How Long Chris Pratt Wants To Stay In The MCU

Chris Pratt has already planned out in his head how long he'll want to stick around the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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4 Marvel Stories That Avengers 4 Could Adapt

The title to Avengers 4 is guarded under lock and key, apparently a big spoiler to a big thing in Avengers: Infinity War. With that in mind, we offer up four of Marvel's biggest stories that the Phase 3 closer could possibly adapt.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Just Revealed A.I.D.A.'s Master Plan, And Wow

The last several episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 have pitted the good guys against A.I.D.A. Now, we know why A.I.D.A. is doing what she's doing, and it's a doozy of a reason.

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The Unexpected Reason Why Savitar Just Revealed His Identity

The biggest mystery of The Flash Season 3 has been the identity of Savitar. Now, the supervillain has revealed who he is beneath the armor, and he did it for a shocking reason.

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DC's New Titans TV Show Confirms Another Badass Comic Hero

A new Titans TV show is finally on the way with a lineup of classic DC superheroes. Now, we officially know one more who will appear.

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One Important Thing Wonder Woman Needs To Explain About The DC Hero

Wonder Woman needs to clarify one critical aspect of Diana Prince's abilities when it debuts this summer. Here's what it is.

Why Guardians 2 Is Called Vol. 2 Instead Of Having A Subtitle

There isn't a great deal of consistency when it comes to the titles of Marvel Studios sequels. While Captain America, Thor, and Avengers movies all come outfitted with subtitles, the same can't be said for Iron Man -- the series that kicked everything off.

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Why Brie Larson Didn't Say Yes To Playing Captain Marvel Right Away

Brie Larson recently admitted that she hesitated before agreeing to star as Captain Marvel. Here's what kept her from saying yes immediately.

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Why DC's New Streaming Service Could Be A Gamechanger

DC's new streaming service could fundamentally alter the way the comic book giant does business going forward. Here's why.

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How Wonder Woman Handled Gal Gadot's Pregnancy During Reshoots

Gal Gadot was noticeably pregnant when Wonder Woman went back for reshoots, so the crew took certain steps to work around that,

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The Weird Scene Jon Bernthal Acted Out For His Punisher Audition

The Punisher is a tough and violent broken man searching for answers. While Jon Bernthal has already proved to audiences he's more than a good fit for the character, he convinced Marvel in a radically weird and different way.

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What Sylvester Stallone Loved About Working On Guardians 2

Finally stepping into the comic book genre, Sylvester Stallone revealed why he had such a good time on the set of Guardians 2.

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How The Superman Comics Just Paid Tribute To The Christopher Reeve Movie

One of the new Superman comics issues just paid tribute to Christopher Reeves' first outing as the Man of Steel in a cool way.

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DC's Teen Titans TV Show Is Actually Happening

After years of waiting, fans are finally going to get a Teen Titans TV show, and you'll be shocked to discover where it's going to air.

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Could The Guardians Of The Galaxy Include A Gay Character? Here's What James Gunn Says

The world is made up of all sorts of different people and slowly but surely Hollywood is making their characters on screen better represent those differences. Could this greater inclusion mean that The Guardians of the Galaxy could include a gay member? James Gunn has already thought about this.

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Zoe Saldana's Avengers 4 Title? James Gunn Sets The Record Straight

James Gunn has set the record straight on whether or not Zoe Saldana accidentally revealed the Avengers 4 title. Learn more ahead.

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Why Zoe Saldana Probably Didn't Spoil The Avengers 4 Title

One of the biggest questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe has nothing to do with a plot and everything to do with a title. Now, Zoe Saldana may have accidently let the name of Avengers 4 slip, but probably not.

Did NBC Cancel Powerless?

NBC's Powerless may be based on superhero comics, but the comedy has not done so super in the ratings, and the network may have just cancelled it.

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A Real-Life Gotham City Is Being Built, So Pack Your Bags Now

Get your bags ready, because the iconic home of the Caped Crusader will soon become a living and breathing locale for fans to experience for themselves.

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Why Marvel's Avengers Worked Better Than Suicide Squad, According To Chris Pratt

The competition that started in the pages of comic books between DC and Marvel has made its way to the screen, where one side seems to be having much more critical success than the other. Chris Pratt thinks he knows why.

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