Is Malcolm Merlyn Really Dead In The Arrow-verse? Here's What John Barrowman Says

The Arrow Season 5 finale pointed toward a possible grim fate for Malcolm Merlyn. Now, actor John Barrowman has revealed whether Malcolm is currently dead or alive.

Superhero TV
If The Flash Season 4 Villain Isn't The Thinker, Then WTF

Even prior to the Season 3 finale of The Flash, speculation has been tossed around that The Thinker will be the big bad for Season 4. If not, then WTF is going on?

Superhero TV
Why We're Hoping Marvel Has A Ghost Rider TV Show Planned

The inclusion of Ghost Rider was one of the highlights of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this season, and recent developments make us all the more hopeful that the Spirit of Vengeance is getting his own TV show.

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Watch Ben Affleck Do The Batman Voice For Kids On Red Nose Day

Ben Affleck doing the Batman voice for kids is just adorable, as well as a little cruel, too.

Superhero Movie
The Wonder Woman Premiere Looked Like A Blast, Check It Out

The Wonder Woman premiere was held last night, and it looked tremendous.

Superhero Movie
Why Deathstroke Needs His Own CW Spinoff Series

The Arrow-verse has seen great success with spin-off series over the years, and it's time for Deathstroke to receive a show of his own. It's not just us saying it, either.

Superhero TV
The Big Difference Between Making Batman And Spider-Man: Homecoming, According To Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton has played comic book characters for both DC and Marvel, and now he's revealed the biggest difference between the two.

Superhero Movie
What Patty Jenkins’ Thor 2 Would Have Been About

Patty Jenkins recently opened up and explained her unmade pitch for Thor: The Dark World. Here's what the film would've been about.

Superhero Movie
Ladies-Only Wonder Woman Screenings Are Happening

Wonder Woman is coming to theaters in just a couple of weeks, and a lot of theaters are already selling advance tickets and getting ready for the big DC release.

Superhero Movie
How Joss Whedon Ended Up Taking Over Justice League

Joss Whedon has stepped in to finish Justice League, and now we have more information on how The Avengers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer director got involved.

Superhero Movie
When Wonder Woman 2 Might Be Set

Director Patty Jenkins provides a clue on what time period Wonder Woman 2 could be set in.

Superhero Movie
How Patty Jenkins Feels About Not Directing Thor: The Dark World

Years before she directed Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins was going to direct Thor: The Dark World. Here's how she feels now about not helming that Marvel blockbuster.

Superhero Movie
All The Questions The Arrow Finale Answered

The Arrow Season 5 finale marked the end of an era, and the episode had to fit a lot into one hour of television. Luckily, it managed to answer plenty of important questions. Check them out!

Is The Flash Handling Crisis On Infinite Earths Like it Handled Flashpoint?

When The Flash handled Flashpoint in Season 3, more than a few fans were disappointed. Could the writers be doing the same thing with Crisis On Infinite Earths?

Superhero TV
The Cool Way Ant-Man And Captain Marvel Will Tie In Together

It looks like Ant-Man and Captain Marvel might in tie together through a cool science fiction concept. Learn more ahead.

Superhero Movie
Supergirl May Bring In Another Superhero Team For Season 3

If you're still reeling from Season 2 of Supergirl, you best get over it, as another superhero team might be headed in for Season 3. Here's what we know.

Superhero TV
The MCU Actor New Mutants May Be Adding To The Cast

While Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor-Joy are the only cast members currently announced, it now appears that a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan favorite may be joining New Mutants.

Superhero Movie
Why Logan's X-23 Probably Won't Crossover Into The Main X-Men Movies

Logan's X-23 probably won't join the main continuity of X-Men movies anytime soon. Here's what the deal is.

Superhero Movie
Wonder Woman Premiere Cancelled After Manchester Attacks

In the face of serious safety concerns after this week's bombing in Manchester, Warner Bros. has canceled the Wonder Woman London premiere.

Superhero Movie
6 Important Things The Venom Movie Needs To Include

When the Venom movie hits theaters next year, here are the six main elements from the comics we want to see incorporated into the story.

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