The Big Way Cisco Is About To Change In The Flash
Team Flash has a ridiculously hard job to pull off when Season 3 continues next week, but thankfully, Cisco is going go through some changes that might help.
Superhero TV
All The Flash And Supergirl Characters That Will Be Singing For The Musical Crossover
The musical crossover between The Flash and Supergirl has had fans wondering for months just who would be singing in the extravaganza. As it turns out, the list of characters is quite a doozy.
Superhero TV
Who Green Lantern Corps May Be Considering To Play Hal Jordan
DC's shortlist for the role of Hal Jordan is a fascinating and eclectic collection of A-listers, but only one of them can star in _Green Lantern Corp_s.
Why Marvel’s Inhumans Should Still Be A Movie, According To Vin Diesel
Despite Inhumans now being an ABC TV series, Vin Diesel would still like the property to be made into a movie. Here's why.
Superhero Movie
One Famous DC Location We're Going To See In Justice League
A new Justice League photo indicates that we are going to see much more of one very specific location than previously expected.
Superhero Movie
Ron Perlman's Down For Hellboy 3, So What Next?
It's been nine years since the second Hellboy movie came out, but thanks to fan help, director Guillermo del Toro is re-exploring the possibility of a third movie, and it sounds like Ron Perlman is ready to jump back in as well.
Superhero Movie
The Avengers: Infinity War Character Peter Dinklage Might Be Playing
Peter Dinklage's notable new hairstyle seems to indicate that he's playing a very specific character in Avengers: Infinity War.
Superhero Movie
The Main Change Spider-Man: Homecoming Made To Flash Thompson
Just like in the comics, Flash Thompson will be one of Peter Parker's classmates in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but the filmmakers made a big change with their relationship.
Superhero Movie
When Gotham's Catwoman Will Start To Show Up, According To The Actress
Selina Kyle has been a major part of Gotham so far, and actress Camren Bicondova chatted with CinemaBlend to give an inside scoop on when we'll see more of Catwoman showing up. Check it out!
Superhero TV
Why Kevin Smith Can't Stop, Won't Stop Directing Episodes Of Superhero Shows
Kevin Smith brought his superhero expertise to the small screen last year with The Flash, landing even more TV superhero gigs since. Here's why he loves taking these jobs.
Superhero TV
The Rock's Black Adam Is Getting His Own DC Movie
while answers are blowing in the wind at the moment, we at least are able to confirm that The Rock will be in multiple DC movies because New Line is giving Black Adam his own solo movie in addition to the Shazam film.
Superhero Movie
The Real Reason Logan Chose 2029 For Its Setting, According To The Director
It's been officially revealed that Logan will be set in 2029. Here's the reason that year was chosen, according to director James Mangold.
Superhero Movie
Batman Fans Will Freak Out When They See What Jared Leto Just Teased
Half a year after debuting in Suicide Squad as The Joker, Jared Leto has posted some unusual photos connected to the Clown Prince of Crime.
Superhero Movie
The Logan Moment Fox Changed For The Trailer Because It's Too NSFW
A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to attend a footage presentation for Logan, where James Mangold showed us 40 minutes of the finished film. We saw something... different.
Superhero Movie
Logan Red-Band Trailer Includes One New NSFW Scene
The newest trailer for Logan dropped this morning and the movie looks better than ever. However, there's an additional version of the trailer out there that gives us our first look at why the movie is rated-R.
6 Awesome Batman Comic Stories That Gotham Needs To Use
Gotham has never shied away from forging its own path with the Batman lore, but we think these six stories definitely deserve to be told on the Fox series.
Superhero TV
Here’s What Happened On Hugh Jackman’s Last Day Playing Wolverine In Logan
I can't imagine what Hugh Jackman is going through. The man has lived with Logan, the character, for nearly two decades. He's the first person to bring the surly mutant hero ,to life on screen, and even though multiple versions of numerous X-Men have come and gone over the years, only Hugh Jackman has been lucky enough to play Wolverine.
Superhero Movie
Hugh Jackman's New Logan Trailer Is  Gritty And Awesome, Watch It Now
With just two months to go until the Logan's release, 20th Century Fox has finally released a new trailer, and there's a lot to take in. Check it out!
Why Mister Sinister Really Doesn’t Belong In Logan, According To The Director
When we sat down with Mangold at a press event in New York City, where he showed off the first 40 minutes of the movie, I brought up the topic again, and he explained to me why a character like Mister Sinister -- a classic villain from the X-Men comics -- doesn't fit with what he and Hugh Jackman are trying to accomplish.
Superhero Movie
Sony Previewed Its Animated Spider-Man, And Something About The Suit Caught Our Eye
This was a major day for the upcoming animated Spider-Man movie. It was not only officially announced when the film would be released -- December 2018 -- but it was also confirmed that it will be the first feature to center on comic book hero Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker.
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Who Green Lantern Corps May Be Considering To Play Hal Jordan
Sony Previewed Its Animated Spider-Man, And Something About The Suit Caught Our Eye
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