New Black Panther Video Highlights The Dora Milaje

Learn about the Dora Milaje, the all-female protectors of Wakanda, in this new video for Black Panther.

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Wait, The Batman Might Not Be Set In The DCEU After All?

In yet another bizarre development, it looks like Matt Reeves' solo Batman movie might not actually be set in the DCEU continuity after all. Here's what we know.

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Where Ben Affleck Might Make His Final Batman Appearances

With Ben Affleck reportedly planning his exit from the DCEU, we may have an idea of where his last bow will be.

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What Chris Evans Thinks Of Captain America’s Beard In Infinity War

In addition to juggling the myriad characters, The Russo Brothers are also diving into new territory in regards to Captain America's appearance.

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Why Guardians of the Galaxy Might Not Have Happened With X-Men In The MCU, According To James Gunn

James Gunn has given his thoughts on why Guardians of the Galaxy probably would't have happened if the X-Men were at home with Marvel from the start.

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Shazam Has Finally Set Its Release Date

Warner Bros has finally confirmed when we can see Shazam in theaters.

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One Reason David Harbour Found Filming Hellboy To Be Super Difficult

Hellboy star David Harbour recently opened up and explained the most challenging aspect of performing in Neil Marshall's reboot.

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The Russos Celebrated Wrapping Avengers 4 With An Amazing Cake

That's right folks, Avengers 4 is wrapped. The crew celebrated finishing the epic with an appropriately incredible cake.

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What The Crime Stripes In Guardians Of The Galaxy Actually Meant

It turns out that in the Kyln prison in Guardians of the Galaxy, you never really need to ask 'What are you in for?'

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What The Cyborg Solo Movie Will Focus On

We still know very little information about the Cyborg solo movie, but now it looks like we may at least know what the film's story could focus on.

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How Ryan Reynolds Celebrated Deadpool 2 Being Released Earlier

Deadpool 2 will officially debut two weeks earlier than expected, and Ryan Reynolds celebrated the shift in release date in a way that's pure Deadpool.

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Why The New Mutants May Have Actually Been Delayed

Earlier today, it was announced that The New Mutants is being delayed almost a year, and now we may know the actual reason it's being held for a 2019 release.

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9 Big Things We Want To See From The X-Men Franchise In 2018

With the arrival of 2018 we are now entering the 18th year of existence for the big screen X-Men franchise -- and boy, has it changed a lot over the years.

More Evidence Avengers 4 Might Be Using Time Travel

Recent Avengers 4 updates have suggested that the movie may incorporate time travel, and now there's more proof to support that idea.

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Gambit Has A Lot Going For It, So Why Can't It Get Made?

With the announcement that Gore Verbinski has dropped out of Gambit, it once again raises a question that we have consistently faced in recent years: why can't the Gambit movie get made?

We Finally Know What Venom Will Be About

We finally have some story details to work off of concerning the Venom movie.

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Apparently, Ant-Man Had A Cool Easter Egg For The Character's Creator

Two years later we are still discovering tiny details in Marvel's tiniest film.

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First Venom Image Gives Us A Good Look At Reporter Eddie Brock

It's been a long time coming but we finally have our first look at Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock from Sony's upcoming Venom solo film.

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3 Groundbreaking Events That Changed The Superhero Movie Genre In 2008

Even though the superhero movie genre started hitting its stride at the start of the century, it was in 2008 that three notably groundbreaking events occurred that left behind legacies that are still felt today.

Obviously, Thor Actor Chris Hemsworth Keeps A Hammer In His Bathroom

It's a well-known fact that actors often keep props from the sets of movies or TV programs they have been involved with, and sometimes they even go to great lengths to steal things from the set.

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