Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Dominates At Razzies 2017
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a divisive film from the moment that first showing in theaters ended and now the movie will have an unfortunate reputation for "winning" big at the 2017 Razzies.
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Looks Like Another Guardians of the Galaxy Character Will Be In Infinity War
The lineup for Avengers: Infinity War has only continued to grow over the past few months, and now it appears that yet another Guardians of the Galaxy character is set to appear in the massive team up film.
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One TV Star Wants To Play Nightwing In The DCEU, And He’s Perfect
Basically everyone on the internet has recommended their favorite actor for Dick Grayson. And now one TV star has officially put his name into the equation.
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Why Magneto Isn’t In Logan, According To Ian McKellen
It's tough to think of an X-Men film without Magneto, but the master of magnetism is nowhere to be found in Logan. Hear from Ian McKellen himself as to why he isn't in the latest X-Men movie.
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Could Russell Crowe Play Cable In Deadpool 2? Here’s What He Said
It's Cable Casting Rumor Time! Russel Crowe is the latest actor to have his name thrown in the Cable hat and this is what the actor said about his interest in taking on the time traveling mutant in Deadpool 2.
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The New X-Men Universe Teams We Could See In The Movies, According To Simon Kinberg
The X-Men franchise has entered a new era, and there are already ideas about some of the new teams that could be introduced.
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The LEGO Batman Movie’s End Credits Sequence Is Online, And It’ll Make You Want To Dance
The LEGO Movie had "Everything is Awesome," and now The LEGO Batman Movie has "Friends are Family," a real infectious toe-tapper if there ever was one. Check out the ending song and video from the hit animated film.
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One Big Lesson Fox Learned From Fantastic Four, According To Simon Kinberg
Simon Kinberg is well aware that they're very much in last chance saloon with the Fantastic Four franchise.
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The Perfect Reason Patrick Stewart Won't Play Professor X In Any More X-Men Movies
Patrick Stewart has announced that Logan will be his last time playing Professor X, and he's also given the reason why he's departing.
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A Surprising Connection Between Logan And X-Men: Apocalypse Has Been Revealed
The following contains light spoilers for Logan. It doesn't give much away, but you might want to avoid reading them, so we have included this warning.
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The Flash Creator's Black Lightning Show Has Found Its Lead
A brand new kind of superhero show is coming to The CW, and we now know who will play the leading man on Black Lightning.
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Is Beast Appearing In The Next X-Men Movie? Here's What Nicholas Hoult Says
Nicholas Hoult has starred as Beast since X-Men: First Class, and has been one of the key blue and furry players in the new series of X-Men films. Here's what Hoult had to say about his future with the X-Men franchise.
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The Logan Soundtrack Has Revealed A Major Spoiler, So Beware
It's getting harder and harder for those who haven't seen the movie to avoid spoilers on the film. One such major spoiler broke. We have it inside. If you want to know, read on. If you don't, then leave. You have been warned!
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Why A Nightwing Movie Is Exactly What DC Needs Right Now
There has never been a better time to announce the upcoming Nightwing movie. Here's why it's a perfect project at this stage of the DCEU.
When Channing Tatum's Gambit Movie Expects To Start Filming
As Logan nears theaters, X-Men fans may be wondering what's going on with the announced but delayed Gambit movie. Well, it sounds like it has a time frame in mind.
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Is Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Bringing Another Fan Favorite Character Back In Season 4?
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. burst the door wide open for old characters to return thanks to its all-new storyline, so who else can we expect to return for the back end of Season 4? Here's a possible clue.
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5 Batman Questions That Are Bugging Us About The DCEU
The Batman mythos is officially back on track in the DCEU, but we still have a few pressing questions that demand answers.
The Message Ben Affleck Sent To New Batman Director Matt Reeves
As far as Ben Affleck is concerned, he's not leaving the ranks of The Batman any time soon. At least, he seems to be signaling that prospect really hard, as you'll see in the latest news we've picked up on inside.
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A New Flash Speedster Is Coming To Next Week's Episode
The Flash is bringing in a brand new speedster for the next episode, and he has some pretty intriguing differences from all the other speedsters currently zipping around Central City. Take a look!
Superhero TV
Funny Logan Video Reminds Us Just How Strong Adamantium Is
A new video to promote the upcoming release of Logan shows off the full strength of adamantium in a funny way.
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