Oh man, this is like a Weekly Recap for the ages because E3 was one for the ages. Hot freaking dang that was one rocket busting blasting week. Everything wrong that you could possibly imagine going wrong for the Xbox One went wrong (sort of) and everything that could possibly go right for Sony and the PS4 went right (mostly). All companies showed up prepared for battle and dropped some mean games on the show floor for gamers and media to oogle and fawn over...games we have showcased throughout this recap with a ton of trailers. Also, Nintendo is back in it to win it, Halo 5 was teased and there are more games coming out than this recap could possibly contain. These stories and more in this June 15th, 2013, special E3 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Battlefield 3 Medal of Honor Battlelog Hits Android The Battlelog is now available to help keep you updated on all things Battlefield 3.

Tekken Revolution Is Free-to-Play And A PS3 Exclusive Harada and his team will unleash Tekken Revolution for the PS3 and the PS3 only.

Destiny Spirits Coming to PS4 The next game from FromSoftware will be Destiny Spirits for the PS4.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Heading to PC Soon Now this is great news for gamers wanting to exact some revengeance on PC.

PS4 Has 48 Announced Games With Tons of Third Party Launch Titles And they still have a lot more games to unveil at E3.

E3 2013: Square Enix Game List Confirms Next-Gen Final Fantasy Beyond Lightning Returns and A Realm Reborn, Square will be unleashing the next iteration in the long running Final Fantasy franchise.

E3 2013: Sega's Line-Up Headlined By Sonic Lost World A rather sorry looking list from Sega. That's all.

Lords of Fallen Protagonist Harkyn Revealed Expect even more info from the official E3 list.

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