New Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Photo Shows Off 9 Deadly Villains
San Diego Comic-Con is now over, but director James Gunn isn't done given fans a taste of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He just gave us a good look at nine cutthroats who will be terrorizing the MCU's cosmos in 2017.
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A Major Theme That Cyborg Should Tackle, According To Comic Book Writer John Semper
Comic book writer John Semper took the stage at San Diego Comic-Con to explain a very specific concept that he doesn't want associated with Cyborg.
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Will Arrow's Flashbacks Continue After Season 5, Here's What The Showrunner Says
Arrow has always told the story of the upswing of Oliver Queen as a hero in the present as well as his downfall in the past via flashbacks to his five years of hell. Now, the showrunner has revealed what will happen once the five years are up.
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Here’s Who Is Playing Flash Thompson In Spider-Man: Homecoming
It was revealed this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con which actor will play Flash Thompson in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Get the details!
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The Flash Season 3 Is Making A Big Change With Its Metahumans, Here's What We Know
As if Reverse-Flash and Zoom weren't awful enough, The Flash also had to take down a host of metahumans over the past two seasons, and that particular aspect of Central City will most certainly be intact when Season 3 begins. But there will be one big difference.
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A Surprise Doctor Strange Cast Member Has Just Been Revealed
Doctor Strange's poster has revealed a surprising casting addition to the blockbuster, who is mostly remembered for their work in Miss Congeniality. No, it's not Sandy B.
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Marvel Continues To Joke About Thor's Whereabouts During Captain America: Civil War
While the throwdown in Captain America: Civil War was epic, it was short a couple of Avengers. At San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel had a good laugh over what happened to the god of thunder. Apparently, they're not quite done yet, as a new image has been revealed, which shows what Thor was probably doing about the time Sokovia Accords were being signed.
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The Big Changes Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Will Make To Kurt Russell's Character
When the footage screened during the Marvel panel, it revealed that Kurt Russell would play Ego. However, based on what we know of Ego from the Marvel Comics pages, that seemed ... complicated.
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The Flash Movie Has Found Its Iris West, Get The Details
So far Ezra Miller's Barry Allen has been the only confirmed character for The Flash movie (duh), but now another piece of casting news has finally been confirmed, as Iris West has been cast.
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Pivotal Batman V Superman Scene Made So Much Better With Celine Dion’s Titanic Theme
We all love movies. We all love great emotional moments between characters and exciting turning points. Sometimes, however, something is missing. We just figured out what every movie needs.
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What Members Of The Justice Society Of America Will Appear On Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2
Legends of Tomorrow has set itself apart from other CW comic series by featuring an ensemble of DC heroes. That ensemble will be expanding in Season 2 with exciting new characters from the Justice Society of America.
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Two Reasons Why Joss Whedon Still Wants To Direct That Black Widow Movie
Just because Joss Whedon isn't not closely involved with Marvel anymore doesn't mean he wouldn't helm a smaller scale movie for the studio. In fact, he's particularly keen about directing a Black Widow movie.
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Watch Henry Cavill Prank The Suicide Squad Cast At Comic-Con
Henry Cavill went undercover at this year's San Diego Comic-Con to surprise the unsuspecting cast of DC's Suicide Squad.
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One Major Arrow Plot Was Almost Entirely Different, Get The Details
The Arrow panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con revealed that a major subplot from the Emerald Archer's solo series almost turned out wildly different.
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What Arrow's John Diggle Has Been Up To, According To David Ramsey
Actor David Ramsey has shed some much-needed light on what Arrow's John Diggle has been up to since taking a sabbatical from Team Arrow.
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What Grant Gustin Thinks Of Ezra Miller's Flash Costume
We were all given a peek at the costume for Ezra Miller's movie Flash but was does the TV Flash Grant Gustin think about it? This is what Gustin had to say about the new costume.
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Thor: Ragnarok Has Yet Another Villain, Here’s What We Know
Just when we thought that we knew all of the villains in Thor: Ragnarok, a revelation at San Diego Comic-Con changed everything.
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Supergirl Just Announced Which Actor Is In The Mysterious Pod, Here’s What We Know
We may not know the name of the mysterious character in the pod on Supergirl, but we do know the name of the actor. Now we can enter phase 2 of speculation to figure out his true identity.
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The Trailer For Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 Is Stunning And Badass, Check It Out
Big things are in store for the Legends of Tomorrow in Season 2 with a new mission to fix the timeline. Check out this new trailer from Comic-Con teasing what the Legends are in for.
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Why Vulture Is The Right Villain For Spider-Man: Homecoming, According To Tom Holland
After the panel, I was lucky enough to interview Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland (The Impossible), about his first solo Spider-Man movie, and our conversation started with the villain. I asked him, with the full Rogue's Gallery at his disposal, why they went with The Vulture for this villain.
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