If Ben Affleck Keeps His Batsuit, He'll Have To Forfeit A Stupid Amount Of Money  image
Like any other Batman fan, when Ben Affleck actually got his hands on his very own Batsuit he never wanted to let go. It just so happened, however, that Affleck’s Dark Knight attire had been assembled for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and when he asked Warner Bros how much it would cost him to take it home so that he could play Batman in the privacy of his backyard he was told it would cost him a hell of a lot of money.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-29 19:21:19
The Gotham Full Season Trailer Introduces Us To These Villains image
Fox’s comic book-inspired crime drama Gotham had quite a challenge when its pilot premiered last week, reintroducing characters that Batman fanatics are oh-so-familiar with while trying to disperse them into a fully realized fictional world. Those who were bothered by the endless line of future villain appearances aren’t going to be won over by the full season promo seen above, but the rest of us can cackle gloriously over our first looks at these murderous baddies.
Superhero TV 2014-09-29 18:28:11
6 Hilarious Batman Forever Stamps That Are Way Better Than The Post Office's image
Batman's 75th anniversary will be ushered in with the official unveiling of a Batman stamp collection, which will feature designs from DC's Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and the New 52 era.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-29 13:57:23
Will Someone Please Tell Jeremy Renner If He’s Actually In Captain America 3? image
Despite what internet reports have said, it looks like Hawkeye may not actually be locked in for Captain America 3 yet - and if he is, nobody has actually bothered to tell Jeremy Renner about it yet.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-29 16:24:38
Stan Lee May Be Secretly Playing The Same Marvel Character In Every Movie image
When you consider the high level of attention paid to continuity that exists in modern comic book movie franchises, the ubiquitous presence of Marvel co-founder Stan Lee produces an interesting puzzle. It’s weird enough that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has presented him as a World War II general, “Larry King,” a poison-soda drinker, a Xandarian Ladies' Man, and more - but it’s even more bizarre when you factor in his appearances in other franchises.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-29 13:25:09
This History Of Batman Theme Songs Medley Is An A+ image
Starting with Neal Hefti’s 1966 Batman Theme, before then moving onto Danny Elfman’s 1989 theme song for Tim Burton’s reboot and ultimately concluding with Hans Zimmer’s Like A Dog Chasing Cars from 2008’s The Dark Knight, The Piano Guys effortlessly meander to each era with ease, and any self-respecting Batman fan needs to devour this video instantly.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-29 09:37:29
See The World Turn On Superman In These New Batman V Superman Pictures!  image
New on-set photos have revealed that the world has turned on Superman at the beginning of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Pictures of protests have emerged from the filming of the super hero sequel, and various banners that declare “Super Death” and even feature swastikas were spotted.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-29 10:27:34
This Batman Burger From McDonald's Is Even More Epic Than You'd Guess  image
Hong Kong Mcdonald's locations have revealed a new Batman-themed value meal, featuring an exotic burger, cheese fries, and green apple iced tea in honor of The Justice League.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-29 05:16:18
Why X-Men Will Make Major Franchise Changes After Apocalypse image
Through X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past, the mutants known as Professor X (James McAvoy), Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Beast (Nicholas Hoult) have gone through a hell of a lot. Beginning in the early 1960s, they wound up right smack dab in the middle of not only a massive societal change, but also the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-28 19:38:31
This Probably Is How The Fantastic Four Will Get Their Powers In The Reboot image
Josh Trank's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot continues to be a complete mystery. With the film not out until August of next year, it may still be a little while before anything is officially confirmed, but for now we can subsist on the rumors that keep trickling in.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-28 18:52:08
Why Red Skull Wasn’t In Captain America 2 image
After seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier earlier this year, many fans found one question consistently on their minds: where is Red Skull? At the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, the villain was seen being sucked into space by the Tesseract, and in the time since we've received no clues in regards to his whereabouts.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-28 16:31:21
The Avengers 2 Trailer Could Be Attached To Interstellar image
Ever since The Avengers: Age Of Ultron wrapped production in August, everyone's been wondering when we'd see our first public look at the finished product. We're dying to see a glimpse at the movie we'll be lining up to see next summer, and now it looks like we may know when that's going to happen.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-28 14:21:41
Watch Saturday Night Live Ridicule Marvel's Extreme Arrogance  image
Marvel has experienced almost unparalleled success in the movie industry over the past half decade or so. At this point, the juggernaut isn’t losing any momentum either, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few warning signs: like arrogance. Marvel went from churning out movies about Iron Man and Captain America to trying to making billions off character most of us have never heard of.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-28 14:29:23
How Batman Is Responsible For Gone Girl's Sexiest, Scariest Scene image
When an audience member referred to Gone Girl star Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, the Oscar winner hung his head and smiled, to which Fincher joked, “And so, it begins.”
Superhero Movie 2014-09-27 09:21:05
Avengers 3 Should Absolutely Be Split Into Two Movies, And Here's Why image
There is a really, REALLY big rumor going around out there involving the fate of The Avengers 3, and its a rumor so good that it needs to be addressed. Here's why we think that The Avengers 3 should branch out into two films.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-26 20:29:15
5 Actors You Never Knew Voiced Rocket Raccoon image
This cut is packed with both faces and voices that you will recognize. It’s cool to realize that each of them got a look at Rocket and came up with a very different idea of what he sounds like, giving him very different accents and attitudes. The whole video is worth watching simply for comparison purposes.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-26 15:39:34
Director Terry Gilliam Thinks Superheroes Are Replacing Religion image
Terry Gilliam is revered in many circles of the filmmaking community thanks to his work with Monty Python and films like The Fisher King, 12 Monkeys and Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. To many, however, he’s more famous for being a strange guy and holding some eccentric views. Like this one.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-26 14:20:00
X-Men: Days Of Future Past Is Being Recut By Fox To Highlight One Character image
Anna Paquin’s Rogue scenes that were cruelly cut out of X-Men: Days Of Future Past will be edited back in for a special Rogue Cut of the film, which will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray next summer.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-25 19:25:33
The Deadpool Movie: What We Know So Far image
The good news is that retribution for X-Men Origins: Wolverine is on the way. After years of being stuck in development hell because of studio executives with no vision for the potential of comic book movies, Deadpool is actually moving forward. 20th Century Fox has officially announced that the movie will be released on February 12, 2016 – which means that production will start up within the next six months.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-25 12:11:44
How A Box Office Bomb Killed The Black Widow Movie image
Thanks to fun roles in Joss Whedon's The Avengers and Joe and Anthony Russo's Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Black Widow has been firmly and successfully centered as the female lead of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. But what you may not know is that there was actually a Black Widow movie in development long before Scarlett Johansson tried on her first pair of stingers... and it was killed by one of the uglier box office bombs of the last decade.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-25 16:38:03
Flash Is Getting A Gay Comic Book Character image
We've already heard about a number of various DC Comics characters who will be making appearances on the first season of the new Flash television show, from Heat Wave to Captain Cold to Firestorm, but now a new player has come along who actually has rather important role in the history in the medium. Hartley Rathaway a.k.a. Pied Piper, who was introduced as one of the first openly gay DC characters back in the mid-1980s, is reportedly going to be making his way to Central City sometime after the midseason break on the new series.
Superhero TV 2014-09-25 14:07:37
Hero Blend #35:  Deadpool Is Coming! Deadpool Is Coming! image
There exists and interesting similarity in the relationships between the comic book movie fans and the Deadpool movie, and Captain Ahab and Moby Dick. Lovers of the Merc With The Mouth have spent years and exhumed quite a bit of energy begging and waiting for the feature to actually happen, but it has long felt like a fruitless venture with no positive outcome in sight. But now everything is different. People: the Deadpool movie is actually happening!
Superhero Movie 2014-09-25 13:00:02
10 X-Men Characters Who Need To Show Up In X-Men: Apocalypse image
Moving the action to the 1980s allows X-Men: Apocalypse the chance to create fresh X-heroes and villains, and maybe to also breathe new life into beloved X-characters who got a shot at silver-screen stardom but felt a little shortchanged in the long run.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-25 09:50:00
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Here's How Ex-Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki Looks As A Different Superhero image
Now that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s second season is off and running, we are now back to having weekly looks and updates from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Superhero TV 2014-09-24 15:36:49
X-Men: Apocalypse Just Gave Us 2 Big Clues To Where The Franchise Is Going image
Now that director Bryan Singer is locked in for the duration of X-Men: Apocalypse, it looks like 20th Century Fox is starting up the promotional engines as early as today. Two new viral sites have appeared, and you should probably bookmark them for any updates as their initial content is pretty big.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-24 09:59:15
Arrow And The Flash Are Showing Off Some Suited-Up Leg On Set For A Big Crossover  image
Is it October yet? Unfortunately, for those of us who are eagerly awaiting the return of Arrow and the arrival of The Flash, it isn't. But Stephen Amell was kind enough to share this excellently leggy tease of the planned crossover episode(s) of Arrow and The Flash:
Superhero TV 2014-09-24 12:13:18
X-Men: Apocalypse Might Recast These 3 Roles image
Simon Kinberg recognizes that using those fan-favorite characters in X-Men: Apocalypse would require recasting. "If we are to use them," he elaborates. It was even suggested a few days ago that recasting is exactly what might take place.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-24 10:40:22
Watch Every Version Of Batman's Parents Dying In This Tragic Supercut image
Every time we hear there's a new version of the Batman mythos coming down the pike, there's one question that weighs on everyone's minds: "Does this mean we need to see Bruce Wayne's parents die again?" It's a valid question, as there have been countless origin stories for the Caped Crusader, and an almost equal amount of re-enactments of the moment Bruce Wayne swore his life to vengeance against the criminal scum of Gotham City.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-23 19:15:50
Supergirl Is Going To Be Changed In These Specific Ways image
In the comics, the reason Supergirl is named Supergirl is because she was only a teenager when she met and trained with Superman to hone her special powers given to her by Earth’s yellow sun. Basically, her title is meant to be an indication of her young age (and, of course, to differentiate her from any characters named “Superwoman”).
Superhero TV 2014-09-23 18:11:15
Why Jeremy Renner Doesn’t Think Hawkeye Deserves His Own Movie image
As things stand in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye is easily identifiable as the most under utilized character. ] The good news is that Marvel is aiming to correct this course in the upcoming The Avengers: Age of Ultron - but if you're anticipating a Hawkeye solo movie at any point, you probably shouldn't hold your breath.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-23 17:02:43
The Flash Is Getting More Episodes Than We Thought image
The CW has decided to jump the gun with a couple of its most highly anticipated dramas. This week, the network announced it has ordered additional scripts for the upcoming shows The Flash and Jane the Virgin. While a lot of first season shows are picked up for a short episode count, eventually receiving the back nine order, these script pick-ups seem to show The CW feels confident about the programs before they have even aired.
Superhero TV 2014-09-23 14:51:28
Why The Deadpool Movie Could Be Rated R After All image
Because the matter of a Deadpool movie rating seemed very important to fans, we went right to the source. In our exclusive interview with Rob Liefeld, I asked him if the movie – as far as he knows – will be PG-13, and if the rating concerned him. Here's what he said.
Superhero TV 2014-09-23 09:36:55
5 Big Reasons Gotham Could Turn Into One Of TV's Best Shows image
As it goes with most pilots, our first look at Gotham isn’t perfect, but it’s a startlingly effective and refreshing trip into a world that we’ve already experienced a million times before. Is it the best show on TV? Not yet, but here are five reasons why we might change our minds about that in the future.
Superhero TV 2014-09-22 17:42:54
This Spider-Man Side Character Could Be Very Important Moving Forward image
This past summer we saw Sony enter the female-led superhero game, announcing a female-led Amazing Spider-Man-related feature for 2017, but it's still not clear exactly where they're planning on going with it. Today, however, arrives some evidence suggesting a direction that they may wind up taking.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-22 17:20:31
Doctor Strange’s Cloak Will Almost Certainly Play A Key Role In Doctor Strange image
The Incredibles' Edna Mode certainly had a chip on her shoulder about superheroes wearing capes, but she never said anything about cloaks - and nobody rocks a cloak quite like Doctor Strange. The Master of the Mystic Arts' look just isn't complete without his high-collared garment, which not only has the benefit of looking badass but also gives the hero the ability to levitate.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-22 16:20:10
Bryan Singer Will Definitely Direct X-Men: Apocalypse Despite Legal Problems image
When it comes to making X-Men movies, nobody on Earth has the clout of Bryan Singer. He was the man put in charge of the direction of the franchise when it began all the way back in 2000; he made one of the best comic book movies of all time when he made X2: X-Men United in 2003; and earlier this year he introduced the series to its biggest critical and box office success yet with X-Men: Days of Future Past.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-22 14:01:30
Here’s What Aquaman Is Going To Look Like In Batman v Superman image
The first description of what Aquaman will look like in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has been released, even though no-one at Warner Bros or Jason Momoa, the actor who has been heavily linked with portraying the nautical superhero, has confirmed that the character is actually in the blockbuster! Meanwhile it has also been teased that Aquaman actually made his debut during one of Man Of Steel’s earliest scenes, and evidence suggests that this could be true.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-19 18:00:50
The Wire's Omar Was Once Cast In A Marvel Movie, Here's What Happened image
Michael K. Williams was too big a name to be casually popping up as a featured extra. So how did this happen? Turns out, Williams had a major moment with the titular superhero that was nearly completely cut from the film.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-22 12:01:16
X-Men: Apocalypse Will Probably Change Course With These Main Characters image
Back in 2011, the X-Men franchise managed to pull off something kind of incredible. After spending years of establishing actors like Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Rebecca Romijn as cinematic versions of Professor X, Magneto and Mystique, the series completely changed things up with the prequel X-Men: First Class. Now, three years later, the comic book movie franchise is ready to do a bit of recasting once again, although this time it will be with the characters like Jean Grey, Storm, Cyclops.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-22 13:14:29
One Of Hollywood's Best Actors Is Campaigning To Play Black Panther image
The time is right for actors looking to make their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to speak up if interested. And first to say it loud and proud is Michael K. Williams of The Wire and Board Walk Empire.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-22 11:28:11
The Deadpool Movie Will Probably Feature Some Of Your Favorite X-Men Characters image
Wade Winston Wilson often plays in the same sandboxes as the X-Men characters, and that trend could continue when the anti-hero makes his way to the big screen in 2016.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-22 11:53:35
Ultron Will Be A Lot More Physically Imposing Than We Thought image
James Spader appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and revealed just how massive Ultron will be in the new Avengers movie due out next summer. Cap and the team better start hitting the weights...
Superhero Movie 2014-09-22 09:07:35
Monday Movie Memo: What Batman V Superman Needs To Share With Us Next image
The ball is in your court now, Mr. Snyder. What are you planning to share next? Listen to our Monday Movie Memo, perhaps. Take a few of our suggestions. Let’s keep this game going, gentlemen.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-22 09:03:47
How The Leaked Deadpool Footage Changed The Superhero's Fate image
In an exclusive interview, Liefeld referred to that leaked footage – and the positive response to it from fans – as the “last and most important piece” to the Deadpool puzzle.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-22 07:50:29
Nic Cage Snuck Off The Ghost Rider Set To Sleep In The Scariest Place Possible image
Elba shared a story from the set of 2011's Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, in which he appeared opposite the one and only Nic Cage. It turns out the premise of many a hackneyed sitcom is just how Cage lives his life:
Superhero Movie 2014-09-22 04:31:03
Deadpool’s Rating Probably Won’t Please Very Many Fans image
As excited as we were last week about the news that the Deadpool movie had finally gotten a release date, we sadly didn't realize the potential drawbacks of the project actually moving forward. Basically, fans may have just made a deal with the devil.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-21 20:54:02
3 Big Reasons Marvel Will Probably Kill Off Loki image
Of course, nothing has been made official by Marvel or Tom Hiddleston (do you expect them to give away the death of a big character?), but we’ve been staring into our Crystal Ball of Speculation and have put together some pieces suggesting that Loki’s days on the big screen may be numbered. What could seal his fate? Read on to find out.
Superhero Movie 2014-09-21 17:53:28
Gotham Review: Beautiful Superhero Origin Is Too Busy But Very Promising image
Fox is one of several networks entering the small-screen superhero fray this fall but their comic-book adaptation stands apart from the rest by shifting the focus onto the supporting cast. Bruce Wayne's tragic beginning is only the catalyst for Gotham to show how the DC Comics' city known for criminality got its start. As for the show's beginnings, the series premiere is a lot like Two-Face; it's half-good and half-bad.
Superhero TV 2014-09-21 10:37:27
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D Assemble On A Bright Red Season 2 Poster image
ABC has released a new poster for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The Marvel drama returns to TV for its second season in a matter of days. (Spoilers if you're not caught up on Season 1!) Let's take a look at this poster...
Superhero TV 2014-09-19 18:36:18
Watch James Gordon Meet Bruce Wayne For The First Time In This Tearful Gotham Clip image
A recent batch of clips has popped up, and the video seen above features one of the most important moments in comic history, as Gotham City detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) meets a young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) for the first time, cementing a lifelong semi-partnership in the name of justice.
Superhero TV 2014-09-19 17:27:02
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