Two More Spider-Man Characters Are Getting Their Own Spinoff
Less than a week after it was announced that the Venom movie will be released in late 2018, now another Spider-Man spinoff is in the works.
Superhero Movie
One Supergirl Character Will Be Around A Lot More In Season 3
Supergirl has plenty of fabulous recurring characters who have dropped in and out in Season 2. Now, one characters has been confirmed as being around plenty more in Season 3.
Superhero TV
Deadpool 2 May Have Found Its Cable And He's Perfect
With Deadpool 2 not that far off from beginning production, we have a new frontrunner for who may play Cable in the sequel.
Superhero Movie
The Bizarre Way Finn Jones Trained For Iron Fist's Fight Scenes
Danny Rand's inherent kung-fu ability is a key part of his Iron Fist persona, so the Netflix series features a lot of fight sequences. And you might be shocked to learn what that training entailed.
Superhero TV
Why Wonder Woman Will Be Rated PG-13
Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman has officially received a rating from the Motion Picture Association of America. Here's why the MPAA went the way it did.
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Is Legends Of Tomorrow For Real With That Big Betrayal?
Tonight's episode of Legends of Tomorrow featured an intense double cross, but was it a real betrayal? Let's talk this out.
Why Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Was Easier To Make, According To James Gunn
James Gunn insists that he found Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 easier to make that its lauded predecessor for a few specific reasons.
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Why Arrow's Next Episode Will Be Important For The Flashbacks
Arrow has been building the suspense in the flashbacks in season 5, and the next episode will advance the plot in some pretty key ways.
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Could Iron Fist Have Been Asian In The TV Show? Here's What One Actor Says
Netflix's Iron Fist has taken a licking for many reasons, from story to casting criticisms, and many have decried the creative teams for not using it to introduce an Asian hero. Could that have happened, though?
Superhero TV
Will Marvel's Netflix Characters Cross Over Into The Movies? Here's What Anthony Mackie Says
Marvel fans have spent years asking for more concrete connections between the film and television worlds of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and yet we haven't seen any forward momentum.
Superhero Movie
The Flash Has Added A House Actor In An Intriguing Role
With Season 3 of The Flash chugging along, a new casting announcement has us even more excited for the future, and it involves a memorable House alum.
Superhero TV
How Long Simmons Will Be Missing On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The last episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ended on a doozy of a cliffhanger that left Jemma Simmons' fate in question. Now, we know how long we'll have to wait before finally learning where she went.
Superhero TV
What The Flash's Grant Gustin Thinks About Fans Hating On Barry
Barry Allen hasn't been the most popular superhero on TV recently. Star Grant Gustin has shared his thoughts about the hate Barry's been getting from fans.
Superhero TV
3 Major Things We Learned About Deadpool's Future Movies
In what seemed like the blink of an eye, Deadpool went from cinematic zero to hero. Thanks to a critically-beloved solo feature, he is arguably now the most popular character in the X-Men franchise, and therefore has the brightest of futures ahead of him on the big screen.
Superhero Movie
The Amusing Way One X-Men Actor Auditioned With Bryan Singer
One of the X-Men movie actors took an unusual, yet amusing, approach to auditioning in front of director Bryan Singer.
Superhero Movie
How Gal Gadot Would Convince Boys To Get Excited About Wonder Woman
For the last 75 years, Wonder Woman has existed as one of the most beloved pop culture icons -- and yet never got her own big screen adventure.
Superhero Movie
Why Deadpool 3 And X-Force Will Be Very Different Projects
Back in November, a report came out saying that 20th Century Fox was not only already moving forward with plans for a Deadpool 3, but that it would be a film that would essentially be orchestrated around the team of mutants known as X-Force. As it turns out, however, this is entirely false.
Superhero Movie
How Deadpool 2 Is Trying To Avoid The Sequel Trap, According To The Writers
The writers of Deadpool 2 have a plan for avoiding the "sequelitis" that typically bogs down franchises. Here's what it is.
Superhero Movie
How The Flash Is Changing In A Big Way For Season 4
The Flash has been going through an especially dour Season 3 and with a Season 4 in the near future, the producers are already laying out ground plans for next year. Here's the big improvement Season 4 will be making over the rest of the show.
Superhero TV
Wait, Is Joe Manganiello Still Playing Deathstroke In The Batman?
Is Joe Manganiello still attached to the solo Batman movie as Slade "Deathstroke" Wilson? Here's what the actor had to say.
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