Deadpool adventures, thereís another faction of the X-Men universe that Ryan Reynolds would also like to finally see on the big screen.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-09 18:21:26
Deathstroke As A Future DC Films Villain? Here's What We Know image
Many fans have clamored for Deathstroke to return to Arrow, but it looks like DC has bigger and better plans for the iconic character.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-09 16:02:57
Look At The Damage Black Panther Did To Captain America's Shield image
We knew that the Black Panther, one of the newest members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was going to be a problem for Captain America and Bucky in this summerís Captain America: Civil War. What we couldnít guess was how dangerous a threat he actually would be.
Superhero Movie 2016-02-09 16:16:28
Supergirl's Shocking Moment Could Cause Big Problems Between Kara And Alex image
It was an episode that featured the first major appearance of Kal-El (as a pre-Superman) on Supergirl, but ďFor the Girl Who Has EverythingĒ was far more important for showcasing what could be the last appearance of another character. Spoilers await you.
Superhero TV 2016-02-09 05:23:49
Two Classic Deadpool Characters That Were Cut From The Script, And Why image
Unlike some other comic book movies, Tim Millerís Deadpool is a film that stays very close to the tone and look of its source material, and includes many of the great supporting characters that circulate in and out of the Merc With The Mouthís life.
Superhero TV 2016-02-09 00:58:09
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