When Stepehn Amell's WWE Raw Appearance Is Happening image
The WWE has never been a stranger to cross-promotions and oddball pairings, and they’ve got a potential doozy coming up now that Arrow star Stephen Amell has confirmed he will soon address his ongoing feud with Cory “Stardust” Rhodes on Raw.
Superhero TV 2015-08-04 16:08:18
Fantastic Four's Producer Admits Production Was Rough, Claims Film Is Not A Disaster image
Fantastic Four has been at the center of a storm of rumors, but on the eve of release, producer Simon Kinberg has stepped forward to defend the film and claims it's not a disaster.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-04 16:06:08
Extended Fantastic Four Preview Comes With Bonus Deadpool Jokes image
Fantastic Four hits theaters this Friday, which means it’s time for one last preview. Twentieth Century Fox released an extended look at their latest superhero film that runs just under four minutes.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-04 13:48:49
Supergirl Just Found Its Lucy Lane image
Just a couple of weeks ago, we found out that Supergirl had big plans to include Lucy Lane in the upcoming drama series. Lucy’s sort-of close to the same age as Kara Zor-El, although the casting announcement said they would be happy to look for someone in their early thirties. Today, they've found an actress in the right age range to play the role.
Superhero TV 2015-08-04 03:22:04
Tyrese Gibson Isn't The Only Actor Campaigning To Play Green Lantern image
Tyrese Gibson has been the opposite of shy when it comes to letting people know that he wants to play the John Stewart version of Green Lantern in the upcoming DC comics movies. Up until now he was really the only one making any noise about his desire to play the role. However, somebody else just threw their Lantern in the ring in a big way.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-04 00:15:05
Expect Deadpool To Be Edgy In Its Marketing, If The Conan Trailer Is Any Indication image
Considering how many comic book movies are set to come out over the next few years, each title is going to have to find some way to stand out. For Deadpool, that special factor happens to be the fact that the movie will be carrying a hard R-rating - and Fox is doing what they can to make sure you know it.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-04 01:10:19
Why Can't Anyone Figure Out If Hulk Is In Captain America 3? image
There have been conflicting reports for months about whether fans will see Mark Ruffalo reprise Bruce Banner, a.k.a. The Hulk, for Captain America: Civil War, but now new information has leaked that may lend credence to an appearance.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-03 22:31:35
How Spider-Man Will Apparently Alter The Tone Of Captain America 3 image
We know that Spider-Man will make an appearance in Captain America: Civil War but we also know he won’t have the sort of role that Spider-Man had in the comic book version of the same story. So what will Spider-Man be doing?
Superhero Movie 2015-08-03 22:22:03
See The X-Men Visual Effects Team Turn Fake Sand And Rock Into Egypt image
A big part of the reason why superheroes movies are so successful now is because technology in Hollywood has gotten to a point where visual wonders from comics can be recreated in a moment with the help of a computer.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-03 22:03:33
Watch Star-Lord's Origin Story In The Guardians Of The Galaxy Animated Series image
We finally know what happened directly after Peter Quill was captured by aliens thanks to new scenes from the Disney XD Guardians of the Galaxy animated series. Check them out!
Superhero TV 2015-08-03 21:09:51
Legends Of Tomorrow: The CW Series Has Finally Found Its Hawkman image
As the upcoming super-spinoff Legends of Tomorrow gets closer to making its way to our eyeballs, we’re finding out more about the many characters that will populate its shared universe. We now know who will be don Hawkman’s giant pair of wings for The CW’s trio of superhero shows.
Superhero TV 2015-08-03 20:12:19
The Current X-Men Franchise May Go On A Lot Longer Than We Thought, Get The Details image
The future of the core X-Men movies seem to be in flux. However, the latest report states that both Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy have signed on for more movies.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-03 17:39:53
Black Panther May Have A Fascinating New Directing Candidate image
Selma’s Ava DuVernay may have passed on directing Black Panther, but now there’s a new candidate that may be in the running to helm the King of Wakanda's first solo adventure.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-03 19:20:46
What We Missed When George Miller's Justice League Movie Was Cancelled image
According to one of the actors attached to the scrapped Justice League: Mortal, fans missed out on an impressive cinematic spectacle under the watchful eye of director George Miller.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-03 17:48:54
The 5 Most Hated Avengers, According To Twitter Users image
Using what they call Sentiment Analysis, they looked at the content of the Tweets to determine if heroes were liked or loathed. For example, the data showed that not a lot of people Tweeted about Quicksilver from The Avengers: Age of Ultron. But those who DID Tweet about him said nice things!
Superhero Movie 2015-08-03 18:08:03
Firefighters Created A Badass Fantastic Four Human Torch, Watch Him Fly  image
Fantastic Four opens in theaters on August 7. You will believe that a man covered in flames can fly.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-03 16:47:33
The Trailer For The Deadpool Trailer Is Obscene And Hilarious image
This clip primarily is the footage that 20th Century Fox used to open the Deadpool portion of the San Diego Comic-Con panel. Only, instead of talk of the trailer dropping, in the moments after the pipe falls out of Ryan Reynolds’ mouth, it was (if I remember correctly), a toss to an introduction of the cast.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-03 15:21:48
What Guardians Of The Galaxy's Ending And The Comics Tell Us About Star-Lord's Father image
When it was released last summer, James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy filled us with a lot of emotions. Certainly chief among them was exhilaration, as the movie is incredibly action-packed and fun, but audiences also got doses of empathy/heartbreak (especially during the sequences with Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill and his mother), and even a bit of perplexity.
Superhero Movie 2015-07-30 19:02:53
This Rotten Week: Predicting Fantastic Four, The Gift, Ricki And The Flash Reviews, And More image
While most weeks this summer have featured just one or two wide releases arriving in theaters, that’s not the case this time, as we have a big slate of movies hitting the screen this week.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-02 15:00:47
Justice League Game Gets Thumbs Up From Batman Voice Actor image
There's been some speculation that Batman: Arkham Knight developer Rocksteady Studios will make a Justice League game next. If they do, long-time Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy says he's in.
Superhero Game 2015-08-02 19:17:00
See Olivia Munn Show Off Her Kickass Psylocke Fighting Skills image
You’re all on notice. Don’t mess with Psylocke. Olivia Munn will be playing the mutant in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. Psylocke is also a trained martial artist and we’ve got an inside look at the skills Munn is acquiring to do the role justice.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-02 18:07:00
How Jake Gyllenhaal Feels About Losing Out On Batman And Spider-Man Roles image
The casting process for films is often more art than science. Jake Gyllenhaal has, at various times, been considered for the roles of both Batman and Spider-Man and, while he ended up not getting either big role, his feels are understandable.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-02 15:01:58
Read James Gunn's Touching, Heartfelt Letter To Guardians Of The Galaxy Fans image
Today marks the one year anniversary of the release of Marvel’s unexpected hit Guardians of the Galaxy. To mark the occasion, James Gunn wrote a touching letter to his fans, and it’s truly something of beauty. Get your tissues ready, this is definitely a tearjerker.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-01 20:59:17
Channing Tatum Officially Closes Deal As Gambit image
For the last couple of years Tatum has been pushing hard to make a Gambit movie happen, with himself in the role of the cajun mutant. Then, this past week there was a media explosion over reports that he was on his way off the project.
Superhero Movie 2015-08-01 18:55:55
Luke Cage May Feature This Crazy Villain First image
With Netflix’s plan to release a new Marvel series every six months they’ll need to get the next one into production soon if they don’t want to miss the mark. Luke Cage may be getting closer to as rumors are now swirling about a new villain who will be part of the series.
Superhero TV 2015-08-01 15:27:20
Miles Teller: 8 Things You Should Know About The Fantastic Four Star image
Now as Miles Teller is going to break into the bigger franchise market, as he takes lead as Reed Richards a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic in the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four, his name is starting to hold serious weight, and if you don’t know him quite that well yet, here are 8 things you need to know about Miles Teller.
Superhero News 2015-08-01 00:06:13
Who Scoot McNairy Is Probably Playing In Batman V Superman image
The latest bit of character information for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may have identified the mysterious role that Halt and Catch Fire star Scoot McNairy has been attached to for almost a year.
Superhero Movie 2015-07-31 21:16:07
X-Men: Apocalypse Is Definitely Giving Us Archangel, Take A Peek Here image
There has been speculation about whether Ben Hardy’s Angel will become Archangel in X-Men: Apocalypse, and now it’s been confirmed he will indeed rock the moniker
Superhero Movie 2015-07-31 19:44:13
How The Spider-Man Writers Are Covering Their Bases In The Marvel Universe image
John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have time to develop the new world of this classic character. They also will want the feedback of director Jon Watts, who was hired to shepherd this vision. Marvel’s first Spider-Man movie won’t hit theaters until July 28, 2017.
Superhero Movie 2015-07-31 20:10:10
Arrow Season 4 Just Signed On Oliver's New Nemesis image
Arrow appears to be heading into its fourth season with an ever-growing rogues gallery. The superhero series can now add actor, Ryan Robbins to that list. A veteran of several genre fan favorites, Robbins has been tapped to portray a nemesis who retroactively torments Oliver Queen in the flashback sequences.
Superhero TV 2015-07-31 19:37:38
Chris Pratt Asked Fans For Photoshop Submissions, The Results Are Hysterical image
Last night, Chris Pratt reached out to his fans in the form of a Facebook status, to ask for their help in making the best FB header around. And boy did they deliver.
Superhero News 2015-07-31 19:10:43
Daredevil And Jessica Jones: How Much Crossover To Expect image
There hasn’t been any mention of major crossovers between Jessica Jones and Daredevil. However, now we can expect an appearance from a key character from the Man Without Fear’s supporting cast to appear on Marvel’s next Netflix show.
Superhero TV 2015-07-31 17:58:56
Senior Citizens Watch The Batman V Superman Trailer, Are Adorably Baffled  image
Even the elderly can't wait for Batman v Superman!
Superhero Movie 2015-07-31 15:29:52
Where And When The Deadpool Redband Trailer Will Finally Air image
The most important thing to convey in the first-look Deadpool footage will be the character’s sense of humor, so mark Tuesday on your calendar, Deadpool fans, and get ready to analyze some (hopefully) incredible imagery.
Superhero Movie 2015-07-31 15:40:04
How Justice League Influenced The New Batman And All Of His Wonderful Toys image
Batman's visual style for the rest of the DC universe is being determined as we speak, and we've got some news on just how important the look of the Dark Knight will be to future DC films.
Superhero Movie 2015-07-31 05:17:00
Hero Blend #68: 10 Things You Need To Know About The Fantastic Four image
Now, however, we are about to see a brand new big screen version of the classic superhero group, so now is as good a time as any to learn about the history of the franchise.
Superhero Movie 2015-07-31 06:02:35
Why It's Better Nic Cage's Superman Movie Didn’t Happen, According To Nic Cage image
Long before Bryan Singer made Superman Returns, it was going to be Tim Burton who brought the Man of Steel back to the big screen, the director signing Nicolas Cage to star in Superman Lives. That project wound up not getting made due to multiple factors, but it turns out that Cage actually doesn't have a problem with that.
Superhero Movie 2015-07-31 00:03:33
What Wolverine's Last Movie Should Be About, According To Ryan Reynolds image
Hugh Jackman’s query on what should be in Wolverine 3 received waves of suggestions across social media, but Ryan Reynolds also threw his two cents in, and it involves his own character, Deadpool.
Superhero Movie 2015-07-30 23:05:19
Every Marvel Movie Through Phase 2, Ranked image
After sending around a poll to all the writers and staff here at Cinema Blend, we’ve crunched the numbers and created our Top 12 rankings for the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. What’s the order, you ask? Read on to find out!
Superhero Movie 2015-07-30 22:12:53
The New Spider-Man May Include Billy Zane, More Blasts From The Past image
So far only Tom Holland and Marisa Tomei have been announced to appear in the Spider-Man reboot, but now there’s a list making its way around the Internet that may hint at actors joining them.
Superhero Movie 2015-07-30 21:15:46
Who Jena Malone Is Probably Playing In Batman v Superman image
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is keeping Jena Malone's role a closely guarded secret, but a new report may shed some light on the matter, and it's not what we've heard up to now.
Superhero Movie 2015-07-30 21:57:47
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Found Coulson's Nemesis image
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. may not have the highest ratings on ABC, but a long time ago it convinced us that it was a series ready to tackle bold and intricate storylines and bring us characters with complex professional lives. This season, lead Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) is getting a nemesis who should shake things up a bit.
Superhero TV 2015-07-30 19:57:07
Batman Begins Ended With A Specific Image For This Reason image
As with any making of any film, a lot of time went into making Batman Begins a unique product both in front of the camera and in post-production, including one decision that might not seem like a big deal at first glance.
Superhero Movie 2015-07-30 18:05:57
The Reason Stephen Amell's Arrow Doesn't Have A Goatee image
Despite Oliver Queen finally becoming Green Arrow for Arrow Season 4, there’s one classic feature that the TV show’s Emerald Archer won’t share with his comic book counterpart: the goatee. And actor Stephen Amell has a good explanation.
Superhero TV 2015-07-30 19:27:59
How The Dark Knight Influenced Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible 5  image
Heath Ledger's Joker helped a lot with Rogue Nation's villain.
Superhero Movie 2015-07-30 16:34:39
How Often Netflix Will Release A New Marvel Show image
Netflix doesn’t seem like it can do much wrong, and o extremely high point has been Daredevil, which ramped up fans’ expectations for the rest of the upcoming Marvel shows. Thankfully, the powers that be won’t make audiences wait quite as long as we originally thought.
Superhero TV 2015-07-30 16:56:06
Bryan Singer On The Inspiration For Apocalypse's Villain Design image
X-Men: Apocalypse certainly took on quite the challenge when tackling its titular antagonist. While the comic book designs seemed unfeasible to adapt in a live-action capacity, director Bryan Singer reveals the mindset behind the character’s rather peculiar look in the film.
Superhero Movie 2015-07-30 16:19:48
Every Change X-Men: Days Of Future Past's Movie Made To The Comic image
Superhero movies always have some underlying comic book from which the filmmakers are pulling their material. For Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past it was the two-issue story of the same name from Uncanny X-Men published in 1981. If you were wondering if it’s a faithful adaptation, there are only general similarities between the page and the screen.
Superhero Movie 2015-07-30 14:05:27
Could Green Arrow Weapon Clans End Up On Arrow? Here's What The Producer Says image
With Arrow’s fourth season only a few months away, fans have been getting a steady stream of character announcements for the show’s next batch of episodes, and now Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim just revealed whether or not we'd see a group from the recent years of the comics: the Weapon Clans.
Superhero TV 2015-07-29 22:23:24
Why Superman Radically Affects Batman In Dawn Of Justice image
Ben Affleck's take on Batman in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is expected to be unlike any version of the Dark Knight we've seen on the big screen before - and it's not just because when we meet him he will have been playing superhero for more than 20 years.
Superhero Movie 2015-07-29 20:52:45
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