Check Out The Flash’s Wild New Villain In Season 4 Premiere Photo

We're still weeks away from The Flash returning for Season 4, but we now have a closer look at the crazy villain who will be causing trouble for Central City in the premiere. Take a look!

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6 Important Elements The Nightwing Movie Needs To Include

Nightwing will soon be leading his own movie in the DC Extended Universe, and we've gathered together key elements that this story needs to include.

The Watchmen TV Show Just Took A Huge Step Forward, Get The Details

Rumors of a TV series based on the Watchmen comic have abounded for years, but they've never come to anything. Now, a new show has taken a huge step forward at what could be the perfect network.

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When Will Marvel Finally Show The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer?

There are a large number of extremely exciting movies set to be released in the year 2018, but most pale in comparison to Joe and Anthony Russo's The Avengers: Infinity War. But when will we finally get our first look?

Why Zack Snyder Didn't Get Involved With Justice League Again

However, while he's been busy with that short film, he absolutely hasn't stepped anywhere near Justice League, which is presumably still making final touches after reshoots.

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What The New Mutants Movie Will Be About

We have heard the term "Stephen King meets John Hughes" when it comes to the type of movie that Josh Boone (The Fault In Our Stars) is setting out to make with New Mutants, which kicks off an exciting year for FOX in 2018.

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The Punisher's Full Trailer Is Brutal And Pure Heavy Metal

The first trailer for The Punisher has finally debuted online, and it's clear that Frank Castle is about to go on a badass, heavy metal adventure. Check it out!

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Could X-Men: Dark Phoenix Be Doing Something Different With One Of Its Original Actors?

It looks like one of the actors from the original X-Men movies is returning for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, only it's possible they may be involved in a different capacity.

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What Matthew Vaughn Would Have Done With His X-Men Trilogy

Matthew Vaughn only directed one entry in the X-Men franchise, but his vision for a trilogy would've been very different from what we eventually got.

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Wonder Woman's Honest Trailer Pokes Fun At How Clueless Diana Is

With a lower budget than other DC projects, and arguably the least well-known member of the DC movies, the film has gone on to become one of the most successful movies of 2017. That said, it is not without its own share of flaws.

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3 Changes In Arrow Season 6 That Fans Should Be Pumped About

With Arrow Season 6 set to debut next month, Stephen Amell has revealed that some major changes are on the horizon for Oliver Queen's solo series.

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Why Matthew Vaughn Really Wants Another Crack At Making A Fantastic Four Movie

Fantastic Four was one of the biggest superhero flops in recent memory, but Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn wants another shot at it.

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Deadpool 2's Zazie Beetz Talks About Tragic Stunt Performer Death

Zazie Beetz has revealed how Deadpool 2's onset tragedy it affected the work.

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How Chris Hemsworth Managed To Steal The Role Of Thor From Liam Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth recently opened up and explained how he actually managed to steal the role of Thor Odinson from his brother Liam before the first Thor film came out.

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The Surprising Captain America Character Who May Return To The MCU

It looks like one surprising character from the Captain America franchise could potentially return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point.

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Justice League Has A Porn Parody And It Takes Itself Very Seriously

Justice League is hitting theaters in just a couple of months, which means that right now interest is high. This also apparently means it is the perfect time for a porn parody of Justice League.

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Another Marvel Star Confirms A Return For Avengers 4

Not that we are trying to leapfrog past Avengers: Infinity War, but we're mildly fascinated with Avengers 4, for so many reasons.

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A Long-Dead Marvel Movie Could Get Revived For Phase Four

Years after it was abandoned, Marvel may be considering reviving a long-dead film project for the next phase of the MCU.

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Josh Brolin's New Cable Photo Is Super Intense, Check It Out

Josh Brolin has shared a new picture of him as Cable in Deadpool 2 during a super intense moment.

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6 Big Things Gotham Fans Can Expect From Season 4

When Gotham returns this week for Season 4, there are quite a few things that fans can expect to see.

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