One Big Change X-23 Made From Script To Screen In Logan

The initial depiction of X-23 in Logan was considerably different from the one seen in the final cut of the film. Here's how she would've originally been portrayed.

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Watch Deadpool Show Up In This Very Honest Logan Trailer

As critically acclaimed as it is, even Logan's not safe from getting an Honest Trailer, one so big that even Deadpool showed up.

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The Best Way That Arrow's Season Finale Could Possibly End

We've gone through the details, and it's clear that there's only one satisfying way for Arrow's fifth season to come to an end.

The Flash And Savitar Are Facing Off In A Different Way In New Finale Footage

Barry and Savitar are finally facing off in tonight's finale for The Flash, although perhaps in a different way than we expected. See the clip inside.

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Why Logan Cut A Major Death Scene

Logan originally included a major death scene, but James Mangold ultimately opted to leave it on the cutting room floor. Here's why the director made that decision.

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DC Super Hero Girls Is Finally Getting A Full-Length TV Show

Ready for more DC Comics superheroes on your TV? They're coming for DC Super Hero Girls, and they're bringing their backpacks with them.

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Supergirl's Finale Referenced Four Huge Comic Villains, But Who's Coming To Season 3?

Season 2 of Supergirl came to an exciting end, and not without teasing some huge DC Comics villains who could pop up in Season 3. Check 'em out!

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Two Things Hugh Jackman Couldn’t Figure Out How To Fit Into The Wolverine Movies

Despite accomplishing so much as Wolverine over nearly 20 years, there were two things in particular that Hugh Jackman never got around to doing in the clawed mutant's movies.

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Why Joss Whedon Is The Perfect Choice for Justice League

Joss Whedon has taken over for Zack Snyder on overseeing Justice League. While the circumstances for his involvement are less than ideal, Whedon is the perfect person to take over. Here's why.

Watch Supergirl Bring A Little Wonder Woman To DC TV In This Awesome Extended Video

Wonder Woman will hit theaters in only a couple more weeks, and a new video that has never been seen fully on TV features the ladies of Supergirl bringing a little Wonder Woman to the small screen. Check it out!

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The Flash Season 4 Is Making A Big Change Behind The Scenes

Although The Flash is currently gearing up for its big Season 3 finale, we just learned of a major change behind the scenes that will affect Season 4.

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Zack Snyder Is Stepping Away From Justice League Following Family Tragedy

Director Zack Snyder is stepping away from Justice League following a tragedy in his family. Get the details ahead.

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All Of The Silly, Excellent Posters From Nathan Fillion's Cut Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Cameo

You can finally see all of Nathan Fillion's cut movie posters from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!

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Why Justice League Reshoots Haven't Happened Yet, According To The Producer

Following the rumors of Justice League going through massive reshoots being debunked, producer Charles Roven has set the record straight on why the DC movie isn't filming extra material right now.

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The Only Way The Flash Should Defeat Savitar In The Season Finale

After a long and winding Season 3, Barry can easily defeat Savitar in tomorrow's finale for The Flash with one bold move. Here's how.

When DC’s Cyborg Movie Likely Will Hit Theaters

DC Extended Universe star Ray Fisher has provided an update on when we can expect to see the Cyborg movie in theaters.

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Avengers: Infinity War Will Be Adding A Big New Character, According To Stan Lee

Stan Lee is hinting at some major developments for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in The Avengers: Infinity War.

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What Hellboy 3 Would Have Been About, According To Ron Perlman

Fan's of Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy movies were sad to hear that another Hellboy movie was on the horizon because it's a reboot and not the much desired Hellboy 3.

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Supergirl Star Katie McGrath Really Wants Jason Momoa To Guest Star

Katie McGrath joined the cast of Supergirl in Season 2, and she recently revealed to CinemaBlend the big DC Comics actor she'd like to drop by. Her reasons are pretty fabulous.

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How The Defenders Is Like The Hangover, According To Mike Colter

You wouldn't think to compare Marvel's The Defenders to the R-rated drinking comedyThe Hangover, but apparently, the two are more alike than we all realized. Here's why Mike Colter thinks they're similar.

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