Aliens may finally get the game it deserves under the guidance and development expertise of Creative Assembly... or at least, that's what we're all hoping. Alien Isolation has a ton of potential but we'll still have to wait and see if it all works out. Valve unveiled that they have 14 different OEMs working with them to provide consumers with a variety of different Steam Machines. During the Consumer Electronics Show this year, gamers and media enthusiasts alike had the opportunity to scope out some of the various-sized Steam Machines, having as many different looks and specs as they do prices. Of course, we're expecting even more details to unravel for these beasts in the coming months. And last but not least, Respawn Entertainment runs into a bit of a pot full of hot water, as they reveal a few details about Titanfall that has some gamers questioning if it's even a next-gen game at all. These stories and more in this January 11th, 2014 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

DayZ Standalone Vs Rust: Which Game Should You Play? Gaming Blend's Pete Haas gives a rundown between two of the biggest zombie-survival games on the market.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes ESRB Listing Reveals Rape, Gore There are things listed that appear to happen to poor 'ole Paz that might not be tolerable for the squeamish.

Lili, Dawn of the Ronin, Pixel Detective Land on Steam Greenlight A list of a couple of interesting Greenlight games are highlighted in this little piece.

Europa Universalis Conquest of Paradise Expansion Ready For Pre-Order The expansion

Skywind Mod Development Video See Morrowind Recreated With Skyrim Engine The popular TES entry of Morrowind gets some updated (and upgraded) treatment in the Skyrim engine.

Xbox One DRM Benches NBA 2K14 Users The DRM makes a return... again.

Enhanced Steam Standalone Client Makes PC Game Shopping Easier

Bravely Default Censorship Upsetting For All The Wrong Reasons Check out Ryan's critique of why the game takes on such a controversial tone due to its art-style.

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