Marvel's What If...? Will Have 23 Episodes For All 23 MCU Films To Date

More details were revealed about Marvel's Disney+ animated series at D23.

Superhero TV
The Eternals Stars Lovingly Trash Talk The Avengers: 'We Could Destroy Them'

The Eternals could DESTROY the Avengers. Any day. Any time.

Superhero Movie
James Gunn Warns Fans About A Suicide Squad 2 Scam

He also confirmed that nothing has been confirmed. Because there is no spoon.

Superhero Movie
Kevin Feige Opens Up About Spider-Man Leaving The MCU: 'It Was Never Meant To Last Forever'

MCU architect Kevin Feige expressed his gratitude toward Sony for the opportunity to include Spidey in the MCU.

Superhero Movie
Joker Star Marc Maron Blasts Outraged Marvel Fans After Superhero Movie Backlash

When you're rude, don't be surprised when people are rude in return. #TheMoreYouKnow

Superhero Movie
Tom Holland Addresses MCU Split: 'The Future For Spider-Man Will Be Different'

Tom Holland finally directly addressed the Underoos in the room

Superhero Movie
Tom Holland's Emotional Message To Spider-Man Fans From The D23 Stage
Superhero Movie
Avengers: Endgame Writers Think Peggy Carter's Unshown Husband Was Always Steve Rogers

Stephen McFeely says Steve's fateful decision was always the plan.

Superhero Movie
Laurence Fishburne Announces Marvel's Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur Animated Series

Disney has another hit on its hands! Find out more about it, and which channel it will air on.

Superhero TV
X-Men Comic Book Writer Says Dark Phoenix Was 'Way Better' Than The Last Stand

Chris Claremont liked Dark Phoenix a lot more than he liked X-Men: The Last Stand.

Superhero Movie
Marvel Reveals Black Panther 2 Release Date
Superhero Movie
Jon Favreau Is Upset About Happy And Aunt May's Relationship After Sony Split With Marvel

Not the best time in the world to be a Spider-Man character named "Happy."

Superhero Movie
'We Did It, Mr. Stark': Tom Holland And Robert Downey Jr. Reunite Amid Spider-Man MCU Drama
Superhero Movie
10 Supporting Characters From The MCU That Deserve A Much Bigger Role In The Future

These stand-out supporting characters have stolen the show inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When it comes to the future of the MCU, we hope these great personalities find a way to make an even bigger splash in future blockbusters — including Phase 4 and beyond!

Game Of Thrones' Kit Harington Is Joining The MCU In A Mysterious Role

From a fantasy world to… a different kind of fantasy world.

Superhero Movie
Disney+ Just Announced Three New Live Action Marvel Shows, Including Moon Knight

Moon Knight is coming to Disney+, and that's only one of the new live-action Marvel series in the works!

Superhero TV
Disney+'s WandaVision Is Bringing Back Two Surprising MCU Characters
Superhero TV
Are Marvel And Sony Now Fighting Over Spider-Man Director Jon Watts?
Superhero Movie
Did Dark Phoenix’s Box Office Bomb Contribute To Sony And Disney’s Spider-Man Split?

The last entry of the X-Men film series may have affected Spidey's cinematic future.

Superhero Movie
Birds Of Prey Won’t Feel Like A Suicide Squad Sequel After All

Harley Quinn in a team up movie. Haven't I seen this one already?

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