Why Chris Hemsworth Was Shaken The First Time He Met Chris Pratt On Set

If you've ever met a big celebrity, there's a good chance you were incredibly nervous and a little bit intimidated. It turns, out, other celebrities feel the same way.

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How Batman Is Changing In Justice League, According To Ben Affleck

Justice League will change the DCEU in some pretty substantial ways, and according to Ben Affleck, Batman is one character who will go through a massive transformation.

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This Very Honest Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer Brutally Rips Into Marvel's Movie Humor

One of the reasons that so many people liked Guardians of the Galaxy is because the film was funnier than your average comic book movie. Somebody thinks it's gone too far.

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When Deadpool 2 Will Resume Production After The Stuntwoman's Death

The set of Deadpool 2 has been dealing with a tragedy for the last couple of days following the death of a stuntwoman who was performing in the film. Production has been shut down since then, but we now know when it will resume.

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10 Comic Characters The Flash Should Never Introduce

The Flash has introduced some great characters over the years, but the show would probably be wise to avoid these ten.

Why The Punisher Won't Be Too Much Of A Hero, According To Jon Bernthal

Netflix is the home of a whole bunch of Marvel superheroes these days, but Jon Bernthal has revealed that he doesn't think the Punisher will be one of them.

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Ben Affleck Not Doing The Batman? Casey Affleck Might Have Dropped A Bombshell

There's been a lot of rumbling about whether or not Ben Affleck will return as Batman for the Caped Crusader's solo movie, and Casey Affleck may have dropped a big reveal concerning this.

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One Main Avenger Could Have A Whole New Look In Avengers 4

When one of the key Marvel heroes returns for 2019's Avengers 4, they may be rocking a different look while out in the field.

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Arrow Season 6 Just Cast Its Main Villain, And We're Pumped

Arrow Season 6 just got it's main villain, and there's reason to be excited.

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How It Feels To Fight With Loki, According To One Thor: Ragnarok Actress

According to one of the Thor: Ragnarok actresses, being locked in combat with Loki in the movie was a unique experience.

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Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3 Is Heading To The '80s To Take On A Classic Film

It looks like Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow will head back to the 1980s in homage to one of the most beloved movies of that iconic decade.

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The Deadpool 2 Stuntwoman Who Died Has Been ID'd

Following a tragic accident on the set of Deadpool 2, the stuntwoman who died during a failed take has officially been identified.

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How Will Captain Marvel Actually Handle A Young Nick Fury?

A lot can change between now March 8, 2019, the date when Captain Marvel is due to open in theaters. But this flurry of activity has us wondering how co-directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck will approach Nick Fury in their MCU movie.

One Marvel Movie Samuel L. Jackson Thinks Nick Fury Should Have Been In

Nick Fury is an omnipresent force in the Marvel movies, but there's one particular Marvel project that Samuel L. Jackson wanted to appear in as the badass spy.

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The Classic Rock Band Taika Waititi Wishes Could Have Done The Score For Thor: Ragnarok

How wild is Thor: Ragnarok? Wild enough that one specific act is at the top of Taika Waititi's wish list for the film's soundtrack.

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What The Power Rangers’ Costume Designer Really Thinks About The Controversial Female Armor

Some folks weren't too pleased with the female armor designs in Power Rangers, and the costume designer has her own opinion on how they worked.

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One Key Marvel Star Hasn't Gotten The Call For Avengers: Infinity War Yet

Both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 are packing in a lot of actors, but one important Marvel star still hasn't been called in for either. Find out who ahead.

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Ryan Reynolds Released A Statement After The Tragic Deadpool 2 Set Death

Following a tragic accident this morning on the Deadpool 2 set, Ryan Reynolds shares his personal condolences for the stuntwoman who lost her life.

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How Flashpoint Could Be A Massive Game-Changer For The DCEU

If the Flashpoint movie is anything like the original story, the aftermath could be a massive game-change for the entire DC Extended Universe. Here are some of the changes we suspect could emerge as a result of this event.

The Funny Way Kurt Russell Kept Mistaking Star-Lord For Star Wars On The Set Of Guardians

Kurt Russell apparently couldn't stop name-dropping Star Wars on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and the story is even funnier than the film itself.

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